nner Healing and Deliverance

What is Inner Healing?

We've all been hurt at some time in our lives. For most of us, it can happen at the start of our lives: prenatal, then childhood, and all the way throughout our teenage and adult life. As we live life, not only do we carry these hurts deep inside of us, but we continue to be exposed to more and more hurts from the people around us. How we react to these hurts determines the severity of damage we experience in our body, soul and spirit.

Inner healing primarily focuses on healing the hurts that have been done to us, and from the consequent traumas that we have suffered. The process of healing usually entails:
  • Recognising our sinful reactions to such hurts and traumas, and repenting from them. Sinful reactions come usually in the form of bitter root judgments, bitter root expectancies, spoken and inner vows, and lies.
  • Breaking all judgments and expectancies by putting them on the cross of Jesus Christ, followed by rejecting and renouncing our inner vows, and then coming out of agreement with the lies we have let ourselves believe in that have been destructive to us.
  • For those who have experienced much trauma, Jesus is invited to come and heal the traumatic memories. Jesus has been very faithful to do so every single time! Thank you Lord!
The whole process of healing is always done and led by the Holy Spirit. Beautiful things occur when healing is completed, such as:
  • A deeper understanding of God's love, compassion and mercy for our lives is attained;
  • Forgiveness of the people who have wronged us becomes somewhat easier;
  • The traumatic memories are still there, but they no longer hurt;
  • The burdens of sins and suffering are lifted. Many have testified that they feel lighter and at peace. Some have even said "the stones on their shoulders" are gone.
The inner healing process is then extended to the confession of all known sins, and to forgiving and blessing all peoples that have caused hurt. With Jesus being faithful to always forgive us when we confess our sins (1 John 1:9), not only do we experience healing, but our slates are wiped clean to start a new life.

What is Deliverance?

The word "deliverance" usually means "being rescued or set free". In Christian circles, it is usually being set free from the bondage and powers of darkness (evil spirits).

As we live a life of hurts, strongholds & structures are created onto which evil spirits can latch themselves. Strongholds & structures can come/be created through:
  • Our sinful reaction to hurts or offence, such as: Unforgiveness, Resentment, Anger, Bitterness, Malice, Slander, Gossip, etc.
  • Our everyday (and sometimes secret) sins, such as: Addiction to Alcohol, Pornography, Food (gluttony), Drugs, Adultery, Fornication, Occultic involvement, etc
  • Generational sins and curses (which are not our fault, but we are reaping the consequences of what our ancestors have done).
  • Our mistakes made through ignorance, most common are: Acupuncture, Reiki, reading Horoscopes, False religions (where the doctrines are distortions of God's Truth), possessing Eastern Artefacts (such as masks, statues, etc. that we may have bought as souvenirs, but that may have been exposed to/used for demonic practices and prayers).
The Inner Healing session will have broken / demolished such strongholds & structures. Deliverance is thus performed to cast out the evil spirits associated with them (since they no longer have the rights to stay or the strongholds to hold onto), therefore freeing the person from their control and influences, allowing them to become the person God has wanted them to be all along.

What inspires this ministry?
  • Inspired by Jesus' heart. This ministry is based on love and compassion for our fellow man (just as Jesus had compassion on the people (Matthew 14:14, Mark 6:34)), as well as love for God.
  • Inspired by wounded / hurt Christians. There are many Christians who are wounded and hurt and who struggle daily to serve God. Wounded in unforgiveness, resentment, perhaps a victim of gossip and slander (to name just a few scenarios).  As Christians, we are supposed to be God's soldiers in the spiritual realm. We are called to fight against the enemy who is holding lost souls captive. We are to be a light to the world, just as Jesus was when He walked the earth. But what good are we as soldiers if we, ourselves, are wounded and hurt? How are we supposed to fight if we are not fit and healthy? What if we, ourselves, are captives of the enemy? How can we fight if we are chained?
  • Inspired by Kingdom works. As we live in the End Times, we believe God is providing a way to heal wounded Christians and to set them free, in order to create an army of healthy, effective and powerful soldiers. Having, ourselves, been set free by God from the powers of the enemy, we will then become useful vessels for God to fight against the enemy for others, to lead the lost back to Him in order to advance the Kingdom of God.
  • Inspired by the Great Commission (Mark 16:15-16)
15 He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. 16 Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. 17 And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; 18 they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.

How does the ministry work, what is the process?

