An Unexpected Salvation

August 2012

My husband and I have been asked by our friend to look after her 5-year old daughter (Angelina) for 7 weeks whilst she is away abroad. We knew this opportunity was from God, perhaps to experience parenting (since we don't have children), but deep in our hearts, we were wondering if God had a higher purpose. We are now in week 5 and we have done well - not only have I taught Angelina to read, write, draw, count, add and subtract, but we believe we have just witnessed God's higher purpose for Angelina during her time with us.

Every night, when we put Angelina to bed, we pray together in turn, and then we tell her a bedtime story. I had gone through all the Bible stories I know. Last night (27th August 2012), I ran out of ideas of what Bible story to tell her, so I asked God to inspire me. Just as we finished praying, an idea came to me to tell her the story of Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Like all the other nights, I had expected the bedtime story to end as normal and to kiss her good night, but this night was different! 

In a nut shell, I told Angelina about how God had told Adam not to eat the fruit from the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil because he would surely die. Unfortunately, the serpent on the tree successfully tempted Eve into eating the fruit, and she gave some to Adam as well. They became afraid of God because they had disobeyed Him and they hid from Him. When God found out, God forgave them, but they could no longer live in the garden, they were banished to live here on earth. Over time, they became old and died just as God said they would. And now all of us here on earth will have to die one day because of what Adam and Eve had done.

All the while I was telling the story, Angelina's eyes were transfixed on me, looking concerned and thoughtful. Then I heard her say, "I don't want to die".
In an attempt to console her, I heard myself saying, "Well, you can live with God forever if you want to, by believing in Jesus".
But before I could take another breath, Angelina responded, "How do I believe in Jesus?"
I was stunned, I could not believe the question I just heard, coming from the lips of a 5-year old.

I saw the seriousness on her face, the anticipation to the answer. I hadn't envisaged having to answer such a question. What should I say? How do you believe in Jesus? I had to think quickly, and asked God for help. Trying to buy time I asked, "Do you want to believe in Jesus, Angelina?"
With a sure commitment in her voice, she answered,"Yes".

At that moment, I realised that in trying to buy time, I had inadvertently made an altar call -- a call to which she was evidently ready to respond.
What happened next caught me by surprise...

I heard myself saying, "Well, you just need to ask Jesus to come into your life, into your heart. Do you want Him to do this?"
"Where did that come from?", I thought to myself, "Why on earth did I say that?" But before I could get myself together, I saw her smiling at me, saying, "Yes".
So then I found myself asking her to repeat the prayer of Salvation after me, "Lord Jesus, come into my life and into my heart. Guide me in my life, be my Lord and Saviour".

I couldn't believe my ears, she said every word perfectly, even the words "Lord and Saviour" which is a mouthful to say for a 5-year old. She said them so clearly, so correctly with no pronunciation problems (Angelina's mother tongue is Spanish). It was almost as if she was given the supernatural ability to say these words. I was so amazed with what I saw and heard. I knew in my heart of hearts, she had given her heart to Jesus Christ that night -- with no reservation, no hesitation, but one with conviction and commitment -- a soul saved, she is saved! Hallelujah!

I thought it was just going to be a normal night, but it wasn't so. It was an amazing night, a night full of the unexpected - and I was very blessed to have been a witness and a part of it all.

The next morning, she ran to my bedroom to tell me that when she woke up, she told God that she believes in Jesus. She did this of her own accord. I saw then just how much heart she has for Jesus, and I praise God for saving her at this time of her life. I know that God has big plans for her future, and last night was the start of that. 
As for me, I have now come to learn to be always ready to lead people to Christ -- especially in situations when it is least expected  - because anyone, at any age, anywhere, could be ready to accept Christ.

Psalm 71: 15

My mouth will tell of your righteousness,
of your salvation all day long,
though I know not its measure.