The Challenges of Preaching

Preaching is not just the physical act of speaking publicly about the Word of God, but it is also a full-on battle in the spiritual realm. For this reason, preaching is hard work, and can often be mentally, spiritually, and physically exhausting. Preaching also has many challenges which are not always obvious to the eye, so I would like to share what I have learnt about preaching so far. Please bear in mind that compared to seasoned pastors and ministers, I have relatively little experience in preaching, so what I have written here is by no means exhaustive, and as such I'll be updating this article as and when I learn new things about preaching.

Preaching Slots
  • God (not man) will give you preaching slots. If anyone makes it hard for you to preach by denying you of preaching slots, they will have to answer to God one day, so don't you even worry about it! This is also usually a sign that there is some envy going on. There are preachers who preach because they want to promote themselves rather than to promote the Word of God - this is wrong! God should always be the centre and the reason why the gospel is preached. 
  • If anyone shuts the door on you for preaching, and God has called you to preach, then not only will God open other bigger and better doors for you, but God will also make a way for that shut door to be opened. Watch what God does, and how He does it, it is awesome!!