The Power of Giving Thanks - Part 2

May 2010

An Unexpected Illness

You may remember back in March (2010), I wrote about the "Power of Giving Thanks (Part 1)" - that giving thanks will invoke the "Power of Multiplication" to come into motion. We see this in the story of Jesus feeding the 5 thousand (see Matthew 14:13-18)). Each time I give thanks sincerely from my heart for the food I eat, food will be multiplied for me. That is to say, I will have a plate of food tomorrow, the day after, next week, next month, next year, all the days of my life, for as long as I continue to be truly thankful for my food.

Since God gave me this revelation, I had been truly thankful to Him from the bottom of my heart for every plate of food I ate (particularly now that I am no longer working). I made sure that I no longer recite the normal "grace" (prayer for thanks) out of habit. I had never been short of food since, if anything I have always had more than expected.

This past 2 weeks, I have been abroad with my husband on his business trip. Yesterday, I was unwell in bed, and decided that I would stay in the hotel until lunchtime. As the morning wore on, I felt worse and worse, and was unable to go out to find something to eat. Lunchtime came and went, and I began to feel very hungry. There was no food in the room, except for the very expensive mini bar where they had crisps and chocolates (not much by way of food)!

An Unexpected Delivery

My husband was very busy at work, and didn't have time to come by with food, but he told me I could have a packet of crisps from the mini bar to keep me going. That only lasted 10 minutes before I felt hungry again. I began to feel really weak, and craved for something more substantial to tie me over to dinner. Just then, there was a knock on the door. I staggered to open it, and to my surprise, there stood a waitress and a waiter. The waiter had a plate of food in his hand. They both smiled at me, and said that they have a plate of cheese, biscuits, fruit, bread, and a bottle of wine, complimentary on the house.

I was shocked, I said, "huh?, what? why?!"

They placed the plate of food on the table with a card saying,

"Dear Mr McQuigan, we would like to welcome you to The Stamford Hotel and wish you a pleasant stay".

I looked at them both and said,

"I am sorry I am not Mrs McQuigan, you must have the wrong room!"

They looked at me and said,

"Ah apologies, sorry for the mix up, but please keep the food and wine."

I replied, "Oh no, you can take them with you to the correct room", but they insisted that I kept it, saying that they will make another one for Mr McQuigan.

Then, they left.

The Penny Dropped

I stood there thinking, what just happened?

Oh my!!! God had just sent me food! He knew how hungry I was, and how weak I felt (being ill), so He sent the waiter and waitress to my room instead of Mr McQuigan's. They were meant to go to the wrong room, so that I get fed!

I sat there shaking my head in astonishment, thanking God profusely. I could never have expected that to happen on a day when I was ill and hungry, in a hotel room all on my own, not knowing anyone - it just doesn't happen, unless of course God wanted to feed me! It was just incredible!

I had enough money to buy food, but I had NO to strength to go out and buy it. God's provision is not just money (to buy food), but in being too weak to buy food, He delivered food to me!

The power of giving thanks (sincerely from the heart) really do invoke the power of multiplication! There will always be a plate for me - whether I buy that plate, or that plate gets delivered to me, God will always ensure that I am fed. Tears welled up in my eyes, as I scoffed the food in no time. I was so hungry.

This is why I love God so much -- how could I not? -- when He faithfully looks after me and sustains me.

Give thanks to Him from your heart, as you can see - it is never in vain!

Psalm 9:1-2

1 I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.

2 I will be glad and rejoice in you; I will sing the praises of your name, O Most High.

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