Translated from Indonesian into English by Elma Larsen

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Shalom ... Greetings of peace in the love of the LORD JESUS ​​CHRIST.

My name is Elisabeth Widyawati Herman. I was born in 1981 in Semarang. When I was 20 years old, I experienced something extraordinary, I was allowed by the LORD Jesus to meet with Him and be given the opportunity to see heaven and hell. At the time of experiencing this event, I was living together with my mother and my two younger brothers in Semarang. We live in simplicity, and to help ends meet, I worked alongside my study at University/College. After college, I would work part time at a small company and would also give tutoring lessons to elementary school children. My father had passed away when I was 17 years old. Although we lived in simplicity, we lived in joy.

I was not a model student even though my grades were above average. I was not famous, either in the campus, in my neighbourhood or in the church, just an ordinary person. Somehow God chose ordinary me to experience an extraordinary event. Truly, this is only due to His grace. I can only give thanks to the LORD Jesus Christ, who by His grace allowed me to undergo a very important mission namely, to deliver God's message for the salvation of mankind, His most noble creation. Many messages of God are delivered so that people are kept away from the eternal fires of hell. God wants us all to be saved and to live together with Him in the glorious Heaven. I have shared this experience through YouTube and testimonies in churches both in my hometown and in other cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Mojokerto, Surabaya, Medan, Banjarmasin, etc; also through a joint testimony book titled "Heaven and Hell".

At the time this book was made, although ten years later from this event, I prayed that I would be reminded of the details. Again, God gave His mercy. I was shown back day after day, so I was able to write down all in detail. Blessed be the name of the LORD Jesus Christ. May this book be a blessing to us all and a reminder for us to live focused on the LORD Jesus Christ.


August 2001

My friend's event

.... "How could you do that ??? ..." That was the first thing that came to my mind. It looked strange, unusual, and sounded a bit confusing. Those were the thoughts that continued in my mind. My friend, Maria, had started praying in tongues and could not stop, and that continued for several days.

The incident began at a youth prayer event at the church that I used to attend. That was one event that I could not forget: a friend of mine spoke in tongues and couldn’t stop. The event shocked the people present at the time. Personally, I thought it was strange and asked the LORD JESUS, "LORD, how could someone speak in tongues and cannot stop like that?" People who saw the incident had the same thought. Besides thinking it was strange, I actually didn't believe it and thought it was a bit much. Definitely, it was no ordinary thing.

Day 1

Something strange happened to me

A week later, something unexpected happened. At that time, my friends and I held an intercession prayer at the church for young people, for the church, and for Indonesia. As usual, we praised and worshipped the LORD, we all spoke in tongues, truly we felt His presence and touch. It turned out that this was the beginning of my journey with God to heaven and hell. After the intercessory prayer was over, all who prayed stopped speaking in tongues, except for me. I was surprised because the Holy Spirit still controlled me so that my heart churned, and my tongue could not stop speaking in tongues. I tried to stop the tongues, but my efforts were in vain because the spirit of the LORD was strong over me that I could not stop.

After praying, we discussed what each one received from God in prayer. But I was silent and all I could do was smile when my friends asked me what I got from God in prayer (because whenever Elisabeth tried talking, she would break out in tongues). In my heart, I asked the LORD, "O’LORD, why can't I stop speaking in tongues?" It was then that I realised I was experiencing the same thing as Maria.

Before returning home, using sign language, I asked the church members to pray for me so that I would stop speaking in tongues. But, I could not stop speaking in tongues. Finally, using sign language again, I asked a personal friend of mine to pray for me to stop speaking in tongues, but still I couldn't stop speaking in tongues. Ooh no ...

So, my friend escorted me home. In the middle of the journey my heart felt sad, confused, and I cried. I did not understand why this has happened to me. When I got home, my mother was confused and was panicking about my situation of not being able to speak Indonesian. My friend explained to my mother that this was a process from God. Even though my heart was upset, I tried to join in explaining to my mother by writing on a piece of paper: "Calm down Mum, this is all a process from God." So, my mum became calm.

My first meeting with the LORD JESUS

I could not sleep because I still could not believe what was happening to me. I couldn't imagine how tomorrow would go in college and at work. At my study desk, I sat with my head on the table. I cried, sad and confused; I did not know what to do. It all felt very stressful. When I was in extreme sadness, suddenly a hand touched my shoulder and called my name,


A very soft, but firm voice was heard clearly in my ears. I was very surprised, my heart was beating fast. I kept my head down, but slowly I glanced and looked a little to the left. I saw a long white robe draped to the floor. I almost ran into my bedroom scared because I thought it was a ghost. My heart beat faster. The voice came back speaking beside me,

"Elisabeth ... It is I, don't be afraid."

Shortly after hearing this soft voice, I turned my gaze towards the books and tried little by little to look back to my left side. To my surprise, a hand suddenly appeared placed on my desk right next to my hand. The hand had a hole in the wrist, between the palm and the artery. The hole was quite large ... While I looked at HIS hand, the soft voice came again,

"Do not be afraid my dear child, it is I, The LORD JESUS, ​​whom you have been worshipping. It is I, hold my hand. I AM real.”

I slowly held HIS hand, the hand was physical and tangible, not Spirit-like. Really ... the hand with the hole was real! I put my index finger in the hole of His hand, as if I could not believe that it was the LORD JESUS. I also saw the holes on the feet of the LORD JESUS.

The LORD JESUS ​​wore golden brown sandals like a Roman soldier. This was really real ... I saw His robe also and I slowly held it. Then I raised my head and saw the face of the LORD JESUS. It was truly like a dream. HIS soft and firm face looked at me and smiled. When I looked at HIM, my body felt weak as if my bones were loose. Strangely my heart felt peaceful, there was joy that overflowed. The LORD JESUS ​​caressed my head, like a father loves his child,

"Don't be afraid MY child, what you are experiencing is MY will, all from ME."

I nodded my head and answered softly, "Yes, LORD ... but what will happen to all the activities and responsibilities that I have to do? I have to go to college and work."

"Do not be afraid MY dear, I AM the One who arranges everything, I AM with you." said the LORD while hugging me.

I nodded my head, "O'LORD .. I want to", I said softly while shedding tears. All the words of the LORD were heard clearly in my ears.

After that, the LORD disappeared.

I was holding my mouth while saying to myself, "I felt that when I spoke with the LORD JESUS ​​I could speak in Indonesian." But apparently not ... tongues was still my language. It appeared that I was expressing my heart in Indonesian, so it seemed like I was communicating with God in Indonesian. It was then that I understood that when we pray in tongues, only God and our spirit understand. Nobody else understands, not even angels, let alone devils. After this incident, I felt tired and then rested.

Day 2

An empty bench behind the driver ...

When I woke up in the morning, I felt thirsty and wanted to drink water. How surprised I was when I drank, the water could not be swallowed, like there was a membrane in my throat. The water came back out. I couldn't eat or drink. I then remembered the message of the LORD JESUS ​​last night, so I decided to surrender and submit myself to Him. This was a process from God, I reminded myself. After that I got ready for college and, as usual, I walked from home to take public transport.

I was perplexed at how I was going to take public transport. How could I communicate with the driver to stop at where I want to get off? I became increasingly perplexed at the situation because every public transport that I wanted to board was full. But God kept HIS promise, HE arranged everything. Another public transport came, and I got a seat right behind the driver so that when I needed to get off I didn't need to talk, I just gave a pat on the driver's shoulder for him to stop. Both going to and returning from college, there was always an empty seat for me, right behind the driver. Similarly, in college I was perplexed about how to communicate with friends. When they spoke to me, I just nodded or shook my head as if mumbling something or just smiled. My tongue felt numb. My friends would ask, "Is your mouth sore with ulcers?" or they would say, "Maybe you're stressed .. you’re just smiling and not talking”, and so on.

Inside, I was annoyed, exasperated, there was also a sense of rebellion in my heart that wanted to shout to tell them, "Hey everyone ... God is putting me through a process!!" But I could not do that. I just accepted it. Even my closest friend who lived in the same housing complex as me said, "What's wrong with you? ... You’re weird ... because all you do is shake or nod your head, mutter or just smile." Yet each time I was judged like this, I just surrendered myself to God.

In the lecture hall I always sit at the front, and often the lecturer would ask me questions, but this time he did not. After finishing college, the lecturer would also often ask me to carry his books and papers to the lecturer room, but not this time either. I studied in building A, floors 1 and 2, building C floors 3 and 5, depending on the lecturer. Every building had an elevator, but it was often full or not functioning. So, I mostly walked up and down the stairs even to the 5th floor. In ordinary circumstances it would have been quite tiring, and this felt especially taxing for me since I was unable to eat and drink. However, God gave me strength. Praise be to God.


The Gates of Hell

In the evening I prayed at church with the prayer team. While praying, I felt my physical body being in church, but my spiritual body was in a dark place, and I heard crying and screaming. Right in front of me was a dark gate. The door opened by itself. To the touch, it felt sticky like phlegm and of the colour blackish green. When I entered, there were huge pillars, also blackish green and sticky like mucus. The road that I walked on was like mud, slimy and not very wide. On the left side of the road, there is a vast sea of ​​fire. Millions of people were in it. On the right, there was a vast sea of ​​worms with millions of people in it.

I was surprised why I was in this place. Where was this? I was scared and confused. My fear vanished when the LORD JESUS ​​came beside me. The LORD JESUS ​​was robed in white, wearing sandals like a Roman soldier, His hands and feet had holes, His face was tender and loving, and His hair was slightly wavy golden brown. HE held my hand. I also wore a white robe and sandals resembling those worn by the LORD JESUS. In the spiritual body, I was 12 years old while in the physical, I was 20 years old. Around the place was very scary. Many demons walked around of various forms: some were big, some were the size of ordinary people, some were female, and some were male in various forms that were very scary, some had bodies full boils, some had a horn behind the head, some had two horns, and so on.

Even though the evil spirits walked around me, they could not touch me because my whole body was enveloped in the light of the glory of the LORD. And there was also the LORD JESUS ​​beside me. That's why even though I felt the heat, the fire couldn't burn me. After seeing the area, my spiritual body returned to the church.

Day 3

Today I worked on campus from morning to evening. I used public transport going to and from college. GOD reorganised everything so well and perfectly, including my time in the lecture hall until I arrived back at home. Around 19:00 my pastor/overseer called. He was Rev. Harun Wiyanto, Shepherd of GBI Pagaden Subang, West Java. He was also the Trustee of the Golden Lamp Ministry (GLM), based in Jakarta. I considered him as my big brother. Ps. Harun asked my mother about my situation, then he prayed for me. He also said that on the same day I first spoke in tongues and could not stop, there were 3 fellow Golden Lamp Ministry in Jakarta who also experienced the same thing. The only difference was that they stopped speaking in tongues that same day, whereas I didn't. After he prayed for me, it turned out that he also received the same message from God that I must carry out this process for 40 days.

