A Fierce

Spiritual Battle

May 2016

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

An Unexpected Request

Last week, during a small gathering, one of the ladies came forward requesting to have a deliverance session. I was shocked at such a request, mainly because she was a kind, gentle, beautiful, sweet, and talented lady who loves the Lord Jesus immensely; and the thought of demons residing in her body just seem improbable! I had to ask her several times,

"What you? ...You?...You?... Really?...Are you sure?"

and each time she would respond,

"Yes, Yes, Yes!"

She then added,

"I know I have something, I have just one demon -- Unforgiveness".

In the days following, we gathered to perform a healing and deliverance session for the lady. There were three of us in the attacking team: my husband Rob, myself, and a person we are currently in the process of giving deliverance training to. As well as the lady receiving deliverance, there were also two other people supporting: her husband and a close friend of hers. For additional support, we also had a few of the life group members praying downstairs.

Sizing up the Mountain

We began the session with the usual prayer to the Lord to work through us by His Holy Spirit, to deliver the lady from whatever was binding her, and to heal all the hurts and unforgiveness she had. After such a prayer, the person we were training described how she had seen (in the spirit) a pair of black eyes looking angrily at the three of us in the attacking team. I knew then we were in for a fierce spiritual battle.

We interviewed the lady on the main issues of life she had raised. As well as unforgiveness, she also conveyed how, after watching the movie "Anaconda" over a decade earlier, she had become afraid of snakes. She would scream, and shudder even at the mention of the word "snake"; never mind see a picture of one. She also had pain in her neck, shoulders, and right arm (often caused by the ruling of the spirit of Unforgiveness). By the time the interview came to an end, I had identified not one (as the lady had suggested), but eight demons that were definitely operating in her life.

Healing the Heart

I dug deep into the lady's issue of unforgiveness. It appeared to have been buried deep inside her for around 12 years. The unforgiveness was mainly due to the derogatory comments and gossips made by some people about her and her son. Tears started to roll down her cheeks as the hurts resurfaced in her mind. Her soul looked crushed; her heart in anguish.

And so, I prayed for Jesus to heal her. In no time at all, her crying ceased, and she began saying,

"Jesus is in front of me, He is smiling at me. He is bright, a white light. He is hugging me and loving me, He is putting his hand on my head, He is holding me like a baby".

Then she continued to say,

"Oh, He is so beautiful, so beautiful, so wonderful...He is so good!".

She repeated this several times. Her face looked so happy and peaceful; one can almost sense the healing washing over her. I waited patiently for as long as she needed to be with Jesus; every moment was a healing medicine for her.

After some time, she began describing a time when she was looking after her son by a staircase. She saw some people saying bad things about her son. She began to cry again as the pain and hurt returned. So again, I prayed for Jesus to heal her with regard to her son. Her crying continued, but this time there was a sense of happiness rather than sadness. She said,

"Jesus is putting His arm around my son, looking at him, smiling, and comforting him".

She was happy to see that Jesus was there for her son, and knew that whatever happens in life, her son was going to be OK.

After some time, she said that she felt a peace that she could not describe. Jesus had healed her hurting heart, and filled it with His peace. It was beautiful, and powerful to witness. And so, it was time to ask whether she was ready to forgive these people. She nodded immediately, and began to forgive each one by name, and blessing them.

After forgiving those who had hurt her, I guided her into repentance, naming each one of her sins for what they were. With tears and a contrite heart, she asked God for forgiveness - after which I declared them forgiven in the authority and Name of Jesus Christ. We then renounced all the inner vows she had ever made to protect her heart, and all the cursed words that had ever been said against her. We declared those things which are good, and true about herself, such as being a child of God (precious and beautiful), and being a Prophetess of God (as prophesy was one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit that had been given to her). We also asked God to help her forgive herself.

Then finally, we asked her to make a stand for Jesus, saying out loud who He is to her, stating all that He has done for her - taking upon Himself her sins, dying on the cross in her place, and being resurrected from death to life. She did so, so beautifully, with arms raised to the heavens, and tears of commitment rolling down her face. When she finished her declaration of Jesus Christ, we were ready to battle against all the evil spirits that were residing in her.

