Loved Back to Life

May 2016

A Surprising Request

One day, a young woman came to me to ask for a deliverance session. I was rather shocked at such a request because I have never met a woman so sweet, gentle and innocent-looking in all my life. She is always full of laughter and joy, smiling after every sentence she utters. She is reliable and faithful in all she does. And dig this --- she even loves teddy bears! She has a whole collection of them in her bedroom. She goes crazy for them and loves hugging them. How could such a loving, sweet and child-like person need deliverance?

At first I took her request lightly, questioning her, "Really? Do you really need deliverance?
With the biggest smile, she would then answer, "Yes", followed by a bubbling laughter, "I really do need it - for one I am afraid of the dark and of spiders".
Unconvinced, I would joke back, "Well, maybe you only have one demon - that's all". And she would laugh back at me.

But she continued to be insistent until we finally set a date for her deliverance - which was to be on her birthday.

Birthday Healing and Deliverance

The day of her birthday came, and so we conducted her request of inner healing and deliverance. There were three of us in the attacking team and two of her friends to support her. As usual, we were equipped with towels, tissues, etc.

Inner Healing 

She began the session by telling us her life story starting from childhood. As I listened, I was shocked and sad at what I heard. I could just never imagine that all the things she said actually happened. I was so deeply touched that I began to cry, helping myself to a tissue or two. Then I looked around and those with me were also crying.... tissues galore! But then I noticed something strange -- the woman herself was not crying! She seemed to be holding back her emotions, or could it be that she had no emotions at all?

As I pondered on this, the Holy Spirit brought to my mind the things that I had recently learnt from an Elijah House course. Without conveying everything confidential, I recognised that the young woman's lack of emotional response may have been triggered by two things:
  • Being the eldest and having had a still-born brother birthed before her had inevitably made her feel that "she had to make it", she had to be alive for her mother who was most likely to be worried about her pregnancy (carrying her). So that was pressure already placed upon her as a fetus before she was even born.
  • Being also the eldest, the only one among her siblings to be given the opportunity to finish her education, she was pressured yet again "to make it" in life to provide for the family (particularly as her father was mostly away on duty). So here we see a symptom of "Parental Inversion". One of the consequences of this is that having lost her childhood, she will have the inability to feel emotions.
My heart broke for her, now I understand why she is child-like and loves teddy bears -- it is her way of making up for lost childhood. But her inability to express emotions or to cry can only be healed by us loving her with the love of Jesus Christ. She needed to be loved back to life.

So we proceeded with prayers of repentance of sins and forgiveness (especially for her parents, family and others that have hurt her). We also put any judgement that she had made (against the people in her life) to death on the cross of Jesus Christ and to break their power over her life, past, present and future, so that she would no longer reap what she had sown.

There were many other things that were said that have to remain confidential, but in having heard everything, we identified 24 evil spirits residing in her body -- a far cry from my assessment of her having just the one (joking though that was!).


For the next few hours, the Holy Spirit worked with us to cast out the evil spirits that were residing in her. They were very easy to cast out because she was ripe for ministry and because all the strongholds and structures were broken during the inner healing process.

As usual, white foam and clear slime were often vomited as the various spirits exited. Some of the evil spirits would talk back and would try to resist our commands for them to leave. Some would pout and laugh, some would kick and scream. Each time an evil spirit left her body, the young woman said that she felt lighter and lighter. And we also noticed her countenance getting brighter and brighter.

As we were approaching the end of the 24 evil spirit list, the Holy Spirit would give more evil spirit names either to Rob, myself or those present in the room. In total, 35 evil spirits were cast out, far more than the 24 we originally had, never mind the single one I had jokingly suggested! When all the evil spirits had left, the young woman exclaimed that the pain she had in her throat and her chest were gone! She felt light and free. Also, she no longer felt afraid of spiders.

We ended the session with praise and thanksgiving to our Triune God - God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit - for doing this work through us. Then we anointed her with oil before making our way to a surprise birthday celebration meal.

Being Loved Back to Life

That night after the deliverance and her birthday meal, the young woman was able to sleep with her light switched off for the first time in her life. She was no longer afraid of the darkness. Hallelujah!

Then the following morning, as we attended church, during worship, I saw her lifting her hands up to praise God. When church was finished, she ran to me with tears in her eyes and with a voice of excitement, exclaiming how she had started to feel emotional and cried as she was praising God, something she had not experienced before. I hugged her with so much joy in my heart as I prayed, "Hallelujah, Lord Jesus, thank you -- thank you that you are loving her back to life!"

I know this is only the beginning -- as the young woman is loved by God and by all of us (her brothers and sisters) she will become more and more alive - alive with emotions! I know that one day she will have the emotions to grieve, mourn and cry about all that has happened to her in childhood and tears of healing will flow and wash over her. Thank you Lord Jesus for your love for her! To God be all the glory!

Psalm 23:6
Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life...