Day 4

Hell's Gate

In the evening, I prayed with the church prayer team. God brought my spiritual body to a different place from the place I saw yesterday. The LORD and I stood before a large bronze coloured gate, shining brightly. With curiosity I touched the door and wanted to enter it, but the LORD JESUS ​​wanted to show me something else. He showed me the place below, the place where the day before I had visited. The LORD JESUS ​​said that the place was Hell. I saw, from above, that the place was shaped like a human body with arms outstretched while the legs were straight together, it was just like the LORD JESUS​ on the cross. The LORD JESUS ​​was crucified for everyone so that no one would enter Hell. After I saw that, my eyes returned to the big gate in front of me. I was curious about what was behind the gate, and wanted to enter it, but the LORD JESUS ​​took me back to Hell.

I entered the door that looked like a mouth. I heard the LORD say,

"Therefore be careful with your words, because with your mouth you can praise the LORD, with your mouth you can also speak dirty words and blaspheme the LORD."

(James 3:9-12: 9 With the tongue we praise our LORD and Father, and with it we curse human beings, who have been made in God’s likeness. 10 Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers and sisters, this should not be. 11 Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring? 12 My brothers and sisters, can a fig tree bear olives, or a grapevine bear figs? Neither can a salt spring produce fresh water.)

I entered the place which, when viewed from above, was like the head and neck. I walked to look at the left side; there was a sea of ​​fire there. On the right was a sea of ​​worms. In the two seas there were millions of people; they cried, reeling in pain, and shouted for the LORD JESUS. I looked to the left. There were millions of people who wore white, yellow, etc. I tried to get closer to the edge of the lake of fire. Many of them moaned crying, "Forgive me LORD JESUS, I want to believe in YOU." I also begged the LORD JESUS, that the LORD JESUS would ​​forgive them. They were from various nationalities. They were black, white, red, yellow, brown. But the LORD JESUS ​​only answered,

"It is too late, when you were in the world you were given the opportunity to believe in ME and repent but you did not take the opportunity."

So, if we live until now it means that there is an opportunity from the LORD JESUS ​​to repent and believe in HIM. Do not let us waste the opportunity.

Millions of people in the sea of ​​fire were burned from toe to head. Like a melting candle, they were burned to the ground but then their bodies grew back again as they were before, then the fire burned them again until they melted. This happened continuously, repeatedly, there was no stopping. The fire is eternal. This lake of fire is specifically for those who do not believe in the LORD JESUS.

(Revelation 20:14-15: 14 Then death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire. The lake of fire is the second death. 15 Anyone whose name was not found written in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire.

Revelation 21:8: 8 But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulphur. This is the second death.)

On the right, there were millions of worms eating away at millions of people. As soon as one worm bit a human, blood flowed out of the body. There were millions of worms eating away at the human bodies. Blood flowed everywhere, and millions of people experiencing it. They were gnawed until their bodies were depleted, their bones also gnawed, but then their bodies grew back again as before and then got gnawed again. This happened continuously over and over again. There was no stopping. The worms that never die.

(Isaiah 66:24: “And they will go out and look on the dead bodies of those who rebelled against me; the worms that eat them will not die, the fire that burns them will not be quenched, and they will be loathsome to all mankind.”

Mark 9:48: where the worms that eat them do not die, and the fire is not quenched.)

They shouted, "LORD JESUS ​​forgive me ...". They reeled in pain.

But the LORD JESUS ​​said to me, "It is too late, when they were in the world, I gave them many opportunities to turn to ME, but they did not take the opportunity."

Then the LORD JESUS ​​took my hand and we walked to a deeper place. On the way, suddenly I felt alone. I looked to my right and was shocked and scared – it turned out that I really was alone. The LORD JESUS had ​​left me! I was really scared and feeling weak until finally I lay motionless there, leaning against the wall of Hell. I could no longer stand the fishy smell of blood, the smell of burning bodies, and the shrill cries of people which were so painful to my ears. I lay there in hell.

Not long after, I felt a strong and gentle hand holding me. My heart felt peaceful as I looked at HIS face smiling at me. I was in His arms, on His lap,

"I will never forsake MY children, but often many of MY children, in their problems which they think are so severe, think I have forsaken them. I actually never left them; on the contrary it is they who left ME."

It was the soft voice of the LORD JESUS speaking with sadness as if about to cry.

(2 Timothy 2:11-13: 11 Here is a trustworthy saying: If we died with him, we will also live with him; 12 if we endure, we will also reign with him. If we disown him, he will also disown us; 13 if we are faithless, he remains faithful, for he cannot disown himself.)

The impact of this trip on my physical body made me feel very weak, I felt unable to stand. So, one of my friends in my prayer team took me home.

Day 5

In the morning I returned to college as usual. At noon after college, I went straight to work. I worked three days a week. Arriving at work, my boss asked, "Lis, someone said that God is putting you through a process of visiting heaven and hell?" I just nodded and smiled. Apparently, he found out from my aunt. My boss doubted what I was experiencing, he scoffed and thought I had a stroke.

After working in the office, I went to teach private lessons (tutoring) for elementary school children. The location was not far from my boss’ house. But I was faced with the problem of how to teach without speaking. But, praise the LORD, the lesson schedules and all the books were already organised and available on the table when I arrived. The students were puzzled at my silence (not talking), but they thought that I had ulcers or toothaches or something like that. I was grateful that my students were only doing math tests, so I didn't need to teach by asking them questions, I just dished out some maths questions to them.

Day 6


During the day I prayed alone in my room. Mum was working and my two younger siblings went to school. When I worshipped the LORD and spoke in tongues, I was taken by the LORD to Hell again. This time I was taken to the second part of Hell where I found myself standing at a crossroad; one went to the left, the other to the right.

The first part of hell was shaped like a human head and neck. On the left was the lake of fire, a place for people who didn't believe in the LORD JESUS ​​CHRIST. On the right was a sea of ​​worms, a place for people who believed in the LORD JESUS ​​CHRIST but became apostate and left their faith.

The second part of hell was shaped like a hand and body. In the hand part, there were paths that turn to the left and right and there were alleyways full of prison cells. I walked to the left side first, then to the right side, then to the body part. Every place had alleyways like prison cells. Each cell had a different punishment. In one of the cells, I saw someone being guarded by several demons. The place was stuffy, dark, hot and the walls were slimy.

In one cell, there was a person whose hands and feet were held down by three demons, whilst his eyes were gouged out by another demon using his sharp ivory nails. In such a position, the person's eyes were gouged out, his eyeballs fell to the ground of Hell, blood flowed profusely from his eye sockets, he reeled and screamed in pain. Then his eyes slowly reappeared but the devil gouged them again, then his eyes reappeared, and it continued like so.

In another cell I saw a person whose tongue was pulled by the devil, then cut into pieces, blood pouring out of the mouth until all of his tongue was cut off, then the person's tongue grew back as usual, then the devil did the same thing again – all the while the other three demons held the person's hands and feet.

Then I walked to another cell. I saw someone whose hands were chopped off bit by bit until there were no more, then slowly that person's hands grew back again, then chopped off again bit by bit, and it continued like so.

In another cell I saw someone whose nose was torn to pieces and blood flowed, but then his nose reappeared, then torn again, and so on.

I went to another cell where a person was pulled by the ear, then the ears cut into pieces with blood flowing from the right and left sides of the person's ear. Then slowly the ears grew back then were cut off again, then grew back again, and so on.

In another cell, there was someone whose legs were chopped off, one demon held both hands whilst the other two held a leg each. The person was laid down spread out. Blood flowed from the person's legs. The legs were chopped off, then slowly regrew, then chopped off again, then regrew and so on.

I walked alone in the hands and body of Hell, but the voice of the LORD JESUS ​​accompanied me from above - which I could hear so clearly that I did not feel afraid. While walking I also asked the LORD JESUS ​​why the punishment in each cell was different. I asked,

“Are these for those who do not believe in You too, LORD?”

Then the LORD answered me, "No MY child, these are for those who believe in ME, but who have used every member of their bodies to do wicked things which are not according to MY Word.

With your eyes you see pornographic films, pictures, and internet sites, looking at women or men with lust and desire. If you do not repent until the end of your life, you will be sent to Hell.

With your tongue you speak evil words, taste drugs, reproach people, say curses, swear, and blaspheme ME, especially the HOLY SPIRIT. If until the end of your life you do not repent, then your whole body will be put into Hell.

With your nose, you suck drugs, meditate. If until the end of your life you do not repent, then your whole body will be put into Hell.

With your hands you steal, take what is not yours, such as tithes. But even if you did not steal, you used your hands to commit cruel acts, to kill, to fight and other crimes. If until the end of your life you do not repent, then you will be put into Hell.

With your feet you walk to the places of prostitution, discotheques and use your feet to do many other crimes. If you do not repent until the end of your life, then you and your whole body will be put into Hell.

In your heart you keep disappointment, bitter roots, evil words to the point you commit evil, and kill. If you do not repent until the end of your life, then you will enter Hell with your whole body."

When the LORD JESUS was speaking to me, I was in front of a cell in which a person stood with his hands and feet all tied up. A demon then threw a spear at his heart from a distance. Blood flowed from the chest, mouth, nose, and ears. Then slowly everything recovered as before, and the stabbing with the spear occurred again; it continued like so.

The punishment in Hell does not stop, nor given any rest. It continues, every moment, every hour, every second. Eternal.

When Jesus spoke of every sin above, I saw pictures of many people, mostly young people, having a party at a discotheque and getting drunk from drinking alcohol.

My spiritual body was in Hell, but the smell and screams of people were felt in my physical body. I felt dizzy, my ears hurt, I even felt nauseous and was drenched in cold sweat.

"What you do with your limbs must be held accountable before ME because I give you limbs to do noble deeds, to glorify MY Name."

(Romans 6:13,18,19: 13 Do not offer any part of yourself to sin as an instrument of wickedness, but rather offer yourselves to God as those who have been brought from death to life; and offer every part of yourself to him as an instrument of righteousness.

18 You have been set free from sin and have become slaves to righteousness. 19 I am using an example from everyday life because of your human limitations. Just as you used to offer yourselves as slaves to impurity and to ever-increasing wickedness, so now offer yourselves as slaves to righteousness leading to holiness.)

I started praying at 10:30 am and finished at 15:00. I could still smell Hell which seemed to be lingering in my house. I felt weak, so I rested.

Day 7

The Crucifixion Process

In the afternoon I prayed at church with the prayer team. We prayed worshipping the LORD, speaking in tongues. After a while, my mouth started to mumble but, in my heart, I was speaking in tongues, and my body began to feel difficult to move. Out of nowhere, I found myself in a bright place on rocky hills. Then I saw two large radiant hands which took my spiritual body and placed it on a piece of wood. I didn't know what wood it was. But after looking intently, I noticed that the wood was in the shape of a cross. I wanted to stand and run, but I couldn't do it. I was placed in a supine sleeping position, my right and left arms outstretched while my legs were straight down. It turned out that what was happening to my spiritual body was happening to my physical body too. The effect was the same -- my physical body went from a sitting position to a supine sleeping position, exactly like the position of my spiritual body.

