Spider in the Shower

August 2009

Learning to hear God's Voice

One night as I went to bed, I prayed to God to help me to be more sensitive to His voice. I know too well that God speaks to us in our hearts with that small voice that we often ignore, or that we can easily miss in our busy day.

The next morning when I got up, I went to the bathroom to have a shower. As I was having a shower, a little voice spoke to me in my heart saying,

"Look behind you, there is a spider behind you!"

Now, I was busy having a shower, why on earth would I think that all of a sudden?! So, I ignored it and carried on showering. The voice then spoke to me again, and this time I remembered my prayer, and I thought,

"Well, what if this is God trying to talk to me in response to my prayer last night?"

So, I decided to turn around to look behind me. To my horror, there was a huge spider!

It was crawling very near me, near my shoulder. In fact, it could easily have fallen on me. I didn't scream like I would normally do, instead I laughed out loud, praising God because I saw that He was answering the prayer that I prayed the night before. God was already starting to give me the practice, the exercise of listening to His little voice by using a spider in the shower.

Oh, what a wonderful God we have, definitely one with a sense of humour :-)

© Elma Larsen. All rights reserved.

Image by Fablegros from Pixabay