Post-Sermon Review

  • You may find yourself inspecting your performance after you have finished preaching - looking to see what you could improve on and what you did well in. This is healthy, but beware that you do not let Satan have a foot hold in your mind regarding this. Make sure that your inspection is one that is constructive and not destructive. Satan, may at times, make you feel bad about yourself after preaching, be aware of this as it is destructive.

  • You may want to ask a fellow preacher to evaluate your performance, but be careful who you choose to do this. Do not choose someone who sees you as a rival as they may put you down destructively, rather choose someone who cares about God and how His Word should be preached as they would be more inclined to give constructive feedback.

  • You may find that God may Himself give you a review. Sometimes God will let you in on miracles that happened during your preaching - in which case, it should be an honour and a privilege that God allowed you to be a part of this. Don't forget to thank Him and to give Him praise for this.

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