Then slowly the big hand took the nail and hammer. I was shocked and revolted. I was afraid. I had never seen nails that big. An enormous nail began to be nailed onto my hand between the palm and wrist, in the area of ​​the arteries. First the right hand, then the left hand. In the spiritual body, the blood flowed out until I felt extreme pain in the physical body. I reeled in extreme pain. After my right hand and left hand were nailed, the focus turned to my feet. Right foot was superimposed upon the left foot. Then the big hand started to nail my feet. My right foot was placed over the left foot, then nailed. Spiritually the blood flowed out, physically, I experienced pain. My head was given a crown of thorns. My physical body broke out in cold sweat, it hurt so much.

In the physical world, seeing my body reeling in pain, my friends began to pray for me, crying out for the mercy of the FATHER in the name of the LORD JESUS ​​CHRIST. After that, I felt my side was stabbed until it bled out blood and water. My body hurt so much, from the tip of my head to my feet - everything ached in pain. It really hurt as if my bones were crumbling. I couldn’t bear it anymore .. my throat felt sore and dry. I was very thirsty. Then, spiritually, I was given a drink that tasted more bitter than herbal or medicine I had ever taken, and very sour. Bitter and sour, mixed together. I couldn’t bear it, so much so that I physically wanted to throw up.

Through this incident the LORD said,

"Tell MY people, do not crucify ME a second time, through the actions of their hands, their feet, their mind, even hidden things in their hearts that no one can see. Repent and sin no more. I have atoned for their sins on the cross, even for all their sicknesses, diseases, their weaknesses I have borne through MY blood. Don't waste MY sacrifice."

(Hebrews 6:4-8: 4 It is impossible for those who have once been enlightened, who have tasted the heavenly gift, who have shared in the Holy Spirit, 5 who have tasted the goodness of the word of God and the powers of the coming age 6 and who have fallen away, to be brought back to repentance. To their loss they are crucifying the Son of God all over again and subjecting him to public disgrace. 7 Land that drinks in the rain often falling on it and that produces a crop useful to those for whom it is farmed receives the blessing of God. 8 But land that produces thorns and thistles is worthless and is in danger of being cursed. In the end it will be burned.)

After the crucifixion, prayer and worship finished. It was 9:30 p.m.

Day 8

In the morning, I went to college as usual. Upon arriving on campus, I started to feel strange for some reason. Even when I joined my friends, I still felt strange. They mocked and criticized me, saying I was weird, I was a mute, I had mouth ulcers, and so on. Everyone mocked me, including my close friends. I wanted to scream but I couldn't. I just screamed in my heart. I could not stand it anymore, I felt lonely. Even the atmosphere with my close friend on the way home changed. Usually we would banter and joke, but not this time.

It seemed like nobody could understand, even closest friends stayed away from me. I was considered strange by them. My eyes filled with tears as I cried, but I would wipe them off. Just then as I was feeling sad, I saw the LORD JESUS ​​crying, I felt HIS tears falling on my head and hands even though physically my head and hands were not wet.

"Do not be sad my dear, I have experienced what you have experienced, even those who are often with me and are close to ME, leave ME. Truly what you experience and feel, I also feel. When you are alone, feeling abandoned by everyone, there is I, who always accompany you."

(Hebrews 4:14-16: 14 Therefore, since we have a great high priest who has ascended into heaven, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold firmly to the faith we profess. 15 For we do not have a high priest who is unable to empathise with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are—yet he did not sin. 16 Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.)

As soon as I got home, I heard a knock on the front door. It was my best friend Jenny, who lived in the same housing complex as me. She came and hugged me, and immediately said, "Elisabeth, I'm sorry, all this time I made fun of you, I didn't know that you were being processed by God." Then she related that she knew this from the LORD while she was praying. Jenny was one of the intercessors.

Day 9

I prayed alone in my room, speaking in tongues worshipping the LORD. The LORD took me back to hell where there were many cells – to the part of Hell that looked like a hand. I was told by the LORD to walk to the end of the hand which was shaped like a palm with fingers. I walked alone to the tip of a finger, and I tried not to be afraid because the LORD’s voice was guiding me from above. I slowly walked to the very tip. I looked at each finger part one by one. The place was dark, musty, smelly and I could feel the heat from the place. There were many demons clustered there. Their hands and feet were bound with very large chains. As I was observing the place, suddenly I heard a voice praying, but the language was unfamiliar to me. Then I saw a large vision in front of me like a movie screen. There was a person dressed in black with flower offerings in front of him. His mouth seemed to utter words of a language I could not understand. It looked like he was uttering some mantra or spell. At that moment, a large demon with a large horn behind his head was set free from the chains that bound it. The demon came out of Hell and walked in front of the person, ready to carry out his orders.

Then I saw another vision in front of me in which there were religious leaders praying for a family’s home. When the evil spirits were driven out of the house, the spirits came to hell bound. One by one, they entered the cells in Hell. Strangely, however, there were other evil spirits that went out of these cells; bigger than the previous evil spirits that entered. These bigger evil spirits immediately inhabited the house that was being prayed for.

Another vision came, I saw someone who was possessed, shouting and thrashing around. Nearby were people like shamans praying for him. When a demon came out of the body of the possessed person, it looked like an old lady, but once in Hell, it transformed into a very ugly, scary demon with sharp teeth. In a bound state it entered the cell in hell. When it entered, another bigger demon came out of the same cell freed from the chains that bound it and proceeded to replace the demon that previously lived in the body of the person. Before entering his body, this bigger demon transformed into a very beautiful woman, dressed in a princess' outfit. The possessed person stopped manifesting and immediately regained consciousness.

Another vision came, I saw many people praying, worshipping not in places of worship but in mountains, trees, and caves. Soon one person became rich, abundant in worldly possessions. There I saw how the demons worked to serve him and to fulfil his desires for wealth. I saw many demons taking property from one person and transferring it to the person who was worshipping that demon; the transfer was done through seemingly successful businesses or abundant profits. On the other hand, there were people who become bankrupt because their property was stolen by demons. As long as the people perform their ritual, their property increases. Conversely, those who neglect or forget to do their ritual, they would soon fall into poverty; their businesses would go bankrupt, their belongings would run out because of being deceived, or their family member suddenly became seriously ill so that they sell their property to pay for medical expenses. All lost wealth is transferred to devil worshippers who are diligent in carrying out rituals.

The devil takes ownership of those who worship him, meaning that the person and his descendants belong to the devil, and the devil is free to do whatever he wishes upon them. The devil takes wealth from those who do not believe in the LORD JESUS ​​or those who are not sincere in their beliefs in the LORD JESUS. Thus, they do not have the seal of ownership of the LORD JESUS.

What I saw and learnt was that the devil always takes property from people whose spirits are dark, whose houses are dark in which smaller demons or ones lower in rank live. True to the word of the LORD, the work of the devil is to steal, kill and destroy. So never play with the power of darkness, not even once – because even one time is enough for the devil to take ownership of the life of the person and all his descendants.

After that I finished praying.

Day 10

Heart of Hell (Centre of Hell)

I prayed alone in my room. Then the LORD JESUS ​​took my spiritual body to Hell. Walking alone in Hell and seeing the devil walking here and there still made my heart beat fast even though it was the umpteenth time I entered Hell. The voice of the LORD JESUS ​​told me to go in and walk deeper. I found myself in the Body and Heart of Hell. In the middle of the body was a descending path. The LORD JESUS ​​told me to follow that path. After walking on it, I arrived at a place that was shaped like a volcanic crater, like a well in which there was boiling liquid bubbling. The liquid was not clear but like a brownish green snort, like a swamp, there was also a reddish-brown colour, like the colour of veins. This place was the hottest in Hell, the most smelly, making me feel so nauseous that my physical body felt hot and sweaty. The LORD said,

"This place is the heart of hell or the centre of hell."

I heard clearly the words of the LORD JESUS. In front of me, I saw people who were tied together in pairs, men with men, women with women. They were positioned back-to-back. The people were hung up, then slowly lowered into the crater well, as soon as their feet touched the boiling liquid, they screamed and reeled in pain, and called on the name of the LORD JESUS ​​begging for forgiveness. Their bodies were slowly lowered and also slowly lifted out. When they were lifted out, their bodies melted like wax, their skin peeled, then their flesh and their bones melted slowly from toe to head until they were all gone. Slowly their bodies grew back, just as before, then they were lowered back into the crater well, melted again until their bodies were gone, then their bodies grew back again, and so on. The punishment was continuous, there was no end. The LORD said,

"This punishment is for gays, lesbians, homosexuals and transgenders. If they don't repent until the end of their lives, they will come to this place, even though they have claimed to be MY children and believed in ME."

(Leviticus 18:22: Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.

Leviticus 20:13: If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.)

My physical body felt very weak, my ears hurt hearing people's screams. My stomach felt nauseous, my body was sweating and felt hot. I could not bear it any longer, I felt weak and limp. After waking up, I looked in the mirror and saw that my ears were red as if I had been sun-bathing.

Day 11

I prayed alone in my room. While praying and speaking in tongues, I was again taken by the LORD to the Heart of Hell. Again, I was in that place alone and only heard the voice of the LORD from above. The place was the hottest, the smelliest, and many demons walked back and forth. The LORD told me to look at the Heart of Hell, there I saw places like prison cells in which one person was being punished. There was no demon guarding the cells. I looked from outside the cell and noticed things moving on the walls of the cell. It turned out that the walls were filled with maggots or very small worms. In the middle of the cell was a person who was stretched out, bound by his hands and feet. Slowly the small worms crept on the body of the person, right in the genitals, and they began to bite, blood gushed out and flowed. Curdling screams of pain could be heard in every cell. That person was a man. Once the genitals have been gnawed to nothing, they regrew and became whole as before. They were then eaten away again to nothing, grew back again, eaten away again, continuously without end.

In the next cell was a woman who was stretched and bound by her hands and feet, the cell walls were filled with small worms. The woman's body was slowly covered by small worms, right in the genitals and chest, and began to eat away. Blood gushed out and flowed, screams of pain began to sound, asking forgiveness from God. The LORD only said,

"It's too late, when you were in the world you were given the opportunity to repent, but you didn't take that opportunity."

The LORD explained to me that these cells were specifically reserved for people who liked to play with their genitals; who committed adultery, sexual sin, was a mistress, a prostitute, people who went to brothels, who were not loyal to their partners, cheating, and other sexual sins, including free sex. All sins related to genitals.

If you don't repent until the end of your life, even though you confess to believe in the LORD JESUS ​​and know HIM, you will be put into the most terrible place, Hell, where the worms will never die, the punishment will never stop.

I continued to walk around looking at each cell with the same punishment, each cell was filled with one person. The cells were alternately filled with men and women, so one cell was filled with a woman and the cell next to it filled with a man, next to that filled with a woman, and so on. There were millions of cells there.

Day 12

I returned to the Heart of Hell for the third time. I stood in front of a large well in which there was boiling liquid. When I was about to walk further, I was suddenly stopped by a huge vision playing like a huge movie screen.

