God's Radio

September 2010

This year, especially after having given up my full-time job, I spent a lot of time with God, dwelling on His word trying to understand more of Him. He has been so good, He has shown me a lot of Himself; a lot of which are preaching materials. 

As usual, when God shows me things, they burn within my heart. I cannot keep them inside me, I have to share them. Although I was in the Preaching Team at my church, slots have been so hard to come by. I have only been allocated 3 slots this year which have now been done, and it has been a struggle to get any more. Other venues were hard to approach, after all who am I? They don't even know me!

So here I am wanting to do God's work, but with no means to do it. God would have to provide a way for me.

One day during an annual gathering of churches, I met a a lady whom I had only met once before. She called me over and introduced me to a half a dozen of her friends. They were quick introductions and I could barely remember their names. It so happened that one of these friends overheard me talk about my desire to preach and how difficult it has been for me to get a slot. He barely knew me (if only for 3 minutes), but he stepped forward to ask if I wanted to preach on radio! I could hardly believe my ears! Did I really hear what I just heard?

Just then I felt God opening a huge door before me, after so many have been shut on me. I heard myself saying "Yes" to this man that I didn't even know. A man who didn't know me either, but who would so willingly take the risk of giving me the opportunity to deliver God's Word to the world. 

It felt like a big bomb had just fell on me - TO THE WORLD?

It would appear that God had given me a bigger stage than I could ever dreamed of preaching in churches! What a privilege! I thanked and praised God for opening this door for me, but I know that this is all about Him (not about me), so with all my heart I will do my best for Him and for His kingdom.

My first preaching on radio will be at Access Radio Station 783 AM (www.accessradio.org.nz) on :

Saturday 6th November 2010, 8:00-9:00 AM (New Zealand time) which is equivalent to Friday evening 7:00-8:00 PM (GMT) or 8:00-9:00 PM (CET

Go to the Radio Sermon section on this website for the recorded sermons.

A Divine Intervention

Since the radio man and I met that day, we had been comparing notes, and the chance of our meeting appeared to have been orchestrated by God.

That day, he had already decided not to go to the annual church gathering, but because his friends didn't know where the venue was, he had to take them there. He was planning just to see them off at the car park, but then a car park attendant signaled for him to park. So he parked and thought he may as well stay for the gathering.

At my end, I just had a minor surgery that week. I didn't feel too good and had contemplated not going to the annual church gathering. That morning, however, I didn't feel too bad and my husband persuaded me to go, so I went.

Even with both him and I attending, we could still have not met each other, if it wasn't for my newly found friend whom I met just once before. Furthermore, if I didn't speak about my desire to preach or if he had not overheard me, none of this would have happened.

How awesome is God that He would put so many small circumstances together to work for His Good?