The Death and Life of a Pukeko Bird

March 2010

Every morning as I take my husband to the train station, we see a family of birds by the road side pecking their breakfast. They are beautiful and we always love seeing them. One morning, as we drove past, we saw only one of the birds. He was one of the adults. We looked at him and commented on how beautiful he was.

10 mins later on my way back home returning from the station, I saw his dead body on the road - someone had ran him over!  :-( :-(   Sadness came over me. Had I known that he was going to die minutes after I had seen him on the way to the station, I would have shoo-ed him away from the road. His dead body was laying there; he still looked warm. I went home upset and couldn't stop thinking about him. Then I remembered a sermon that I saw recently that we should pray for big things (not small things) because nothing is too big for God to handle and nothing is impossible for Him. So I thought, why not pray to ask God to revive him! I have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

I had thought of going over to the dead body to pray over him to revive him, but I couldn't bear to see his dead body again, and I would need to take him off the road with a tissue. The thought of touching his dead body just upset me too much, so I decided to pray for him from inside the house.

I worked all day, and then late afternoon I went to my sports class. As I drove on the same road again, I looked for the dead bird. His dead body was no where to be found! There was not a mark on the road where he had laid. My mind started asking God, "God, did you revive him? Or did someone / something else took his body away?" (I thought that perhaps a cat or a bird of prey might have taken him). So I asked God for a sign to tell me what really happened. I asked God that IF God had indeed revived him, that I would see the bird standing there on the grass verge, on his own, head held high (not pecking) and that he would look at me and his head would follow my car.

For the days following this incident, I looked out for such a sign, but there was nothing of the kind. At times, my husband and I would see the family of birds again with several adults, but there was no way of knowing if he was one of them or if they were just his relatives. At times we see them pecking and busy walking, not looking at us or the car. So I resigned to the thought that someone or something must have taken the dead bird away, and that my prayer for him to be revived was not answered. After all, in these modern times, hardly anyone prays for the dead to be raised back to life. I felt disheartened, but still it was worth praying the prayer, I thought. I loved that bird and it was for that reason I prayed for him.

2 weeks passed, my mind was full of work troubles as I drove to and from the station. I began to forget about the bird and the sign I had asked for. Then suddenly one morning as I returned from the station, a bird (very much like the one that died) was standing there on the grass verge all by himself, head held high, not pecking. He looked like a soldier ready for attention! He looked at me and his head followed my car.

I saw this happening, but I had not registered fully (as my mind was on work troubles), but then suddenly a voice said to my heart,"Remember your prayer, Elma. Remember your prayer for the sign".

Ugh, I thought, Hah I gasp!

I realised that God had given me the sign!!

"Hah, thank you God!! Thank you for reviving him", I exclaimed! 

I smiled at the bird, and I smiled all the way home. I was so happy!  But as I entered my garage, doubts started to fill my mind, "don't be ridiculous, Elma. You are just imagining things, you just thought you saw the sign! That bird did not get revived, nothing like that ever happens in modern times!". So I dismissed the sign and the possibility of God reviving that bird!

Then as I spent my quiet time with God, I opened the Bible and read the story of "The Yeast of the Pharisees" (Mark 8:14-21)By this time, I had forgotten about the bird and my doubts (and anyway what has the "Yeast of the Pharisees" got to do with birds?!). So my mind was far away from the bird and was concentrating on the story. Then as I read the story, God's words jumped out of the Bible saying,

"Are your hearts hardened? Do you have eyes but fail to see, ears but fail to hear? And don't you remember?"

That last bit "And don't you remember?I suddenly understood! God was asking me, "Don't you remember your prayer for a sign Elma? I have given it to you now and do you have the eyes to see it? Is your heart hardened with doubt?"

I was enlightened - God really did revive that bird!! 
All doubts left me and I thanked God for making me understand and making my eyes see His miracle, but also for confirming that He had indeed revived that beautiful bird!

Additional Info of interest

The bird was killed on Wednesday 3rd March 2010. I saw his dead body around 8:05 AM - on the way back from the station.

I saw the sign from God on Wednesday 17th March (exactly 14 days later) at around  8:05 AM - again on the way back from the station.

Moral of the story

  • Don't give up on God. He does answer prayers, even if you had forgotten your prayers.
  • Yes, you can pray for what seems to be impossible in our days because nothing is too big for Him. He, is after, all bigger than the Universe!
  • Pray with all your heart, in faith and just trust Him. He will come through in His own perfect time.
  • Satan (the enemy) will make you doubt, but God's word will speak the truth and disperse all doubts. So expose yourself to God's word (the Bible) daily, so that you set yourself up for God talking to you, showing you the truth.

The normality in this world is to have life and then death, but in God's world, it is the opposite. That is why He sent Jesus to die for us - so that we may die to our sins and have life, and an "eternal" one at that! (John 3:16).