There I could see a group of people praying, speaking in tongues, doing spiritual warfare. They were praying to drive out evil spirits and many evil spirits did come out of the place but unfortunately since they only prayed saying, "Go out all evil spirits" to drive them away, the evil spirits or demons left, but they just moved to another place.

After that I saw people praying for deliverance on someone, only by speaking in tongues and saying, "Go, I command evil spirits to leave this person's body." The evil spirits left, but they just moved to another place, some were even walking around - as if the prayers of these people do not have the LORD's Authority.

After that I saw people praying and speaking in tongues saying, "All evil spirits are bound, and are burnt with fire from Heaven." and I saw every evil spirit destroyed, right beside me, I saw ash entering the deep well of boiling liquid. Then creepy creatures emerged from the well. They were not little creepy creatures, but rather huge creatures with wings and horns, sharp nails, and red eyes. They came out of the well to be bound and cast to the very tip of hell where they were shackled and would not be able to get back into the world.

The LORD explained to me that what He wanted was not just a people speaking in tongues and casting out demons, but actually a people whose words have His authority. Words that come out of a sincere heart, full of the authority and faith in the LORD JESUS. People who truly believe in the LORD JESUS ​who take every thought of unbelief captive.

The LORD was sad and said that many churches of God have lost the anointing of the LORD, the authority of God, some do not even believe in the work of the Holy Spirit, namely the Spirit of God himself. Many do not believe in the language of the Spirit, even though all the words of the LORD, every word of the LORD has been written.

Day 13

This is the fourth time the LORD has taken my spiritual body to the HEART of Hell.

I was alone in this place. Only the voice of the LORD led me to walk around to see the place. After seeing the cells where I had visited yesterday, I then walked to the very end. There was a large hallway and I saw many - countless - very large and creepy creatures. They were winged, horned, and have epaulet marks on the right and left shoulder. Unlike soldiers in the world whose mark is attached to a shirt which can be removed and washed, the devil's rank is one with his body; some are like protruding bones, some are like boils, burns, or mucous liquids that stick, and some are hairy.

As I was observing the place, a huge vision appeared before me like a movie.

I saw many people dressed in black, mostly young people, teenagers who were partying, drinking, and doing free sex. After that, they said prayers in a language I didn't understand, it sounded like Latin. After they prayed, one of them said the word "Satan", then a big devil came out of his cell; his chains came loose and entered into churches that were spiritually dark, where there was no anointing of the LORD.

There were also demons that roam the streets, making people suddenly have accidents because their minds were made empty, especially those who have no sign of ownership of the LORD JESUS, ​or those who have a sign of ownership of the LORD JESUS but had allowed a gap to happen through the committing of sin.

Other evil things that Satan does are as follows:

1. Make people lose their memories. Their minds taken and given to Satanists as sacrifice.

2. Make aborted babies as sacrifices.

The more sacrifices gained, the many more large demons are released from the shackles and come to the place of worship. Therefore, it is necessary for us as children of God to pray much so that we are always protected by the blood of the LORD JESUS. God wants us to be close and intimate with HIM.

After that I walked to another place that looked like a corridor or a big cave. I saw a throne that was dark and creepy. There was a huge creature, half an animal and half a creepy creature's body. Its tail was long, the tip was like a spearhead, its eyes were bright red. I also saw an animal resembling a large black greenish snake. I was afraid to see them and tried to calm down, because there was a voice of the LORD that said,

"Do not be afraid my dear, they cannot touch you, because you are surrounded by MY glory."

Day 14

I felt very tired going through this process. My legs felt very weak and could barely walk. The soles of my feet and hands felt cold, but my body and head felt hot, didn’t help that the temperature of the city of Semarang was also hot. Even so, Hell was far hotter than what I was feeling. My throat felt very dry. All I could do was to sit and worship God until finally I lay in bed, my eyes felt heavy. I felt tired, weak, hot ... but Father God gave me new strength that I was able to go back to worshipping Him.

A moment later, I was somewhere else; a place that was shining brightly – it was quiet, calm, cool, not the Hell that I visited a few days. This place was like a room. I knelt before the LORD JESUS. With His glory, He sat on a very beautiful chair. His face was very assertive, wise and He smiled softly at me. I almost couldn’t see Him clearly because the light was so bright. I lowered my head and shed tears. I called out HIS name,

"LORD JESUS" ... and I was speechless.

But God knew what I was experiencing, feeling, and thinking - even what was in my heart.

"I know you feel very tired ...", said the LORD.

Then the LORD approached and sat beside me, HE embraced and hugged me. I felt the love of a father who has long been lost in my life.

"I AM your FATHER, I will never leave you. I give you strength to live this life. I, Father, love you."

My tears flowed hard .. "FATHER ...", I said quietly.

Comfort from the LORD was more than anything I had ever experienced - fatigue and weakness suddenly disappeared. There was a new strength and enthusiasm that flowed in my body.

Day 15

Today I woke up with gratitude. Even though my body still felt weak and hot, but there was a new passion and enthusiasm because of yesterday's encounter with the FATHER in the name of the LORD JESUS ​​CHRIST. I sat near the door of the house to breathe fresh air. In my heart there was a great enthusiasm to return to pray like yesterday to feel the hug of the LORD. I slowly walked to my room to pray. I began to pray and worship the LORD. There was an overwhelming sense of joy to experience a personal encounter with the LORD JESUS ​​like yesterday. But not long after something happened.

The Leg / Feet of Hell

My spiritual body was back in Hell. I was surprised and protested,

"LORD, why do you keep bringing me here all the time?"

I was in the HEART of HELL. In front of me were small passageways where evil spirits gather. There was a voice of the LORD from above guiding me.

"LORD, this is the fifth time, You know ...", I protested.

But the LORD answered, "This is not what I want to show you, walk back, there is an uphill road, you will arrive at the very end, the darkest place in Hell."

I arrived at the uphill road and followed the road to the end. There was a long corridor with small cells to the left and right. The place was dark, stuffy, and my whole body felt cold as if entering a refrigerator, even colder actually - until my mouth felt stiff and my teeth ached. Likewise, my physical body felt the same way. I began to see these cells. They were very dark, so it was difficult to see inside. (Matthew 8:12; 22:13; 25:30; 2 Peter 2:17). But the glory of the LORD enabled me to see my surrounding.

In the cell was someone dressed in shirt, tie, and trousers trying to run away. But there were 5 demons catching him and torturing him. He was beaten, whipped, clawed to the ground, his face was disfigured, blood flowing everywhere. Once the body of the person was damaged, it then returned to normal, and then tortured again until the body was damaged again, then normal again, then tortured again, and so on. The demons just laughed, "Come on, you were a good preacher in the world, here you can also preach", the demons said. I was surprised why there was a pastor in this place.

I saw other cells like that, it contained men and women. In each cell there was one person tortured by 5 demons. As I walked down the aisle and watched the people inside these cells, a big vision appeared in front of me.

There was an evangelist who was very anointed, he could heal people, but after that without the knowledge of others he went to the brothels. There were also God's servants who tortured their wives, steal church offerings, boast about themselves, watch pornographic films, have affairs, multiple lovers, or mistresses. In addition to evangelists, there were also worship leaders, singers, pulpit ministers, deacons, church music players both male and female, all could be seen in the vision.

I was shocked to see this and asked the LORD,

"LORD, why do many of your servants enter Hell when they are great, the anointing is great, they pray a lot and fast?"

The LORD said, "Many claim to be MY servants, MY ministers but their behaviour hurt MY heart, they do not live according to MY Word. Even though they know MY word well. Many of MY ministers and servants steal MY glory."

The people in the cells were all shouting for forgiveness from the LORD.

Day 16

Heaven's Gate

Today when praying, my spiritual body was taken to another place. But I noticed this was not the Hell I visited yesterday. Beside me stood the LORD JESUS ​​who smiled softly. In front of me was a very large gate. I couldn’t wait to get in.

Before entering, I caressed the door, the colour was like wood but it was not wood. The surface was smooth and sparkling, grey like a pile of sturdy stones neatly arranged. I tried to open the door, but it was very difficult. I could not even push it. I saw that my spiritual body was only 12 years old.

"Is it because I’m still a small child that I can't push it?", I thought to myself. Then my eyes turned to a keyhole.

"Oh, how can I enter without having a key?", I told myself.

I saw the LORD JESUS ​​standing not far from me. He smiled and approached me, then took my hand like a father holding his child lovingly. But the LORD JESUS ​​did not invite me into the gate. HE turned around ...

"Calm down my dear, I just want to show you the place where you had been for the past few days."

The LORD JESUS ​​pointed downwards.

"Look down, that is Hell where people receive eternal punishment", said the LORD.

I looked down intently with full attention. I saw that the shape of hell was like a supine sleeping human body. It turned out that the part of Hell that I visited yesterday was shaped like a leg. Then I turned around and wanted to enter the gate in front of me. I pushed back the door but could not.

"Only I have the door key, MY child. Only through ME can anyone enter the Gate."

(John 14:6: Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”)

I looked to the LORD JESUS. HE approached me and showed me a key. Then he led me and opened the door. After the door opened, the LORD JESUS ​​took my hand and said,

"Welcome to HEAVEN, my dear."

Waah ...”, I looked around the place ... "How beautiful, LORD."

I've never seen such a beautiful place ... This place was so bright, but strangely my skin didn't feel hot or burnt, not like being in the sun. This place, although the light was bright, it did not dazzle my eyes, the weather was so cool as in the mountains.

"HEAVEN is really beautiful ...", I said murmuring to myself.

My eyes were fixed on the garden to my right, there were many colourful flowers, some yellow, white, red, light purple, pink, light blue, and fresh green leaves. There were flowers and grasses that swayed slowly to the left and right.

"Wow LORD, this is so beautiful ...", I was stunned and amazed.

Then I took the sand that I was treading on, I clinched it in my hand then let it sprinkle down ... it was really soft sand, sand made of clear glass. I played with the sand and then looked at the LORD JESUS, it turned out that HE was watching me. The LORD JESUS ​​just smiled at me. So I stood back up, holding the hand of the LORD JESUS. HE stroked my hair; I felt the love of a father.

I ended my prayer and fell silent. I rubbed my face with my hands, it felt like a dream. I lay down and looked at the ceiling of my room while muttering,

"Heaven is truly beautiful, LORD."

I rubbed my hands and saw that the experience had had an impact on my physical body; I felt the coolness of Heaven, even though the temperature in my room was hot.

"You will see even more beautiful things", said the LORD in my ear.

Day 17

The Desert

I couldn't wait, I wanted to see HEAVEN again. I immediately prayed in the hope that God would invite me to HEAVEN; beautiful and awesome place. At the time of praise and worship, my spiritual body was carried by the LORD. I was surprised because the LORD did not take me to Heaven but to other places that I had never visited. Not Heaven, not Hell either. My spiritual body came to a well and was leaning against it. I tried to look around me, it looked like I was in a vast desert. There were many tents and people of various skin colours. They wore the same robe as mine, a white one, with shoes similar to those worn by the Romans. There were also several wells there. I stood looking around me, I really did not understand why I was in this place. As I was watching, I heard explosions and gunfire.