A Fierce Battle

After cutting soul ties to generational sins and curses, we called out the "spirit of Unforgiveness". She started to laugh, but then shrieked, "No, No, No!" covering both of her ears as we commanded the spirit to leave her in the Name of Jesus. She fell to the floor, and retched out a foamy substance as the spirit left her.

Then we called out the "spirit of Python". It manifested, reluctant to come out, but after a few loud coughs and retching, it came out in foam and food vomit. When she came back to herself, she was so happy that these evils spirits were leaving her, she said to us, "C'mon let's get some more out!"

The rest of the session couldn't be more fascinating, the spirits were responsive to our every command! As we cast them out, more manifestations occurred, some of which were as follows:

  • When we called out one of the spirits, it shouted, "She is mine, she is mine!" to which we replied, "No, she is not yours! She belongs to Jesus Christ, now let her go!" and again, she would vomit foam and food as the spirit left her.

  • At one time, she pointed at each and every one of us in the room, shouting "I hate you, I hate you!"

  • As I said "Come out in Jesus' Name - Name above all Names", she looked angrily at me and then questioned "Name above all Names? Really?" - to which I replied, "Yes, Name above all Names, at which every knee shall bow in heaven and on earth, and under the earth, now bow!". She then fell to the floor to her knees as if bowing, before she lunged forward, vomiting some more.

  • When I reminded the evil spirits of their doomed future in the fiery lake of burning sulphur (Revelation 20:10), she screamed, "Truly...truly, no... no... nooooo!" covering her ears as if in pain, and I would just say "Yes, yes, yes" until the spirits came out.

  • On one occasion, Rob switched from speaking English to speaking in tongues, she looked horrified then pointed at him, saying "No no nooooo!", covering her ears once again as if the tongues were really hurting her. In seeing this, Rob ramped up his speaking in tongues all the more, louder and louder, until the spirit left her.

In between the spirits leaving, when the lady had some moments to be herself, she would hug me out of gratitude. However, I knew there were more evil spirits in her body, so I was wary of what she may do to me having her arms wrapped around me. I just quietly repeated the Name of Jesus, and after some time she would gently let go of me.

Jezebel was the last spirit on the list we addressed. When we called her out, the lady swept her feet several times across the floor, stomping on the ground like a spoilt child, then she clutched her stomach as if in severe pain (similar to another lady in a previous deliverance session). When Jezebel finally left, the lady vomited foam, food, and clear slime (different to previous vomits she had done which usually indicates Jezebel being a higher-ranking demon).

Eight spirits were cast out in all, mostly through vomit of foam, food and slime, but also some specks of blood; signifying the depth of influence of the evil spirits.

As is our normal practice, we went through the list of evil spirits to ensure that they had left; Rob checking for signs of manifestations in the lady's face. As I called out the "spirit of Curses", she looked away from Rob momentarily and turned to me saying, "No". This was unusual as she did not react in this way when all the other spirit names were read out. Rob then knew that the "spirit of Curses" was still resident, and as he began to command it to leave (a second time now),

It responded, "Oh you found me out....you found me out!"

All of us answered a resounding "Yes, Yes, Yes! We found you out! Now come out of her in Jesus Name!" and thus after a fight, retching vomit and foam again, the spirit finally left.

We went through the list again and since there were no more manifestations, we ended the session. We prayed a prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord for setting the lady free. We prayed for the Holy Spirit infilling and for her protection, and anointed her with oil.

Freedom and Healing

We asked the lady how she felt about snakes now, and she said that she was no longer afraid of them. We showed her a picture of a mean looking snake on Rob's mobile phone and she was just fine with it, no fear, no shuddering, no screaming. Oh, what freedom!

She also checked her neck, shoulders, and arm - all pain was gone! It would appear that all the pain was caused by the evil spirits residing in that part of the body. Praise God for her healing!

We all went for a coffee at the lady's house, joined by all the other life group members who had faithfully supported us through prayers throughout the deliverance session. Discussions of what happened rang through the room, all giving glory and praise to our Triune God! The faithfulness of Father God, the blood of Jesus Christ the Son, and the power of the Holy Spirit, all working in partnership with us -- what evil can stand against us?! Hallelujah, Praise The Lord!

Isaiah 59:19

And when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will put them to flight (or lift up a standard against him). (NKJV)

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