God's Covenant

July 2010

One night during my quiet time with God, as I was reading the book of Job, the following scripture leapt out at me:

Job 5:23
For you will have a covenant with the stones of the field...

The word "stone" or "rock" would always catch my attention ever since God gave me my baptism stone. This scripture gripped my heart as it leapt out at me, but in a different way than usual. It wasn't so much as the word "stone", but rather the word "covenant". The penny suddenly dropped...

The baptism stone that God had given me was not just a symbol of Him being in control of my childless situation, neither was it just a promise of Him being able to raise children out of stones, but it was much deeper. The stone was a symbol of covenant between Him and me.

A covenant is stronger than a promise. It is legally binding. Knowing God would always fulfill His promises, how much more faithful would He be with the covenant that He makes. This was mind blowing for me that the God of Universe would care so much for someone so small like me in such a big way.

Then I realize in this spiritual journey, God is revealing little by little how deep His Love is for me. The stone started out as a symbol, then it was a promise, and now it is a covenant.  

Praise God, He is just so amazing!  His love is indescribable by human words....