Suddenly someone tapped me on the shoulder, it was the LORD JESUS.

"I will show what will happen in this wilderness", said the LORD.

Then He took my hand, and I felt my spiritual body flew in the air. Then I was in a city, on a highway outside the desert. In that city I saw many accidents, robberies, shootings, and killings. I saw clearly people being killed outright immediately shot in the head. People killed cruelly, even parents killed their children. There was also a person who committed suicide by crashing his car into a running train. There was a lot of chaos everywhere. I watched with fear.

"Don't be afraid, MY child", said the LORD

"This will not happen to you or MY people", said the LORD again.

"In the wilderness I will protect and care for MY people. The world will be increasingly chaotic, the love of people will grow cold, people will become more ferocious, cruel, with no compassion for one another, selfish, self-loving and do whatever they want so that self-interest is achieved ", said the LORD.

I was silent, I held tight the hand of the LORD because of the fear of seeing so much evil happening before me. Lots of blood flowing everywhere.

(Revelation 12:6: The woman fled into the wilderness to a place prepared for her by God, where she might be taken care of for 1,260 days.

Revelation 12:14: The woman was given the two wings of a great eagle, so that she might fly to the place prepared for her in the wilderness, where she would be taken care of for a time, times and half a time, out of the serpent’s reach.)

The LORD JESUS ​​took me back to the wilderness, showing me around the wilderness. I saw clearly there were many parents, young people, and children of various nationalities.

Day 18

Hall of Heaven

I lay down on the bed, then I took the calendar that was on my desk. I had been experiencing this process from God for 18 days now. My body felt very weak, my knees would tremble while walking, and sometimes when I walked, I needed to rest sitting down. But praise God, I was still given the strength and ability by God to do activities at home and continue to serve and worship in the church. Instead of doing nothing, I decided to pray again while asking myself,

"Where else will the LORD take me?" But then I thought, "Ah, why think about that, the important thing is to meet the LORD JESUS."

When I started worshipping the LORD, my 12-year-old spiritual body was in another place. I saw the LORD JESUS ​​smiling.

"Hooray ... in heaven again ...", I screamed while dancing.

Very delighted…. "Wow God ... so beautiful here", as I approached the garden on my right.

I enjoyed looking at the colourful flowers, leaves and grass. There was also a fragrant floral aroma which impacted my physical body as it too smelt the fragrance of the flowers. When I touched a flower, the petals felt soft. Various types of flowers exist in this garden, really beautiful .... As soon as I set foot on the grass, I felt droplets of water, which were on the grass, touched my feet ... they felt cool and fresh. After walking in the garden and enjoying its beauty, I turned to the road where I had originally been standing. God invited me to go to the left side of the road. The LORD led me to a place like a great hall with green plants around it.

The great hall was very large and could hold millions of people. I felt so small compared to the size of the hall. The hall was empty and there was no furniture in it. The hall was supported by pillars made of golden yellow stones shining brightly with flower like carvings on the bottom. The floor was like a clear ivory white marble. This hall was not like a house with walls or doors or windows, only pillars.

"This is for MY children who have just believed in ME before I called them home."

When the LORD said that, in front of me there was a big vision. I saw a person who was seriously ill in a room with many pipes attached to his body, then someone came to pray for that person and that person believed in the LORD JESUS, after that person died, his faith in the LORD JESUS was considered, then he went to heaven. The LORD explained that this hall was for people who in their lifetime did not believe in the LORD JESUS, but repented at the last moment of their lives. After I saw the hall, my spiritual body immediately returned to my room.

Remembering that there were services in church soon, I got ready for a shower and then to be picked up by a prayer team friend. During this process from God, the ministry with the church prayer team continued as usual. At the place where we prayed, many people would ask questions which were answered by the prayer team leader. Whenever I received a message from God for the people we were praying for, I would deliver it in writing (since Elisabeth could not yet speak Indonesian again).

Day 19

Houses in Heaven

My spiritual body was brought back to the Great Hall in Heaven. I went back to playing in it, holding the support post and circling around it, squatting until I sat on my knees touching the soft floor ... cool ... and sparkling clear. The LORD JESUS ​​who stood beside me just smiled at what I was doing.

I stood up, then the LORD JESUS ​​invited me to walk to a place where there were many houses. The road we followed was a soft sandy glass road. The area was like a residential area. The LORD JESUS ​​invited to tour the area. Various types of houses were there, some were large, medium, and small. There were houses that were already made, half-finished, or newly built. Some houses had a small garden in their yard, others didn't. I asked the LORD JESUS,

"LORD, whose houses are these? How come there are so many?"

The LORD answered, "These are the homes of MY children who served ME while they were on earth."

"Why are the houses different? There are big, small and medium?", I asked again.

And the LORD said, "It depends on their service, my dear. What they have done for ME."

"Oooh ... that means the more service, the better the house, LORD?"

"No, my dear, I do not see how much they serve, or how long they serve, I also do not see how busy they are working to serve ME."

"Oooh ...", I said while dumbfounded, “then why the houses are different, LORD?"

"I see the service of MY children from their hearts, the more they are sincere, the pure in heart they serve ME, the better and bigger their home will be. I see the hearts of MY children, the more their heart please ME, the more their lives please MY heart, I will provide the best home, a more beautiful place to live here", said the LORD. "I do not see how much they serve me, maybe what they do is not seen by others, but I see, I AM the one who judge and look at their hearts."

We continued to walk around the area.

"LORD, why are there already finished houses, some not yet, and some have just been built? Why, LORD?"

"If the house is ready, it means that his job in the world is finished, he will be called home soon. If the house is not yet finished being built, it's not yet time to go home, there are still a lot of things to do in the world. If a new house is about to be built, it means that he is just about to start to serve ME."

I just nodded my head when I heard the LORD JESUS ​​speak.

(John 14:2: My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you?)

My body felt weak, I sat leaning against the wall of my room. I couldn’t stand it any longer, so slowly I fell on my bed until strength returned to me.

Day 20

My spiritual body was back in Heaven, in the area where there were many houses. I walked with the LORD JESUS, while occasionally my hand touched the flowers in the yard of the houses we passed. My eyes were then fixed on the trees opposite the houses. I walked alone to a tree like a curious child. I analysed the tree; the stem was not so thick, but the leaves were dense and the size was not too small, just like citrus leaves. It was covered in fruit - red mixed with yellow and light green. I wanted to eat the fruit so much that my mouth began to water. Physically my throat felt dry, but I did not dare ask for it ... Then from behind me came the voice of the LORD JESUS ​​so soft saying,

"Do you want that fruit?"

I quickly turned towards the LORD JESUS, nodding my head with a smile. Then the LORD JESUS ​​came forward, approached the tree. His hand picked the fruit and gave it to me. When I received it, from the fruit stalk that had just been picked, new fruit began to appear slowly. I was stunned to witness this miracle. Then I ate the fruit. When I bit and swallowed it, I felt strength in my spiritual body that can be felt right through to my physical body. The fruit was like a fuji apple, but not an apple. It tasted sweet like pear but not pear, it was fresh and had lots of water. I ate it until it was finished. Really very tasty and fresh. After I finished it, my physical body felt fresh, there was new strength flowing into my physical body.

Day 21

Today I went back to college, I was picked up by a prayer team friend at church. After what I experienced yesterday, I felt a new strength and enthusiasm. Among the prayer team friends, there was a friend who often took me to the campus and church for ministry.

After college, I stopped by the workplace, apparently there was still no work and I decided not to work anymore. It's not even possible to teach, so I decided to stop teaching too.

When I got home, I felt tired, my knees were weak. My throat and lips were dry. I immediately walked to get a glass of water.

"LORD, I can’t bear it, I'm thirsty ... my lips are dry, my throat is dry, allow me to drink."

"Take some water, drip it into your mouth so that your throat will not be dry again, wet your lips so they will not be dry", said the LORD JESUS ​​to me.

I scooped up some water with a small spoon. By raising my head, I put a spoonful of water into my mouth.

"Not bad ... Thank God, I could taste the water even though it was only for one or two drops", I told myself. Not long after that my friend came to pick me up for church service.

Day 22

Today on campus there were still many friends who were wondering about what I was experiencing. Some laughed because they think it was funny. I wanted to protest (but couldn’t speak Indonesian). There were friends who understood but there were still many who did not understand. Then there were those who mock and were offensive. My eyes filled with tears, I wanted to cry, even when I finished college for the day, I still felt sad. Praise the LORD, there was comfort from the LORD for me. I felt a tear fall from above onto my hand but my hand was not wet.

"Do not be sad, my dear …. Do not be sad, MY child", the LORD said to me.

I actually didn’t have to go to college, but because I was afraid of missing out on important announcements that could affect me, I went.

I walked slowly to go home using public transport. When I got home, I immediately prayed, praised, and worshipped the LORD. My spiritual body was back in the area with many homes in Heaven. Next to me was the LORD JESUS. The ground that I tread on was soft sand made of clear glass.

I was in front of a finished house, with a small garden in the yard. The house was not so big. I was curious and wanted to enter it. Like a child who pulls on his father's hand, so I pulled the hand of the LORD JESUS.

"LORD, I want to see the contents of this house ...", I said while looking at the face of the LORD JESUS ​​who only smiled at my behaviour. Once inside, I was shocked,

"LORD, why is there nothing?"

There was only a table with one object on it like a flower vase. The object was brownish yellow shining bright, not of gold because the colour was not golden yellow. I touched the walls of the house; they were not like the walls of my house or the homes of people in the world. They were like marble or marble white sparkling limestone. The floor was also not like the floor in my house, the floor was clear like glittering glass but did not hurt the eyes. The air in this house was also cool,

"The person who owns this house has not finished their duties in the world yet, my dear. There is still a lot of work to be done so that this house can be full of furniture”, said the LORD. I just nodded.

God invited me to another house. This house was also finished, but it didn't have a garden.

"LORD, how come there isn't a garden?"

"MY child, I always know what MY children love."

I nodded, meaning the person who owns this house doesn't like plants or gardening. I went into it; the house was a bit bigger than the one before.

"Waah ... a lot of home furnishings, some are of gold, silver, gemstones, very beautiful .... !!! LORD, this house seems to have a complete set of furniture, meaning the person is coming home?"

"No, MY Child, he still has work to do, I call MY children home when they have completed their assignments according to their respective vocation. Besides there is no name written in front of the house as a sign of ownership of this house."

I stepped out of the house and saw it from the front. I just nodded my head, then sat back against the door frame of the house. I was stunned, amazed ... how beautiful.

"I call MY children home according to MY will and at the time I set", continued the LORD.

The person who pleases the LORD's heart will have a beautiful place in heaven. The more pure, sincere, and pleasing to the LORD the heart is, the more beautiful place in Heaven will be.

Day 23

Today I have a computer practical exam, although with weak and trembling hands I was able to do the test well. My friend drove me to and from campus, so I didn't have to walk. When I got home I prayed again ...

