My Little Champion

October 2010

I told my "JUST TRUST" testimony to my church last Sabbath. It touched the hearts of 2 children: Jaeda (7 years old) and Bayley (9 years old). Jaeda was excited to hear the story and was very inquisitive to see the writings on the stone for herself. The same goes for Bayley. It warms my heart when I see children excited about God and His miracles, that's why Jesus said, 

Mark 10:15

"Truly, I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it"  

My phone rang when I got home from church and it was Bayley. He spoke to me for almost an hour. This has never happened before, especially as he had been with me earlier that day at church, but it was the most amazing conversation I have ever had. Bayley told me that God had spoken to him during my testimony at church.

Bayley told me that God had said to him I should have more faith, believe, pray and trust - and I will have a baby. Feeling daunted by all these things, I told Bayley I pray everyday, but admittedly my belief waver from time to time (as is humanly normal), my faith is certainly not 100% (it's not even the size of a mustard seed or else I would surely be moving Mount Taranaki to the sea and make headline news in NZ) and I have obviously not trusted God enough (as He would not have told me to JUST TRUST Him). At these answers Bayley felt sorry for me, then he said, 

"I will do it all for you! I will do all these things on your behalf". 

My heart melted and tears started welling up in my eyes. Not only because of Bayley's love and concern for me, but I am reminded of the love of Christ who died on the cross for me on my behalf! Christ took our sins upon Himself, our punishment that we deserve and which He didn't deserve, so that we have a chance of living an eternal life with God. 

I gave Bayley my heartfelt thanks - maybe this is all part of my journey with God - that a 9-year old should champion me alongside Christ. Bayley then went on to say that he is sad that I couldn't have a baby, he didn't want me to be the only one amongst all my sisters-in-law to be the one without children. 

Then he said (a matter-of-factly), "Oh no, a tear has just came out of my eyes!

I asked, "Bayley, are you crying?". 

He answered, "Yep, I am starting to... wait, let me look up to the ceiling, the tears should go back into my eyes".

At this, I myself burst into tears. I realised that my testimony had really touched this little guy so much so that it has sent him on a mission to be my champion, a gallant one at that! - with gallant tears - gallant because he pushed them back in again! 

He is an amazing and special child in his own right, but what is even more amazing is that he portrays Christ so accurately that it cuts deep into my heart. May the pureness of faith and love in this 9-year old be an inspiring insight to us all.