The ministry is divided into two parts: Inner Healing and Deliverance. The Holy Spirit is the one who leads the session and can encompass any or all of the following ingredients:

Inner Healing
  • Opening prayer
  • Life story - identifying times when offenses were experienced, which the Holy Spirit wants to heal.
  • Breaking Judgments, Expectancies and Inner vows.
  • Coming out of agreement with Lies.
  • Prayer of healing from Trauma.
  • Confession of sin & repentance (sins against our fellowman, against ourselves, and against God).
  • Forgiving & blessing enemies or those who have done us wrong.
  • Renouncing and rejecting Generational sins and curses.
  • Prayers of renouncement / release from false religion, occultic/sectarian involvement, etc.
  • Pronouncement of the forgiveness of sins.
  • Making a stand for Jesus.
  • Closing prayer
  • Opening prayer 
  • Cutting soul ties to generational sins and curses.
  • Binding and breaking the powers of the strongmen.
  • Casting out demons (including the strongmen).
  • Closing prayer
  • Anointing the person with oil (to seal the work done in the session)
  • Hand out Post-Deliverance Instructions.

We try to be as thorough as possible, but it is important to understand that we can only do so to the level of what is revealed to us by the person being ministered to. We will not be able to address any areas / issues which are held back, unless the Holy Spirit has chosen to reveal that to us by word of knowledge - but even then, the Holy Spirit may well respect the person's free will in holding something back. For this reason, we recommend to the person being ministered to that he/she is completely open and honest since the level of success of the whole session depends on it.

How long does a ministry session take?

The length of time for the ministry varies greatly from person to person. There is no telling how the session will go or how long, but we do not do more than a day's worth at a time.

How much does a session cost?

Since this ministry is based on love, we do not charge for the session we conduct for you. 

What preparations can I make prior to the session? 
  • Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to show you any areas of your life which need healing and also any areas that may have demonic strongholds. These may have been the results of your sins, generational sins & curses, or vows, to name but a few.
  • Make a few lists, as follows:
    • The sins you have committed as far as you can remember.
    • The names of people that have hurt you.
    • The names of those you have hurt.
    • The sins of your ancestors (particularly any religious and/or occultic involvement).
    • The sins you may have committed against God.
    • Any bitter root judgments and expectancies that you may have made against your parents particularly, and thereafter any towards your siblings, extended family members, friends, colleagues, neighbours to the present day (as far as you can).
    • Any inner vows you may have made to yourself to protect your heart from being hurt (e.g. "I will never be like my father", etc)
    • Any lies you have come to believe about yourself due to the hurt you have experienced (e.g. "I am no good, unworthy", "I am ugly", etc)
  • Ensure you dispose of any objects in your house that may be occultic (e.g. statues, masks, ornaments, etc). This also includes jewelry (e.g. charm bracelets). Also any objects associated with sexual sins such as pornographic magazines, books, DVDs, etc. Disposal should be by burning if possible, or to be broken in pieces. Please do not pass onto Charities!
  • Ensure all occultic and satanic books in your possession are burnt (this includes books belonging to other religions and cults). Books on spiritual warfare written by Christian authors (only!) are OK to keep.
  • If you are living in sin, you will have to take measures and be willing to turn away from it - since true repentance is required.
  • If you are able to fast, then fast as many days as you are able to prior to your deliverance.
  • Pray for your deliverance daily leading up to the day of your session.

I've changed my mind - can I cancel my session?

We would prefer you not to, as much would have been prepared for your session. However, we would of course obliged if need be, if the reasons are beyond your control. It is also worthy to note that as the day of the session approaches, you may...

...feel nervous or afraid,
...have dreams or nightmares,
...feel an uneasiness in your body,
...be tempted to cancel the session.

These are all normal. It is the evil spirits that are nervous, afraid and wanting you to cancel (rather than you), so do not worry and definitely try not to cancel the session based on such reasons if possible.

How do you identify evil spirits?

As we minister, we partner up with the Holy Spirit. We identify most of the evil spirits during the "Inner Healing" part of the session as the person tells his/her story. We aim to work as thoroughly as we can, listing any potential evil spirits. We then use this list to cast out the evil spirits in the "Deliverance" part of the session.

Some evil spirits could leave during the "Inner Healing" session, but it is always worth checking that they have done so in the "Deliverance" session. Similarly, some could have left at any point in the person's life, particularly if the sins associated with them are no longer committed and have been confessed and repented of in the past. 

Nevertheless, it is still important to check that they have left, as some may try to stay regardless - just like stubborn squatters. One example is evil spirits which have gained entry through occultic activities, such as Ouija board, Freemasonry, etc. They have stayed despite the person's renunciation of those activities and would only leave when called out and cast out. Another example (from our experience) is the "spirit of Revenge" which entered during the time the person was in the womb because the mother was vengeful against someone. This spirit stayed despite the person's forgiveness towards the mother and despite the person's own repentance of being vengeful, until it was called out and cast out. So it is not always the case that evil spirits leave because the strongholds have been broken. They will try to stay (or stay undetected) if they can do so, and recreate the strongholds that were broken in the future life of the person.

