Truly Set Free!

April 2016

A Normal Coffee

It had been over a year since I last had coffee with my Christian friend - a Spirit-filled lady who was always full of joy, who loves Jesus immensely and who really knows her daughtership in Christ. We had so much to catch up on and so we exchanged testimonies. I told her about my recent work in the ministry of healing and deliverance, and before long, I was showing her Bill Subritzky's book "Demons Defeated" Appendix 1 & 2 which list the many possible demonic entry points.

She looked at these lists with eyes and mouth wide open, flabbergasted at what she read. It appears that she had done many things on the lists without realising that they could cause demons to enter her. With many of the things she did such as, Reiki, Acupuncture, Divining rods, using a Pendulum to tell the sex of an unborn child, she had thought that they were "scientific" methods and far from being demonic! She also did not realise that Jehovah Witnesses and Freemasonry were demonic religions. Some parts of her family have been involved in Freemasonry, whilst she herself had been a Jehovah Witness for a long time (prior to being baptised in the Holy Spirit which, in turn, led her to become non-denominational). 

So what God said in the Bible is very true:

Hosea 4:6 people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.

Many Christians in the world today are very much like my friend - though being fully aware of the existence of an "enemy", they are oblivious to his schemes and do not believe that demons can live in a Christian body, much less co-habiting with the Holy Spirit.

In addition to this, having been divorced by her (ex)husband, her kids have all turned against her. They are short-tempered, rude and abusive towards her. They were also taken away from her to live with their father, which of course devastated her to no end. My response to this was that first she needed deliverance, and second, when a parent receives deliverance, more often than not, the children can also be subsequently set free.

Having now come to a realisation that she may have demons working in her body and against her family, she asked if I could pray for her deliverance. I gladly agreed and came back a couple of days later with my husband Rob to do such work.

A God Appointment

Healing Hurts

We began the session with her confessing her sins and asking God for forgiveness. Then, we asked her to forgive and bless all the people that have ever hurt her. This was a very long list and a painful one for her. She cried through her list as she forgave and blessed them all. Her life had been terrible, full of hurt and rejection at every turn. We were filled with compassion for her; I cried in tongues as I listened to her, whilst Rob encouraged and praised her for forgiving them. I saw kindness in his eyes as he spoke to her and knew instantly that the Holy Spirit was ministering to her through him.

When Rob had finished, it was my turn to minister. I asked her to close her eyes and to think of an event that had hurt her deeply. She recalled an event at her daughter's wedding in which her (now) ex-husband had refused to speak to her and to dance with her, and even refused to do a speech for the wedding. Tears started to roll down her eyes. I then asked her to invite Jesus into the scene and to tell me what Jesus was doing. A smile began to appear in the midst of tears as she said, "Jesus is dancing with me... twirling me around... we're having a great time... and He is even making a speech!". After some time, she opened her eyes with amazement - that particular event was no longer painful for her. It has been replaced by the memory of Jesus and healed by Jesus.

I then asked if there was any other event she wanted to revisit. She nodded, and once again tears came rolling down. This time it was a scene in which she had tried to take her own life. She was slumped on the bathroom floor with tablets in her hand, the door opened and her ex-husband stood in the doorway shouting curses and obscenities at her. I then asked her to invite Jesus into the scene and describe what Jesus was doing. She let out a short laughter and said, "Jesus has shut up my ex-husband's voice, I can see his lips moving, but there is no sound coming out. Jesus is now lifting me and taking me to the hospital". Once again the memory of this event has been replaced and healed by Jesus. She opened her eyes, looking brighter and happier.


We proceeded to the deliverance process by first asking her to reject and renounce all occult activity, false religions and curses that have ever been said to her and against her; then asking God for forgiveness for herself and for her ancestors and family. Once she had done this, Rob and I were ready to start our deliverance prayers.

I began by breaking generational curses, other curses and soul ties, and binding the strong men together with Rob. Then we commanded various evil spirits to leave in the Name of Jesus. There were 17 minion spirits that we named and commanded to leave, and as we did so, my friend's neck and shoulders began to tense up. This continued throughout the session right until the very end.

When we named and called out the spirit of False Religion, in particular Jehovah Witnesses and Freemasonry, she felt her right foot being pressed hard into the ground. And when we called out the spirit of Unforgiveness, her right arm became numb.

After this, we cast out the three major strongmen in order. The first was Jezebel. As we named her, my friend started to lean forward with her hand on her stomach, similar to what we had seen happened before. Second, was the spirit of Antichrist with only a little manifestation. Third was the spirit of Death and Hell, at which her whole body started to shake. We continued our attack on the evil spirits until all of them left her.

Everything then went calm. She looked happy and peaceful. She was free at last!

Freedom and Healing

She opened her eyes, smiled and said, "Wow that was amazing!! Far out!!". She described her experiences in greater detail, noting that:
  • The weight on her neck and shoulders (that was caused by years of oppression) has disappeared. Her neck and shoulders now feel very light!
  • Her arm that went numb was now back to being normal. She had prayed for the pain in this arm for many years, but to no avail, and now suddenly it was healed. (The pain had obviously been caused by the spirit of Unforgiveness and now that it had left her, her arm was healed).
  • Her right leg is now back to being fully operational.
  • She felt the spirit of Death had been over her for the longest time. Now that it had left, she just felt very peaceful and happy!
We anointed her with oil and prayed over the house. We also prayed for her children that the Lord would also set them free. She told us that she has a meeting with the Social worker the next morning, so we prayed for that too.
As we were on our way home, she texted to say:

Wow, those spirits that left me are being given "the what" from the angels... I can feel in my spirit the warfare so so much... thank you...I'm in love with Jesus....My whole being feels lighter. Wow, I hear Jesus booming with joy and laughter saying... truly set free!

I don't have all those extra voices in me. It's peaceful. I feel content and a new love... deeper.. physically been battled with, but oh the joy of truly letting it all go. Even my eyes feel different. Sleep well, I can't wait for my dreams xxxxxx ...oh our good good Father..

Then the next morning, she texted again to say:

Oh Elma, I am feeling so light and clear headed... my tummy feels soft and so does my neck and shoulders. I have such excitement in my soul. God is good. Thank you for your prayers...

And after the meeting with the Social worker, she texted to say:

The meeting went well and smoothly today for the first time... I was actually listened to and acknowledged.. power of prayer.. and the blood of Jesus. My eldest girl hugged me and told me she loved a burden has also been lifted from her... Wow.. now my prayers are for my other daughter to live with me full time. I pray she comes to that herself over the weekend.

Other miracles are also unfolding in her life that will be too long to mention here. Suffice to say, her life is finally getting sorted out. Just as she has been set free, her children are also following suit. All the glory to God the Father, Jesus the Son and the faithful Holy Spirit!