Keeping The House Clean

April 2016

Housewives know only too well the importance of keeping the house clean, and such is the case in living a new life with Jesus Christ after deliverance. Indeed one of the women recently delivered realised that she needed to keep herself in check -- in other words, clean from evil spirits (who would always try to come back, especially if they've had had a "good home" in that person's body before deliverance).

In sharing her new life with her friends, the woman found herself distressed, hurt and offended at a comment made to her by one of her friends. She tried to sort things out with that friend, but felt no better in herself. In fact, she started to feel a tension building up around her neck and shoulders which became quite debilitating. And so she called me on the phone for help.

After hearing her story of what happened, I decided to help her there and then on the phone. I urged her to forgive and bless the friend that had hurt her, and then to cast the "spirit of Oppression" out of her body. She did as I suggested and before long, she groaned as if in pain. So I joined in with her over the phone to support her, casting out the spirit of Oppression in Jesus' name. She then began to describe how the tension on her neck and shoulders started to travel downwards, past her shoulder blades, and down to her lower back -- at which point she felt like someone was twisting her, which was extremely painful. As I continued to pray, she told me that the pain faded and soon the pain was totally gone! Her neck, shoulders and back were normal again -- no more pain or tension. She felt light and free, and so did her heart. Hallelujah, praise be to God!

A week or so later, I visited that same woman. During that meeting, it transpired that she has been having problems yet again with some of her friends. Some have been quite competitive and had made her feel jealous. She hated that feeling of jealousy, and had prayed to God to ask Him to remove it from her heart. She has subsequently felt better, but I saw that she was still somewhat hurt, and so I offered to pray for her about it.

As I stood up to lay my hands on her and started to pray, she saw (in the spirit) a shadow appearing right in front of her face. The shadow itself was a face, looking intensely and angrily at her, pouting its lips like a spoilt child. As I commanded the "spirit of Jealousy" to leave in the Name of Jesus, the shadow started to fade and by the time I finished praying, it had disappeared, totally gone! Now her heart no longer feels any jealousy, not even a hint of it.

Thank you Lord Jesus for setting captives free! There is indeed power in the Name of Jesus, the only Name that can break the chains of the enemy! Glory be to our Triune God!

Psalm 51:10
Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.