Meeting Bible figures

My spiritual body was taken into Heaven on a path made of glass sand. The LORD JESUS was there already. Again, I was invited by the LORD JESUS ​​to walk into an area with many houses and there I met several Bible figures. The LORD JESUS ​​invited me to meet them and introduced their names.

Many Bible figures gave messages to me. The first one I met was Moses. As I read in the Bible, Moses was a hundred and twenty years old, but in Heaven I was surprised to see Moses looking so much younger in his 40s. Moses said, "I regret not being able to enter the land of Canaan that the LORD promised because of my disobedience. Obey the LORD always, whatever God tells you to do, do it obediently."

After that I met with Paul. Paul's message, "Surely the trials that you experience are ordinary trials that will not exceed your strength. If you experience any serious problems, believe there will be a way out, and that the trials will not be more than what you can bear."

After that I met with Joshua. Joshua's message, "Be strong and courageous, strengthen your heart. Whatever happens, keep your eye upon the LORD, worship Him obediently and faithfully. Never let your heart be bound to idols."

I continued walking with the LORD JESUS, then I met with Abraham, his message, "Even though you have not seen the promises of the LORD fulfilled in your life, you must BELIEVE in the LORD. Nothing in the LORD is too difficult, everything is possible even though your surroundings do not allow you to receive God's promises."

Then I met with Noah, his message, "Live as close friends with God, do not look around you that can weaken your faith in God, but you must continue to live as close friends with God."

Finally, I met Job, his message, "You have no right to your life, even the smallest part of your life, not even your hair. Only God has the right to your life because God owns your life. So, whatever happens to your life, even the worst, you should never grumble to the LORD or say that the LORD is evil or does not love you."

After I met Job, I finished praying. I then remembered that there was a theory test tomorrow at college. I had to study and memorise.

"LORD, to be honest, I'm very tired ... weak ... it's even hard to open my eyes to memorise", I said, holding a lecture book. But I still tried to read slowly, I reread my lecture book twice.

Day 24

When I was doing the theory test on campus, I was astonished because I had no difficulty doing it - as if the answers just came to my mind. I easily remembered what I learned last night even though I only read the lesson twice.

When I got home, I prayed again and met the LORD JESUS. He invited me to go around to meet again with several of the Bible characters.

I met Joseph, his message was, "Hold fast to any vision or promise that the LORD has given through dreams or through the Word of God. Keep and protect the vision, fight until it happens in your life. Whatever happens in your worst life, don't forget that vision, but assume that the events in your life are part of the beautiful plan of God - until the vision of God is achieved in your life."

After that I met Jeremiah, his message, "Every call from the LORD that happens in your life, accept and do it. Do not consider yourself incapable, because the LORD will give you abilities. Do not be afraid, because when the LORD calls you, the LORD has equipped you with all the best. In fact, the LORD has designed and known your life before you were born until the end of your life."

After that I met with Isaiah who said, "Go wherever the LORD sends you, never ever dispute with the LORD because the LORD knows better what will happen in your life when the LORD sends you, surely the LORD will give His power to you."

Then I met Ezekiel who said "Never avoid the LORD's call even though it is not according to your ability. Maybe you feel odd about the LORD's call, even worst the people around you and the people closest to you also feel it odd, but work on that call until the glory of the LORD is revealed to you."

I walked again with the LORD JESUS, and asked,

"LORD, why does everyone that I see in Heaven look young, when in the Bible they are hundreds of years old?"

"All that is in Heaven is not old, when everyone who believes in ME and lives his life pleasing ME come to Heaven, they will have a place here and will all be turned into adulthood. Here everyone will become a mature person. What I require is that everyone who believes in ME is spirituality mature, not spiritually immature who only beg for what they want and need."

Everyone I meet in Heaven were adults. Every Bible character who was hundreds of years old, who had white hair, wrinkled body skin, became young in Heaven - nice skin, original colour hair, shining face.

Day 25

Coming home from campus, I lay down on the floor because of the hot weather. And because I was tired, I fell asleep ... during which time, I met the LORD JESUS again. Seeing HIM standing on the beautiful glass sandy road ... He seemed to have been waiting for me for some time. I was very happy because the LORD Jesus was waiting for me. Immediately the LORD JESUS ​​took my hand and asked me to walk.

"Sometimes MY children do not realise that I have been waiting for them for a long time, I want MY children to be close to ME to talk to ME, but they are too busy with their own affairs. Only when they get into trouble do they seek ME only to find a solution to their problems. Even then, I already feel happy they want to see ME, even if only to get a solution to their problems. But after that they forget ME ... all they want is MY blessings, MY miracles, healings from ME and all that I have for them. They do not want ME personally."

When the LORD spoke, I looked at HIM, and visible on His gentle and loving face was a radiance of sadness. HE truly is the LORD who loves us; we are HIS children, HIS belonging.

I continued to walk with the LORD and met with James, he delivered the message, "Do the Word of God faithfully, don't just listen. Do not deviate from the Word of the LORD, live a life pleasing God."

Then I met Peter who said, "Do not ever turn from your faith in the LORD, never once have you hurt the LORD. I regret that in my life I hurt the LORD, even though I was always with the LORD. But thanks be to the LORD, I am a coward who can be here, it is because of the mercy of the LORD, the power of the LORD that made my life change, so I dare to preach the gospel and be a blessing to many people so that until the end of my life I maintain my faith in Him."

After that I met with Daniel, his message, "You must worship your LORD with all your heart until the end of your life, let nothing shake your faith in God, then everything will be revealed to you until the end of time."

I was shocked. "Wow ... I overslept ... but why did I meet the LORD while I was sleeping?" I felt impolite of not being in a praying position, but in a sleeping position ...

"I can reveal anything through anything, anytime, anywhere, and in whatever you do, you can meet with ME ... because I, GOD, AM infinite. With your spirit, you can meet with ME anytime, anywhere, whenever you do anything. I am not a GOD that can be found only by religious rules, it must be this ... it must that ... I am not a GOD limited by religious rules. Many people are bored and tired of persevering in their faith in ME because many of them limit ME. With their minds, they limit MY work in their lives that many of them become trapped in the routine of worship, religious rules, they become tired and bored, they do not grow spiritually that they give up following ME. Meet ME, talk with ME anytime, anywhere, when you do anything, I AM the infinite GOD."

Day 26

In the Palace of God

When I met the LORD, not far in front of me was a palatial building that was very beautiful and magnificent. It turned out to be the palace of the LORD. The LORD JESUS ​​walked me to the building.

When entering the court of the palace, there was someone who stood up; a man who was gallant, handsome and wore a crown. His face reflected wisdom. As I was approaching, I learned that it was King David, he said, "I am here only because of the grace of God, in fact I am a person who does not deserve to be here because I have done acts that hurt the LORD, but because of God's grace, I can be in this place. The grace of the LORD gave me favour."

When I met King David, I was discouraged because I felt that I had not done anything meaningful to God. The extraordinary King David said that he was in Heaven only because of the grace of God.

The LORD said, "I like David, he is pleasing to ME. When he strayed from his path, I rebuked him and he did not harden his heart but immediately repented, turned to ME and humbled himself. Many of MY children stray from the path, but unfortunately, I am disappointed in their attitude. Many of them hardened their hearts and did not repent when I rebuked them."

I was stunned to see the palace of the LORD. So beautiful ... In the courtyard there was a garden with colourful flowers with soft petals. I approached the garden which was full of beautiful fragrance much so I could smell it in my room too. Even after I finished praying, the scent still lingered in my room.

Day 27

I walked to the beautiful palace with the LORD JESUS. Upon arrival, the gate was wide open. The floor of the palace was truly amazing ... made of gold. I turned to the left, to the gate which was also made of gold adorned with pearls which I touched and caressed for a long time. At first, I stood looking at the pearls, then slowly inched down to squat while feeling and touching the palace floor. Really beautiful gate studded with pearls. The door colour was sparkling ivory white, and the floor colour was bright yellow.

(Revelation 21:21: The twelve gates were twelve pearls, each gate made of a single pearl. The great street of the city was of gold, as pure as transparent glass.)

The LORD's Palace is truly beautiful. The LORD is truly rich ... Gold which, in the world is so highly valued, is used in heaven as floor material … to be trampled. Pearls which, in the world are used to show off one’s riches and are expensive, in Heaven are used only for door decorations.

I saw the pillars in the palace were also sparkling yellow in colour ... apparently these pillars were also made of gold. I also touched the pillars. On the right and left side of the pillars were wide stairs going up to the balcony which were also made of sparkling gold. On those balconies were many white-robed people who praised, glorified, and worshipped the LORD by raising their hands. Since I entered the LORD's palace, I never stopped touching the doors, floors, balconies, and pillars.

When I entered a place further into the palace, I heard the praises and glorification of the LORD without ceasing.

"Here everyone will offer praise and worship every time at any time, there is no end, rest or tiredness ...", said the LORD JESUS.

Even when I had finished praying, my ears felt like I was still hearing praise, worship, and glorification of God. Glorious praise of worship, so beautiful to hear that I shuddered and my whole body trembled.

Day 28

Today I prayed as usual, I did not go to heaven or hell. Today I especially worshipped God, gave thanks to HIM, and conveyed personal things to HIM.

Day 29

In the afternoon I returned to pray in my room. I was in the palace of the LORD precisely on the balcony where many people were praising and worshipping the LORD. The LORD JESUS ​​was not beside me. I was at the edge, standing among the people belonging to the LORD who praised and worshipped the LORD.

In front of me was the seat of the LORD's throne, shining golden yellow surrounded by beautiful jewels. There was a person sitting in the chair, a king in a magnificent purple robe, with a beautiful golden yellow crown surrounded by gemstones. The LORD JESUS ​​was that Person. In a very luxurious king’s robe, HIS face was full of authority, firm but friendly. His person radiated glory. Everyone including me knelt to glorify the LORD JESUS ​​as the KING of kings. Unable to withstand His glory everyone, including me, fell down. There were cries of exaltation to the LORD JESUS, not tears of sadness but tears of joy and amazement. The presence of God was so strong that all the people bowed down to glorify the name of the LORD - so much so that my physical ear could hear everyone praising the LORD:

Holy ... holy is the LORD

You are a holy GOD

KING of kings

Honour and glory only unto YOU

Hallelujah ... Hallelujah ... amen

Holy ... holy is the LORD ...

With my spiritual ear, what I heard was not in the Indonesian language, but other languages. However, in my physical ear, I heard everything in Indonesian. There was a number of similar words such as 'Hallelujah' and 'Amen', although the pronunciation was different.

In front of me, beside the LORD JESUS, ​were many angels who played musical instruments, praising the name of the LORD. Also, there were many angels dotted amongst the people of the LORD participating in praising the name of the LORD. No one was silent.

Day 30

I returned to the palace of the LORD JESUS. The LORD JESUS ​​was beside me. I walked to the very end near the palace wall. The palace walls consisted of beautiful gemstones, from the bottom right to the top; the gemstones were of different colours. The colours of these gemstones were not random but neatly arranged per line. The walls of the LORD's palace consist of several rows of beautiful gemstones, each row of different colours.