The Holy Spirit works tirelessly with us. If there are any evil spirits that escaped our radar, the Holy Spirit would always bring them to our minds during the "Deliverance" session.

What are the names of the evil spirits?

To see a list of the evil spirits that have been cast out so far, click here.

How do you cast out the evil spirits?

After breaking strongholds and structures through repentance and forgiveness, we cast out the evil spirits in the Name of Jesus. We exercise the authority that Jesus Christ has given us. We also plead for the blood of Jesus over the person we are ministering to. 

We speak Godly truths against the evil spirit according to its function. For example, for the "spirit of abandonment", we would quote Hebrews 13:5 where God says, "Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you." And we appropriate this for the person being delivered.

We may also speak in tongues which the evil spirits hate and couldn't stand.

How quickly will the evil spirits respond to being cast out?

The time in which an evil spirit will respond to being cast out depends on the following:
  • Its demonic strength based on the foothold it has established for itself.
  • How long it has lived in the body.
  • Its assignment.
  • Its rank (strongmen are usually harder to cast out than their minions).
Hence why some evil spirits take no time at all to cast out, while some others require much more effort.

We have seen an evil spirit manifest and leave even before we finished saying its name, whilst at other times the evil spirits have ranted, raved and talked, trying to delay its exit.

As it was with Jesus, He had cast out evil spirits with "a word" (Matthew 8:16), but He had also "driven" them out which would have required more effort (Mark 16:9).

How do you know if the evil spirits have left the body?

We have discovered that some evil spirits can be deceiving, pretending to have left, but in actual fact they were still there. They can be likened to stubborn squatters who refuse to leave by a threatening court order, and so they have to be driven and escorted out of the premises. In such cases, we have had to continue to drive the evil spirits out, pursue them relentlessly until there is clear evidence that they are out.

The person being ministered to can usually confirm whether or not an evil spirit has left his/her body. Other than that, the usual signs are as follows:
  • Coughing, screaming, yawning, spitting, burping, vomiting (mostly slime or foam, sometimes food, flecks of blood may also occur). The vomits do not smell.
  • Through the passing of wind (farts) which interestingly does not smell either.
  • Through the fingers (the person usually shakes their hands/fingers to shake off the evil spirits).
  • Through the ears (which may feel blocked, but pop open when the evil spirit leaves).
  • Pain may disappear from some parts of the body (such as shoulders, back, chest, arm, etc).
  • The person may testify that they feel lighter and lighter as each evil spirit leaves.
There are other signs recorded by other ministries, but the ones above are what we have experienced so far which we have found to be reliable signs of exit.

Do evil spirits go for good once they are cast out?

That depends on the person delivered. Most of the evil spirits will try to come back into the person's body because they have had a good home there. It is up to the person to keep his/her deliverance by being aware of the subtle schemes the enemy employs in order to come back. The enemy often uses close friends and family to provoke the person delivered into committing the same sins again so that strongholds can be formed again onto which the evil spirits can re-latch themselves. These attacks are especially strong in the days/weeks following deliverance. However, if the person is persistent in keeping himself/herself clean, then the evil spirits will give up and continue to roam the dry places. Nevertheless, nobody should be complacent - everyday is a spiritual battle, full of adversity. We must ensure as best as we can not to give the enemy a foothold!

The Bible warns that we must crucify the desires of the flesh (Romans 8:12,13; Romans 13:12-14; Galatians 5:16,17,24,25).

How does a person keep his/her deliverance?

A set of instructions is given after the session to help the person keep his/her deliverance. Yet ultimately, it is the person's responsibility to keep his/her deliverance as they live their lives. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the key to deliverance and keeping deliverance - it is God's grace that sets a person free after having truly repented (2 Timothy 2: 24-26). Having a close intimate relationship with  the Triune God is therefore essential for anyone wanting to keep their deliverance.

Although we recommend having a yearly check up / clean up, we are not in the business of performing repeated deliverance when the person delivered has not made any effort in keeping it.

What are the fruits of this ministry?

