Inner Healing: Dealing with Bad Fruit and Bitter Roots

April 2021


We've all been hurt at some time in our lives. For most of us, it can happen at the start of our lives: prenatal, then childhood, and all the way throughout our teenage and adult life. As we live life, not only do we carry these hurts deep inside of us, but we continue to be exposed to more and more hurts from the people around us. How we react to these hurts determines the severity of damage we experience in our body, soul and spirit. Inner healing primarily focuses on healing our wounded hearts - an extensive field which covers many topics, one of which is Bad Fruit/Bitter Roots.

Elijah House Inner Healing Teachings on Bad Fruit and Bitter Roots 

Elijah House majors in Inner Healing and teaches extensively on a range of topics to do with how to heal the wounded heart. The topic of interest in this article is "Bitter Roots". They teach that the adult problems we have are "bad fruits" that can be tracked to "bitter roots". We are likened to a tree. Our roots were formed between the age of 0-6 (age "0" being the womb life), our trunk/character formed between 6-12 and thereafter we are leaves and fruit.

They teach God's law of "sowing and reaping" (Galatians 6:7) that whatever we had sown during age 0-6, we reap in adulthood. If we had sown bitterness (thus causing our roots to become bitter), we would reap bad fruits in our adult life. 

The solution therefore 

Elijah House teaches that there is a bad root for every bad fruit. In order to get rid of the bad fruit, need to identify the bad root and put an axe to it. If the bad fruit is still alive it means there is another bad root that is not yet addressed, so need to find that and axe that too. This is incorrect teaching.


Bonsai -- tree roots are cut back severely, sometimes the tap roots are even sown off leaving behind only the little wispy roots. The tree is alive because of these wispy roots (rather than the tap root). But at the end of the day the tree is healthy and alive because it has good soil, enough water, light and air. But good soil and watering are two things paramount for it.


Similarly even a tree with very good root system will not stay alive if the soil is bad and is lacking water. Sometimes a tree can produced diseased fruit if the tree itself is unhealthy.


Therefore, the health of the tree is dependent on the quality of soil and watering as it takes nurture from such things. A tree that takes its nurture from bad soil will be unhealthy and diseased.


So similarly with bad fruit -- it is not caused by bad root at all - but rather by the quality of soil and watering (light & air etc). In other words, the quality of our fruit is dependent on what kind of soil we take nurture from. If our soil is the world, then we will have bad fruits (lying, stealing, killing, etc.). If our soil is the Word of God, then we will have very good fruits (we will not lie, steal, kill, etc.).


This revelation changes my ministry!!

Yes it is important to identify sins, inner vows, lies and repent from them, however changing the quality of the soil is equally important. Changing the soil to a good quality one means the gospel has to be sown into it, and watered. The heart of a person needs to take nurture from the gospel soil.



Preach the Gospel

Therefore, the gospel has to be preached first before ministry begins…
Jesus will do what is preached about Him. If healing, then He will heal, if deliverance then He will deliver, if forgiveness then He will forgive.


Bad Fruit still alive

Lesson from a Bonsai Tree

A God Revelation - The Condition of Soil, Air and Water

  • The Condition of Your Soil
    • seed - is never the problem, word of God is infallible, faith, word of God is all infallible
    • soil is the problem - could do some work - let's examine the contents on the soil, teh composition (what is being put in there or what aren't being put in there?) - what do you believe is what your soil is going to contain? What do you believe about God, the Bible, Jesus? Enough to get you into heaven but is it enough to get you a miracle?
    • bad soil - hard path - heard the word but stolen by the enemy - isaiah 55 my ways/thoughts are higher than your ways/thoughts but the rest says My word shall not return empty - when it enters yor heart it will succeed on what it is planned to do. faith is a strong as the depth of the roots in the soil.should wide as well as deep (e.g. believing in crucifixion)