The first line with a certain thickness was black, the second line with a certain thickness was red. The sequences were as follows: black, bright red, red heart (purplish red), purple, bluish purple (the colour is rather bright), dark blue, light blue (blue which was reddish and purplish), dark brown, reddish brown (bright), yellow, green, white.

(Revelation 21:19-20: 19 The foundations of the city walls were decorated with every kind of precious stone. The first foundation was jasper, the second sapphire, the third agate, the fourth emerald, 20 the fifth onyx, the sixth ruby, the seventh chrysolite, the eighth beryl, the ninth topaz, the tenth turquoise, the eleventh jacinth, and the twelfth amethyst. 21 The twelve gates were twelve pearls, each gate made of a single pearl. The great street of the city was of gold, as pure as transparent glass.)

I saw many angels in God’s palace, there were 2 types of angels: winged and not winged. Their height was approximately 2 meters. The LORD JESUS ​​explained that angels who have no wings are angels of praise and worship, so these angels hold musical instruments --- while angels who have wings are angels of war, usually to help the children of GOD in spiritual warfare, so they carry weapons for warfare like swords and arrows.

Then I went back to walk with the LORD JESUS ​​and met with John, the most beloved disciple of the LORD JESUS, his face radiating tenderness. "Live close to the LORD JESUS, be closed and intimate with the LORD JESUS, not just wanting something from HIM." said John.

Day 31

This morning my throat felt dry, I wanted to drink more than one or two drops. After asking God for permission, I took a glass of water. Praise the LORD, I can drink more than usual. I felt happy, relieved, and refreshed.

While praying, I met the LORD JESUS ​​in the palace. I walked out of His palace, walked back to the place where many of his houses were. There I met more extraordinary Bible characters who loved the LORD.

I met Malachi, his message, "Do not ever steal the LORD's possession. What belongs to the LORD belongs to the LORD. When you obey the Word of God, surely the LORD will return your possessions. God is rich, HE never owes."

I met Daniel, his message, "Every statement of the LORD concerning the end times will be fulfilled these days. Defend and persevere in your faith in God. Stay faithful, worship HIM with respect and fear."

I met Elisha, his message, "Ask the LORD to be equipped with the Spirit of God to make you strong in facing every challenge and problem in your life."

I also met Elijah and he said, "In these last days, there will be many Jezebel spirits who crush and oppress the children of God, spirit and soul, so that physically the children of God will feel depressed and sick. Many children of God will give up, be disappointed in the LORD, discouraged and think that the LORD never helped and cared for their lives. Children of God must realise that when faced with any serious problems, do not be afraid, they must believe in God that God always helps."

Day 32

Today I walked with the LORD JESUS. He lovingly took my hand. I saw a river in a residential area and the LORD JESUS ​​took me there. Next to the river were shady trees. The trees were sturdy with thick leaves and roots that spread into the river. There were rocks around the river. I couldn't wait to put my feet in the river. Not only that, I also wanted to play with the water and swim. The river water that flowed was so clear and cool.

I saw the LORD JESUS ​​sitting by the river, smiling at me as I was playing with the water. Once satisfied playing with the water, I immediately approached the LORD JESUS. I sat next to the LORD JESUS, watching around the river and the sturdy thick leafy trees around it. There were trees that have round, purplish red fruits, and various other fruit trees. Very shady and cool. Very beautiful ... Not to mention the fish in the river that swam here and there added to the beauty of this place.


After observing the surrounding area, my gaze was fixed on the LORD JESUS ​​who was holding 2 books, one in the right hand and the other in the left.

"LORD JESUS, what book is that?", I asked curiously.

"This is the Book of Life", said the LORD JESUS ​​showing the book in His left hand.

"Then what is the other book, LORD?”, I asked curiously.

"This is your Life Journey Book. From the time you were born until the time I come to fetch you back to MY home." said the LORD.

(Revelation 20:12-15: 12 And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne, and books were opened. Another book was opened, which is the book of life. The dead were judged according to what they had done as recorded in the books. 13 The sea gave up the dead that were in it, and death and Hades gave up the dead that were in them, and each person was judged according to what they had done. 14 Then death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire. The lake of fire is the second death. 15 Anyone whose name was not found written in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire.)

I was very curious and wanted to see the contents of the books immediately. But before I could hold the book, my physical body felt weak. I decided to rest.

Day 33

The Book of Life

I was back with the LORD JESUS ​​in the beautiful river. I saw the LORD JESUS ​​holding two books, the Book of Life and the Book of My Life. Before I could ask permission from the LORD JESUS ​​to look at the book, He said,

"This is the Book of Life."

The LORD JESUS ​​knew what was in my heart and mind. Then the LORD JESUS ​​began to open the Book. I saw in it, names written in gold ink. The neat writing fills the thick pages of the book.

"In this book I write the names of those who believe in ME. Anyone who believes in ME until the end of his life, who perseveres in his faith, I will write his name in this Book. Every person whose name is written in this book will be saved from eternal damnation, from hellfire, and I will provide a place for them. They will enjoy eternal life together with ME."

While listening to the words of the LORD JESUS, my eyes were fixed on the pages of the Book. I was so curious and there was a sense of nervousness when my eyes looked at the pages of the Book, I just wanted to make sure my name was written in the Book.

"Don’t worry, my dear, when you made the decision to believe in ME, I immediately wrote your name in this Book. No one can write and erase the names in this Book except I – who owns this Book and who owns this place. All names written in this Book or even deleted from this book are according to MY will. The decision you make in your life whether to believe in ME or not will determine whether or not I will write your name in this Book. If your name is written, you will enjoy eternal life with ME. If your faith stops in the middle of life’s journey or you do not believe in ME at all, I will not write your name in this Book and you will receive eternal damnation."

As I was excited to hear the words of the LORD JESUS, my gaze was immediately fixed on the page of the Book of Life where my name was written

'Elisabeth Widyawati Herman'.

I immediately heaved a sigh of relief, grateful and happy. I hope and surrender to the LORD to be able to persevere in faith until the LORD JESUS ​​comes again, so that my name is not erased from the Book of Life, and I can enjoy living in Heaven with the LORD JESUS.

Day 34

The Life Journey Book

When I was praying, my spiritual body was again beside the LORD JESUS. I couldn't wait to ask for my Book of Life.

"LORD, what about the other book? Yesterday, didn't You show me 2 books?"

"This book is your Life Journey Book. I wrote down all the events in your life since you were little, even as a baby the first time you were in your mother's womb. I have written all of your life's journey until you return to MY home, until I call you home, I have written all of them. Everything that happens in your life, I have written in this book. See my dear, from the first time I wrote until now as you experience this event meeting ME. There is not a single moment in your life that I had not written, I have recorded everything.”

I looked at the pages of my book, but I didn’t read every line or page, only that there were not many pages left. In some of these pages, I saw events that have not yet happened. But there seemed to be not much of my life left to live – I didn’t know how many more months, how many more years.

“I am coming soon to take you home. I would like you to be my beautiful bride, spiritually mature, not like a child anymore. You can see there are not many pages of life left.”

I just nodded my head as I shed my tears. The LORD JESUS is coming soon, I have a little more time to live.

"LORD, I do not want You to take me home in this very near future, my life is still chaotic, I want to organise my life better even though it is difficult. I have many problems and challenges, but when You come for me, I want to be the most beautiful bride for You".

Day 35


1. Warehouse of Human Organs

On this day I was invited by the LORD to walk to a place in Heaven, a place that I had never visited. It was located beside the LORD's palace, but in the back part and not separated from the palace. This place was very big, very spacious. There were many shelves for storing goods just like a supermarket. The shelves were neatly arranged and there were several lines of shelves. I stepped closer to the shelves. I saw an object on one shelf.

"What is this LORD, why is it like fresh meat? Is there a meat storage in Heaven, like a refrigerator?"

The LORD JESUS ​​just smiled at my question. My spiritual age at that time was only 12 years old so my question was childish. I ventured to hold the object.

"Hiii, it was chewy and brownish red, really fresh meat!", I told myself.

"That's a heart, my dear", said the LORD from behind me.

"This room is a place to store human organs. I have provided all the organs of the human body in this place for those who believe and ask ME. This room is for storing internal human organs."

I looked at every shelve one by one, very neat and complete, just like a supermarket. There were many more organs too many for me to mention.

Day 36

I was invited by the LORD to see the storage place of human organs. I saw something different from the day before. There were names on the organs of the body, though not all. The names were neatly written on several organs that have been wrapped like a gift. I went forward to take a closer look and ask the LORD,

"Who is this for LORD?"

"For MY children who ask ME and BELIEVE and NOT HESITATE. I see their heart, and when I am pleased with what I see, I will give according to their faith", He answered.

"The LORD is very attentive, always providing the best for His children", I told myself.

"What about those who don't know you, LORD?"

"When they believe in ME, and I see a sincere heart for ME as they listen to MY Word through MY servants that I send, I will give them according to their needs", said the LORD again.

"I am coming soon, so this is one way for those nations that do not know ME to BELIEVE in ME and REPENT earnestly. But unfortunately, only a handful, even very few, of MY servants understand this. And even MY children who understand and claim to BELIEVE also sometimes do not understand this. Many of those who, when they are sick, forget that I am the LORD who is able to heal. When they are sick, especially those who are seriously ill, they rely on their own money and their own abilities, they forget that I am a God who is able. Now you have seen for yourself no matter how bad their sickness is, how badly damaged their organs are, I have prepared new organs for them."

I looked with full attention once more to every body organ on the shelves.

"LORD, why are these organs not moving or throbbing?"

The LORD smiled at my question.

"When a sick person believes in ME, I will give a new organ, then I will put it in their body and I will give it life, I will arrange it so that every organ works perfectly."

Day 37

Today I was invited by the LORD to see the place I visited yesterday.

I was in a room with neatly arranged shelves, just like what I saw yesterday, but this time the contents were different. It turned out that this was the second room of the organ storage. I looked around the contents of the shelves, some were shaped like a ball and when I held it, it felt like jelly.

"It is an eyeball, MY child", said the LORD.

In addition, I also saw the brain, eardrum, and others. It turned out that this room was specifically for storing organs of the head.

I continued to step into the very end of the room where again there were neat shelves. It contained something that was shaped like a string or small string. And the LORD explained that it was nerve veins ranging from large veins to very fine veins. On the other shelf I saw bones starting from the head, hands and fingers, feet and toes, back bones and other bones.

The LORD asked me, "How are you MY child, have you seen it all?"

He continued, "I provide for all MY children who believe in ME, but sometimes MY children do not understand this. Many of them think I am evil, or that I don't hear their prayers, and many of them are disappointed in ME or resentful towards ME. Now you have seen for yourself that - what they don't even think about, I have prepared for them."

Day 38

2. Armoury

While praying, I met the LORD who took me to a very large place. I thought the same as yesterday's place, but apparently not. Once I entered the room, I saw many weapons of war such as swords, arrows, shoes, headgear, armour, etc. All the war equipment that was there was very complete. When I approached to see the weapons, they were a little dusty. I wonder why there was dust in the LORD's room.

