The Billboard Project - Part 4 (of 4)

October 2013

The Billboard Timing

You may remember from The Billboard Project - Part 3 that I had booked the billboard for the summer months. Well, the billboard was also available in the winter months. Someone had urged me not to wait until the summer months, saying why delay the gospel being preached? They had a point, of course, time is of the essence when it comes to leading hearts to Christ. However, after much prayer and thought, my heart was drawn to booking the summer months, and that's what I settled for in the end.

It seemed just as well, because in the winter months, we saw one of the biggest storms with winds gusting up to 200 km/h. The billboard that God had chosen was blown down; its two wooden legs were snapped into pieces. It took quite a while to rebuild (approximately a month) before it was back up again, this time with a set of strong metal legs. Then, 4 weeks before my picture of Jesus was due to go up, another violent storm came and hit the existing billboard down again! I was concerned whether or not it would be fixed in time for my billboard, but by the grace of God, it was fixed, and was back up just in time. I couldn't help, but think this was all Satan's doing, trying to prevent the gospel from being preached - but God has come through stronger - and He had used both storms to prepare for a stronger-built billboard for His gospel message to be displayed.

The big day came -- Jesus's picture was finally displayed, and the Gospel preached, hallelujah! It is finished! I felt so relieved that this work for God is now done.

Three weeks on, another big storm came - violent as could be (it was frightening just to hear it from indoors, never mind being in it outside). I thought about the billboard, and wondered if it had been blown down. Driving through the State Highway in anxious anticipation, I saw that it was still up. It had not been blown down - hallelujah! God really did build a stronger billboard for His gospel. I was so relieved and happy. Glory be to God!

The Gospel is Preached!

It has been quite a battle - not only finding a billboard at an affordable cost, but one that would be strong enough to withstand storms. Now that His Gospel is there for all to see, may it lead many hearts to Him.....

© Elma Larsen. All rights reserved.

© Photo by Robert Larsen

© Photo by Robert Larsen