The Company of Angels

March 2009

An Interest in God's Angels

Over the past few weeks, I had accidentally stumbled across God channels on SKY TV. My husband was abroad working a new job. So, I had been spending all my lonely time watching God channels. I learnt so much about God, and about myself that I didn't know before (even after having been a Christian for many years). One of the programs I watched was about someone who had seen angels. It was a most amazing and uplifting program. Of course, this program made me want to see angels. So, I started praying for this.

Trouble Brewing

Now on a different, but still relevant subject, I had been going to church on my own every week since my husband went abroad. For the most part, things had been fine until four weeks ago, when I was befriended by an African man at church. He told me he was a student (his wife was back in Africa) and that he didn't have many friends, so he was lonely. Of course, I felt sorry for him and offered my friendship. I told him that I would sit with him in church every week (since I had no one to sit with anyway), and that I would be his friend (it was the Christian thing to do). Unfortunately, minutes after agreeing to this, he took liberties, and started to stroke my arm. I didn't like this at all! My spirit was giving me warning signals. Then as I left to go home, he hugged me (which he seemed to have enjoyed very much). I went home rather upset as I was disappointed that a fellow Christian could do such a thing, in church as well! He knew I was married, and he must also have been fully aware of his marriage - how could he be committing adultery?! I certainly would not want any part in it.

Escape to the Early Service

I decided that it was not wise to see him again. I wasn't brave enough to tell him my concerns, so I tried to avoid him by going to the early service (9:00 - 10:00 AM). Doing this had been fine right up until yesterday.

I sat down on the back row (middle block) of the church, by the aisle. I put my handbag and coat on the chair next to me. The service started, and everything was going fine until suddenly I saw him come in (gasp!!!). He must have gone to the early service to look for me as I have not been going to the normal service, and so he must have noticed my absence!

I tried to look down to pretend I was reading something (so that he couldn't see my face), but there was hardly anybody at the early service (only 20 or so in a church that can seat 500), it would have been very easy for him to see who were there. Still, he had not seen me. He sat somewhere on the right block of the church. I knew, however, that if he were to see me he would have moved to sit next to me. So I started to feel nervous, uncomfortable, and unhappy.

I looked around for anyone that I may know, but there was no one. My nervousness increased; I could not concentrate on worshipping God. So, I prayed to God to help me somehow, I didn't know how but I asked Him to do something!

Angels to the Rescue

Just then, as the sermon was about to start, two very tall men came in whom I had never seen before. They came and sat next to me (next to the chair where I had put my coat). To do this, they would have had to excuse themselves to go past me (remember I was sitting by the aisle). Most people would not do this, unless the church was full, or if there were absolutely no other seats in the church; but not them, they were different. There were so many other empty chairs in the church, empty rows of chairs that they could have chosen, but they chose the chairs next to me. To top it all, there were 10 empty chairs or so next to me, most people would have left a chair or two gap between them and me, but not these men, they chose to sit right next to me (next to the chair of my coat, they didn't even leave a gap). This meant that if the African guy did see me and wanted to sit with me, it would be difficult for him to do so without disturbing them, or me having to put my coat elsewhere.

I felt a peace come over me, so much so that I was able to concentrate on the service, and on worshipping God without fear. God had answered my prayer, so quickly as well. My heart was shouting with joy and thanksgiving. The presence of these two men right next to me made me feel secure.

When we sang the final hymn. Everyone had trouble singing it in tune because it was one of those old hymns that no one knew. People were singing it out of tune all over the place (me included), but these two men were singing it right in tune!

Photo by Dias on Unsplash.

A quick Getaway

As soon as the service was finished, I got up very quickly, and left before the African guy had a chance to see me. It was only after I got home that I began to reflect on the whole situation. Then, it dawned on me that those two men must have been God's angels. God had not only answered my prayer for help in church, but also my prayers that I had been making all week to see angels. I was gutted that I did not talk to those two men, all because I was too pre-occupied with leaving quickly. The lesson I learnt from this was "Don't miss God in the midst of your agenda".

A Confirmation form God

As I settled in front of God TV after lunch, a two-hour program specifically about "Angels" came on suddenly. They talked about how angels would come to help God's people in times of need. They had many testimonies from people who have experienced this. The program was no coincidence, but a confirmation from God that those two very tall men were angels. I felt very blessed to have experienced them, so privileged to have had their company in church, and to have sung with them. Praise be to God for rescuing me, and answering my prayers.

Psalm 91:11

For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.

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