"This is just a sign MY child, so you know, that MY children rarely ask for these tools. These tools are tools for spiritual warfare. Many of MY children do not like spiritual warfare, do not like the process of life, do not like fighting, they just want to ask for instant physical and material blessings. You will see the second room also the same, MY child. In the room there is also dust."

"The second room? There is dust? What room O'LORD?"

"You see for yourself ... come, I will show you", said the LORD. Then I walked with the LORD to the second room.

3. Jewellery Warehouse

In this room, there was a lot of beautiful stone objects. When I looked, it turned out to be jewels. All the jewellery one can ever want was here, starting from bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings.

"Waah ... very good O’LORD ... very beautiful ..."

But the LORD was indeed correct, these things were rather dusty.

"Who is this for, LORD? these jewels are very beautiful ... "

"These are the jewellery that I provide for MY brides so that they become beautiful brides before ME. But unfortunately…. many of MY children do not understand this. I am coming soon; I want all MY children to be MY beautiful brides.

But only a few of them want to be MY bride. MY bride is a spiritual adult. I want MY children to be spiritual adults in order to be MY bride, but they only want to be children ... They only want to be spiritual children who do not want to grow spiritually into spiritual adults. They only ask for blessings, anointing .... rarely do they want to grow spiritually into spiritual adults. Very few want to know ME, MY Person, to be close to ME. They do not even need to ask for things because I have provided for them, as long as they are close to ME, whatever they need I have provided for them. I only want MY children to be close to ME, to be a person of spiritual maturity, to be a beautiful Bride-to-be."

4. Food Supply Warehouse

The LORD took me to another room. The LORD showed a room in which there was abundant wheat, oil, and wine.

"Look, I have provided everything for MY children, but many of MY children only want wheat, wine, oil, they don't want ME as the One who has all this."

Day 39

Today I met the LORD JESUS again ​​and I sat with HIM. Heaven is a very beautiful place.

"I want to always be in this place, I don't want to go back to the world anymore. The world is full of problems and busy activities ... I want to continue to be in this place", I said to myself.

But before I could say that, GOD, the omniscient one, patted my shoulder and smiled, HE said,

"You cannot stay in this place, right now your work is not finished. But there will come a time, after your assignments are finished, I will come for you to take you home, along with all MY other children and servants who believe in ME and who love ME.

Tell everyone you meet that HEAVEN and HELL really exist. Believe in ME as GOD and Saviour. Then everyone who confesses in his heart and speaks with his mouth that JESUS CHRIST is LORD, his name will be written in the Book of Life, he will be saved and will receive an inheritance in the HEAVENLY Kingdom. But whoever does not believe in ME, his name will not be recorded in the Book of Life, and he will perish into the eternal fire of HELL where there is eternal torment."

"MY children," continued the LORD JESUS, "Hold fast to your faith in ME. These last days that you will live through will be increasingly evil, will be increasingly difficult. But don't worry, every problem that you face, I will surely give you a way out, the best solution according to MY will. I want MY children to abide in MY love, to love ME, and to live in love, to love everyone, because people are increasingly selfish, they love only themselves. But I want each of my children to share MY love with all people, especially those who are poor, miserable, oppressed, and need help. Live in MY love ... love one another, be full of wisdom. I want MY children to have MY character, until the end of their lives.

Nourish your body, soul, and spirit until I come the second time to take you up in the glorious clouds. Be MY HOLY people, have a clean heart and a holy mind.

Don't have idols in your mind and heart. Whatever is binding your heart and mind must be let go. Don't let anyone or anything surpass ME in your life. I want all MY children to focus and put ME first in their lives.

Don't focus on anything, don't focus on your problems, don't focus on your possessions. Because in these last days, many of MY children are not focused on ME, but are focused on money.

All MY children, who still hold idols either in their hearts and minds or who are still bound by something, I will shake up, in order to release every idol and its ties - so that when I come, MY children would have become MY bride, truly beautiful, possessing a pure and holy heart and mind."

I asked, "LORD, what does it mean to nourish your body, soul and spirit?"

He answered, "MY children must really take care of their lives, preserve their lives.

Guarding and nourishing their body by taking care of their health, controlling the desires of the flesh, using every part of their body which I have given to the glory of the LORD, to serve the LORD. - for I will hold each of MY children accountable for how they have used every part of their body – at MY coming.

Guarding and nourishing their soul by always praising and worshipping the LORD, giving thanks to the LORD. Most of MY children grumble, not able to control their emotions, they measure everything in their lives only by the material and physical blessings they receive. They forget that their lives are MY grace, what they have is a result of MY goodness and virtue.

Guarding and nourishing their spirit is very important, because with a strong spirit, the body and soul can be controlled. Serve the LORD sincerely, purely, tirelessly without being bored. I only ask that you use whatever you have in you to expand MY Kingdom in the world. Whatever you have, whether possession, talents, skills, whatever it is, whatever you can, do it to serve so that many more souls repent and are saved.

To every servant of Mine, serve the LORD sincerely, purely without any motivation to get blessings, money or self-prosperity. Do not be arrogant with what you have accomplished because whatever you have, you have because of MY grace, do not steal MY glory.

Ahead of MY coming, I want all MY children, MY servants to unite. Do not make boundaries between one another. Do not consider one church better or more powerful than another because it is not the church that saves and allows people to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but it is I. Only those who have hearts that truly believe and love ME will enter the Kingdom of Heaven."

The LORD JESUS ​​delivered so many messages ....

"LORD, so many rules that must be carried out by YOUR children. Who is able to do everything? It seems that no one can carry out Your commands, O LORD. Is it hard to be a child of God? If no one can carry out Your commandments, then no one is saved?"

Truly, LORD JESUS whom ​​I worship is a LORD who knows all the contents of the mind and heart.

"All who enter the Kingdom of Heaven enter only by the grace I give. When people believe in ME, that person has the right to enter into MY Kingdom. But I judge not from the first moment they made the decision in their life to repent and believe in ME. I judge the end of their life whether they still believe in ME and loves ME. Therefore, it is necessary to be guided by the HOLY SPIRIT in living their life – so that they are able to do MY every will. There are many children of the LORD who, in the middle of their lives, cease to trust ME, leaving ME, exchanging the salvation they received only for the sake of wealth, honour, pleasure which are all temporary in the world." I saw the sad face of the LORD JESUS.

"It is your duty and the duty of MY children, MY servants who believe in ME to bring MY children who have long forsaken ME to return to ME, and also bringing those who do not believe in ME to repent and believe in ME before MY second coming."

Day 40

When I prayed, I met the LORD JESUS ​​in a very bright room. In this place people were praising and worshipping the LORD, cheering the name of the LORD JESUS ​​as King of kings. I saw the LORD JESUS ​​sitting on a chair covered in gold. There were beautiful stones in the chair. The LORD JESUS ​​was clothed in a king’s robe, in purple, very majestic. His crown was covered in jewels. With HIS face that was firm, authoritative, but full of tenderness, His glory shone. I could only cry, kneel, bow my face to the floor, worship the LORD JESUS.

"This is your last day experiencing this process that you have been going through. You cannot stay here forever, someday I will come to take you and MY other children. After today, you will return to your normal life activities, but don't forget any of MY messages. Tell everyone what you experienced.

Pray without ceasing and read the Word of God. Convey this to MY children and MY other servants - because through MY Word, I declare and convey MY heart, what must be done in life until My second coming."

Third Temple Built in Israel

After speaking, then the LORD JESUS ​​showed me a vision like a big screen movie. I saw a beautiful box-shaped building, but I had no idea what that building was. The LORD said,

"When this building is finished being built, it will be the sign that MY second coming is imminent.”

I did not understand and immediately asked,

"What building is that, LORD JESUS?"

"It is the Holy Temple in Israel. Watch Israel carefully. If this Temple in Israel is built, it means MY coming is imminent. But before the Temple is built, many people who did not believe in ME will come to repent and believe in ME. Those who believed in ME, but who have long been far from ME will return to belong to ME. After the Temple is built, see what happens. The Chosen People of God will be removed and protected during the Antichrist era”.

Then I saw many people who were suddenly lifted up. They were gathered in one place, wearing clean white robes, whereas those who remain in the world were shocked, crying and screaming. After the rapture occurred, there was tremendous confusion and chaos on earth.

"This will happen and I will protect MY children with whom my heart is pleased. I will protect them from a time of terrible turmoil, the time of the Antichrist, during which the world and those who are not raptured will be under the power of Satan and his followers."

I also saw many people on the pulpit of churches who were not lifted up. Likewise, in a group of people praying, some were not lifted up.

"LORD, how can we be lifted up? Why not everyone?"

He replied, "Not only those who are not serious about ME, but many who claim to be MY servants are not lifted up either. Only those who please ME are protected from the time of the Antichrist. Those who are left behind must pay the price with their lives. They must continue to believe in ME until the end of their lives to be part of the Kingdom of Heaven."

The Left Behind and The Raptured

I saw people who denied the LORD JESUS ​​having a mark on their foreheads and on their hands to carry out daily activities to survive. In the stores, people who wanted to buy must show the mark. Those who did not have the mark could not carry out their activities and could not buy in any store.

Many people who have did not have the mark died being tortured and killed because they did not want to deny their faith in the LORD JESUS.

I saw people who were protected by the LORD JESUS ​​all ascending to the clouds with their white robes glowing. From above I saw the LORD JESUS ​​shining brightly descending from heaven. I was stunned, as I observed everything with full attention.

The LORD JESUS ​​said to me, "What you see will all happen, tell MY people to watch and pray, to guard their lives so that they will be pleasing to ME. Today is the last day you experience this process, you will return to your normal life activities until I come back to take you."

The LORD JESUS ​​smiled at me; His hand stroked my hair. After that I felt my spirit return to my room, the place where I prayed. I waited anxiously for tomorrow. I couldn't wait to get back to talking and doing my usual activities without being considered strange by my friends and the people I meet.

The following days

The next day when I woke up in the morning, I felt very thirsty, my throat was very dry. I tried to drink little by little. Praise the LORD I could drink. Then I murmured, afraid that I could not talk anymore. I tried to speak slowly. Praise the LORD, I was able to talk again. Although my body still felt weak due to the 40-day process, I was happy and grateful.

For more than two weeks I was not able to eat rice because I was still reminded of the state of Hell, seeing rice was like seeing maggots (worms). I continued to make the effort to recover. I started by eating baby porridge, milk, and fruit. Praise the LORD, I slowly recovered and now I am able to eat the food that I used to eat, including rice.

I give thanks to the LORD JESUS ​​for the personal experience I had with HIM - an encounter with the LORD JESUS ​​that was so special that I will never forget in my entire life. Each of us must experience a personal encounter with God through prayer and reading God's Word. Only a personal encounter with the LORD JESUS ​​makes our lives exciting (zealous), full of passion, and makes us fear the LORD and love HIM.



Elisabeth Widyawati Herman

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