The immediate results, usually seen at the end of the session, are as follows:
  • People's countenance changes. They become much brighter, as if they have just had a new layer of skin over their face.
  • Physical healing also often occurs. Ones reported so far includes healing from back pain, chest pain, tension on shoulders and pains in the right arm, headaches, as well as sore throat.
  • The person feels light, the heaviness that used to be on their shoulders is lifted. Some have even said they felt like they are floating on air.
The effects / results continue in the days and weeks following the ministry. People have reported that:
  • They have an increased hunger and thirst for God and His Word.
  • Their daily devotion to God becomes more intimate.
  • Worship becomes meaningful and heartfelt.
  • They know better how to pray.
  • They are better able to hear from God and become more sensitive to the Holy Spirit's feelings. Some can even feel when the Holy Spirit is grieved or is happy.
  • They are better able to control previously destructive emotions such as: Anger, jealousy, etc.
  • They are no longer afraid of things such as: The dark, being alone, snakes, etc.
  • They no longer feel lonely or depressed, etc.
  • They are more sensitive to the environment of gossiping and slander, etc - and more able to walk away or change the subject of the conversation.
  • They are more sensitive to sin, so would avoid it.
In addition, people begin to discover their gifts of the Holy Spirit and find themselves operating in them as they begin to touch other people's lives. Some have reported the following gifts:
  • Healing the sick
  • Speaking and Interpreting Tongues
  • Prophesying (as they are now able to hear God more loudly and clearly)
  • Discerning spirits
  • Burden-bearing
  • Boldness in Intercessory prayer
Now that they are fit and healthy, it is no wonder that God is using them for Kingdom works.

Do I need this ministry?

Pray and ask the Holy Spirit. The enemy often attacks and enters during our weakest moments in life, which is usually during childhood or the prenatal period. Even so, as we live life, we are consistently challenged by evil spirits wanting to enter (the "spirit of Unforgiveness" is a good example of one that can easily enter us without being realised as we are being hurt).

Having said that, this ministry is only effective for people who are "ripe". By ripe, we mean that they are:
  • Humble enough to recognise that they may have evil spirits operating in their bodies;
  • Admit that they are in need of help and are desperate for it;
  • They want to change and are thus willing to confess their sins, repent truly from the heart to Jesus Christ, and willing to forgive and bless those who have wronged them.

Why some people failed to be delivered

It is conceivable that deliverance may not be achieved despite an open and honest inner healing session. The possible reasons for this are as follows (taken from "Demons Defeated" (chp 20) by Bill Subritzky and "They Shall Expel Demons" (chp 24) by Derek Price):
  • Lack of repentance (from the heart)
  • Failure to confess a specific sin
  • Failure to forgive
  • Failure to break with the occult and false religions
  • Failure to repent from pride
  • Failure on the part of the parents to repent
  • Lack of desperation
  • Wrong motives
  • Self-centredness - a desire for attention
  • Failure to severe binding soulish relationships
  • Lack of release from a curse
  • Not separated by Water baptism
  • Part of a larger battle

Inner Healing & Deliverance 

This ministry is inspired by the teaching of the Holy Spirit. In addition to all the human literature resources below, most of what we learn and experience come from the Holy Spirit. He is the one who ultimately guides us in this ministry. He never fails to reveal / teach something new from one session to another.

Inner Healing

Inspired by the work of the Holy Spirit, also Paula & John Sandford for Elijah House and  Dr Jerry & Sherill Piscopo in the following areas:
  • Bitter Root Judgments
  • Bitter Root Expectations
  • Lies, Spoken and Inner Vows
  • Honouring Mother & Father
  • How We See God
  • Heart of Stone
  • Parental Inversion & Subtitute Mate
  • Prenatal & Early Childhood Issues
  • Burden Bearing
  • Personal Inner Healing
  • Wounded Spirit
  • Soul Ties, Curses
  • Forgiveness
  • Strongholds, Yokes & Bondages
  • Healing the Inner Man by John & Paula Sandford.
  • Deliverance and Inner Healing by John & Mark Sandford
  • God's Power to Change by John & Paula Sadford
  • Spiritual Warfare by Dr Jerry & Sherill Piscopo


Inspired by the work of the Holy Spirit, also Derek Prince, Bill Subritzky and John H.A. Maxwell Whyte in the following areas:
  • How Demons Enter
  • Evil Spirit Names
  • Evil Spirit Groups
  • Occult Checklist
  • Generational Sins & Curses
  • Method of Deliverance
  • The Blood of Jesus
  • They Shall Expell Demons by Derek Prince
  • Demons Defeated by Bill Subritzky
  • The Power of the Blood by John H.A. Maxwell Whyte 

Deliverance Testimonies

These stories have been written with prior permission from the people concerned in the stories. Unless otherwise stated, their identities shall remain confidential and anonymous.
Early Deliverances

Inner Healing Testimonies

Evil Spirits List

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