My Dear Mother

August 2016

A Time of Persuasion

It's been five years since I visited my mother. She is now 72 years old, but still fit, healthy and strong, with the exception of sore shoulders which required massages now and again. She loves the Lord Jesus very much with whom she talks to and with whom she has walked daily with for many years. A faithful church goer, a tithe payer who often has visions when she prays. No one is as sweet as my dear mother in my (possibly biased!) opinion, yet in all this, I knew she needed inner healing and deliverance - much to her disagreement, of course... :)

Indeed, I knew this because I knew what her life had been like, especially during the years she was married to my father. He was a very unkind husband to her and she endured a lot of suffering and grief - more than one could ever possibly imagine. Some of what I've seen were extremely sad and some horrifying.

I shared our deliverance stories with her and even the videos of the deliverances we had conducted, but she was of the opinion that these people needed it, unlike her. She was just fine with Jesus who has healed her from all the suffering and negativity in her life. There were no evil spirits in her body because she felt just fine - quite normal, in fact.

I explained that evil spirits live so subtly in our bodies that we may not necessarily feel them (unless they manifest). I also explained that there is also no shame in having evil spirits because their entry into our bodies may not be our fault. Some evil spirits have been known to enter a person's body because of:
  • Generational sins, iniquities and curses
  • Somebody inflicting pain and hurt upon us
But, of course, when we respond to hurts in a sinful way (even in early childhood when we don't know any better), we will also be inviting them in.

I highlighted to her a generational sin which had been passed to her from her father: the sin of gambling. This particular sin has also been passed to two of my brothers, so in my family's case it is very generational indeed!

Numbers 14:18
The Lord is slow to anger, abounding in love and forgiving sin and rebellion. Yet he does not leave the guilty unpunished; he punishes the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation.

The gambling I speak about is my mother's love of playing the lottery - her reason being that if she won, she would help her poor relatives in Indonesia. So surely it was for a good cause, with good intentions, right? I told her that this reason was merely an excuse. Gambling in any form (even the seemingly relatively innocent lottery) is a sin because:
  • In order for someone to win, it would have to be done at the expense of others (which is against Jesus's commandment of loving one another).
  • The money God gives is to be used for looking after our families and/or for blessing others with. As soon as we use that money for the lottery, we are using it at a risk (of loosing it for nothing). It is one thing to spend money on insurance as the risks are already there, but it is another thing to use it for gambling as the risks only exist because we have created them.
In defense, my mother said that she was no longer playing the lottery, she had stopped a year ago. Still, I insisted that it didn't mean the spirit responsible for gambling had gone, it could well still be inside waiting for the opportunity to tempt her again so that she would start again.

I also highlighted her need for inner healing because of the many years of oppression, stress and grief that my father had inflicted upon her. Such negativity could potentially bring with it evil spirits that would reside in her body. Despite having forgiven my father and being no longer with him, these evil spirits may continue to reside in her body for the opportunity to hurt her again using other people.

And so with all these facts and truths, I asked her to reconsider and think about this golden opportunity for me and Rob to help her, since we may not come this way again for a number of years. We agreed to give my mother time to think about her decision before we depart.

Inner Healing & Deliverance

After some days, my mother had come to a decision: she wanted to have inner healing only, and not deliverance. So we spent a couple of hours breaking all the generational curses and soul ties, then leading her through a prayer of repentance for herself and her ancestors, and also forgiving and blessing all the people that have hurt her.

After completing inner healing, I asked her if she would be open to deliverance. She repeatedly said that she was fine, and that she was already close to Jesus and so she didn't need deliverance from anything. I looked across at Rob, who looked like he didn't particularly want to do any deliverance either - he was happy just to end things there and then. But I sat there with turmoil in my heart, knowing my mother needed deliverance and that I had to persuade her somehow!

So I asked if I could explain things on a piece of paper. I showed her that in spite of having accepted Jesus Christ years ago, she was still doing some particular sins (such as playing the lottery) after that time of conversion, and that there could be evil spirits attached to these sins. So despite being a good and obedient Christian in which the Holy Spirit lives, she could potentially have evil spirits inside her (who do not mind co-habiting with the Holy Spirit). Indeed if she has evil spirits, surely it would be better to get them out. I asked if at least I could check. She eventually relented and said,

"OK, you can check me, but check only three spirits, OK?!"

I smiled big and wide because I knew we had just got our foot in the door :) :) And so we began to check.

I started off with the spirit of Gambling. As I commanded it to come out of her, nothing was happening. My mother just sat there quietly as if to prove me wrong, that she didn't need deliverance after all because she was so close to Jesus already.

Just then the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said that the spirit of Pride was hampering progress. Immediately I asked my mother if she could repent from pride. She looked almost offended, but I highlighted to her that by saying "she was OK and close to Jesus" constituted some form of pride. And so she agreed and proceeded to repent from pride. After she finished, I began to cast out the spirit of Pride, and to my relief, it began to manifest. My mother started coughing and before long, she vomited foam as it left her. Hallelujah! I was so thrilled for her. She then said that she could feel them all lining up in her stomach, gurgling and brewing away, she beckoned for me to continue, saying,

"C'mon, get them all out of me!"

Gambling came out right after Pride, and for the next two hours, partnering with the Holy Spirit, and in the Name of Jesus, Rob & I cast 45 more out of her. Among them were spirits of Oppression, Trauma, Stress, Fear, Inferiority, Abuse, Blame, Depression, Wretchedness that my father had inflicted upon her, and many others that she had acquired from her own sinful responses towards my father such as Resentment, Bitterness, Disappointment, Anger, to name a few. Rob was in full flow now helping and enjoying seeing every spirit leave. When the spirit of Oppression left, my mother exclaimed in surprise how her sore shoulders were suddenly healed! All those years she thought it was because she worked hard with her shoulders, but in actual fact it was the spirit of Oppression that was responsible for it!

The evil spirits were all very easy to cast out because she was eventually submissive to Jesus and to the working of the Holy Spirit that day. She was exhausted after the session, but she looked happy and peaceful, and even younger than a mere few hours ago; 10 years younger I would say :)  Hallelujah, thank you Lord!

A New Life

My mother slept very soundly that night, the best sleep she had had in a long time. At breakfast the next morning she told me how different she felt, so much more peace in her heart. She was amazed at the difference that she didn't think it could possibly happen. She had thought all along that she was OK, but little did she know that she really wasn't - now that she is "clean" and delivered, she understands it all - it was like a light was now shining through her darkened viewpoint.

I cried happy tears, feeling so grateful to God that He had delivered her. Not knowing when I would see her again (or if I ever will again in this life), I could leave happily knowing that I have done my part for my mother - as a way of repaying back to her for all her years of love and support for me... and also for giving me life.

I contacted her upon my return home, and she confirmed to me repeatedly how different her life is now. Her relationship with Jesus is even more intimate than before (which she didn't think was possible), and she could hear God much louder and much better now, too. What's more - since the spirit of Gambling went, she has valued her pension money much more and has used it wisely to love people with - and to her amazement, blessings have been pouring in abundance (now that she has corrected her way of life). She is now also free from all those terrible spirits that my father had inflicted upon her and for the first time, she truly felt happy and loved, no longer a slave to anyone. Thank you Lord! All glory to our triune God!

Galatians 5:1
It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.