A Warrior Unleashed

October 2016

Image by Jim Cooper from Pixabay

Shy and Timid

A young mother came forward to ask for ministry. She was rather shy and timid, but had the most friendly face, and the loveliest smile. I had trouble thinking that she could possibly need any deliverance at all. However, knowing all too well that God put people in my path, I gladly accepted her request.

Unexpected Minor House Cleaning

The day for the session came. As my team and I arrived at her house, we were met by her husband. When we entered the living room, we noticed immediately a couple of wall-hanging decorations inscribed in Chinese writing - apparently for tranquility and happiness.

We also saw on the display cabinet, a small Buddha statue, with an inbuilt candle holder (the candle lit probably for the purpose of worship). Our spirits felt uneasy, and from our experience we knew these things could severely interfere with the session.

We explained that such objects were demonic, and asked politely if we could dispose of them before we started the session. Both husband and wife agreed without question. They didn't even know that such objects could be demonic; they were gifts given by friends and relatives, but were willing to let go of them in order to be right with God.

Having taken the objects out of the premises (to be later destroyed and disposed of), we were then able to proceed with the session.

Healing Day #1

In previous sessions we had with other people, we had never encountered anyone who had trouble talking about their life: they would talk for hours, while I took down notes. However, for this young mother, hardly any words escaped her lips. I had to probe her with questions for which she would take a long time to answer, and at that, she answered only with a few words. She not only seemed shy and inhibited, but also unconfident and unsure of herself.

A few times, I commented on her short and slow-coming answers, and each time, she would reply that it takes her a long time to think of answers, and to formulate them. She admitted that she wouldn't speak much because she was always afraid of people disapproving in the things she would say. This also meant that she could never pray out loud in public; not even with just her husband present. If someone was to ask her to lead the prayer for a group of people, she would decline strongly, and would walk away from the group in order to isolate herself; that's how bad it was for her. She was very protective of herself, not wanting to open up for fear of getting hurt and judged. In hearing this, I discerned instantly that the spirits of disapproval, fear, unconfidence, and insecurity (to name a few) were at work. I also felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to be patient with her, and so I obeyed, and gave her more time to answer questions, and to express herself.

As we dug into her childhood, she told of how she had no memories of anything before the age of 8. Her earliest memory was only after that. So, we tried to identify any judgments she may have made against her parents as best as we could, for which she named a few.

She had no problem confessing, and repenting of the judgments she made against her parents, but when it came to forgiving them, she struggled. She just couldn't forgive what they did to her, and how they were towards her as she was growing up. I could see the hurt, anger, and disappointment on her face.

I knew that forgiving her parents was an important thing to do if we were to achieve a successful healing and deliverance, so I asked the Holy Spirit for help. Immediately, an idea came into my mind. I asked her to think of the good things that her parents have done for her recently, and before long, I could see a smile on her face followed by some positive comments. I then asked if she was able, and willing to forgive her parents now. She nodded without any hesitation, and proceeded to forgive them for what they did earlier in her life. Thank you Holy Spirit, how awesome you are, you know just what to do!

Four hours passed, and in the whole scheme of things, there was little information gained about her life. Even so, I had managed to identify 62 potential evil spirits that may be residing in her body. Two major evil spirits were related to two false religions: Mormonism (which ran strongly throughout her family bloodline) and Tangaroa (the Maori god of the sea). Tangaroa was evidently prominent in her tradition, life, and culture; she even had it tattooed on her arm! The spirit of Tangaroa presented a new challenge for us (as we had never come across it before), so we were looking forward to addressing it and seeing how that would pan out.

After all the confessions, repentance, and the renunciation prayers to break the strongholds (that gave legal rights to the evil spirits in her life), we proceeded with her deliverance.

Deliverance Day #1

We began with casting out the more common evil spirits such as Fear, Rejection, Anger, Resentment, Bitterness, Unforgiveness, etc. They left relatively quickly and easily, and each time the woman vomited out their foamy nests. But soon we faced the deeper-rooted evil spirits - they were harder to cast out (as is usually the case); at times requiring her to do further repentance before they would leave.

One particular example was the Judgmental spirit. It manifested with coughing, and tingling in her fingers. It was stubborn and wouldn't leave (despite her repentance from having judged other people), until she finally admitted that she had also judged herself: she had thought herself as being unworthy.

As soon as she renounced and repented of this self-judgment, the Judgmental spirit left immediately without so much of a whisper from us! It was amazing. Thank you Lord!

There were other deep-rooted ones which also took time. Consequently, we only managed to cast out 29 evil spirits (out of 62) before the day came to a close. So, we needed to come back the next week for a second deliverance session. In the meantime, however, I took the opportunity to do further healing of her heart, probing her for more information about her life.

Healing Day #2

During this second healing session, the woman reported some changes that had been happening to her in the few days after the first deliverance day. For the first time in her life, she was able to pray out loud in the presence of her husband. She also found talking much easier; she felt she was able to be more open. I was, of course, thrilled to hear this. It was a promising start to a long journey that was still to be travelled. And so with eagerness, I continued to probe her life, discovering more issues, bumping the number of potential evil spirits from 62 to 89. There were also quite a few important findings, two of which were as follows:

    • Firstly, another false religion running strong in the family (from her father side) was Rastafarianism. I have heard of this religion before, but never actually met anyone practicing it. The Holy Spirit gave me the name of the evil spirit associated with this - the spirit of Rasta (or Rastafarianism). No doubt an obvious name, yet absurd sounding, and one that I could hardly wait to call out, and cast out to see what would happen!

    • Secondly, the woman had had a couple of dreams, both of which involved her praying for people in desperate situations. Instantly, I felt in my spirit that she was supposed to be an intercessory prayer warrior. It suddenly became clear to me why the enemy had made her feel insecure, and unconfident in front of other people - he wanted to suppress and stunt this gift because her fervent prayers could change lives! A holy anger rose within me, and for the first time, I felt adamant to work with the Holy Spirit to do whatever it would take to help set this woman free, to unleash her so that she could become an intercessory prayer warrior for God and for His people.

Before we closed the session, we ate lunch together, and she offered to say grace for us. It was her first time doing this in a public setting! It was evidence to me that she really was changing, no longer inhibited; it was so amazing to see! Finally, we closed the session with further confessions, repentance, and renunciation prayers, particularly from Mormonism. As for Rastafarianism, I went away to look for the renunciation prayers for it.

Deliverance Day #2

On the second deliverance day, we managed to cast out a further 33 evil spirits. There were quite a few significant events that occurred during this second day of deliverance, as follows:

    • After casting out the spirit of Forgetfulness and Memory, the woman immediately broke down in tears. Many of the happy memories of when she was 6 / 7 years old that she had no recollection of before, came flooding back. They were precious memories of joyful times playing with her siblings and cousins, and also memories of her mother. She sobbed happy tears, overwhelmed with what Jesus was giving back to her. Indeed, the enemy had tried stealing those memories from her so as to ruin her relationships with her siblings. As she remembered, she realised just how much she missed and loved them, and was inspired to get back in touch with them.

    • Next we cast out the spirit of Failure and Unconfidence. Failure gave her cold chills, whilst Unconfidence manifested in foam and blood. Unconfidence had rooted itself so deep that when it left, it tore her flesh, causing her to throw up specks of blood. We had seen this kind of manifestation before, so we were not alarmed, but realised just how deep rooted it was.

    • The spirit of Disappointment was next, manifesting by way of tingling in her fingers. It was pretty cunning, and tried to hide in the tips of her fingers. So we hounded it there and before long, it left. As it left, the woman saw, in the spirit, a ray of light coming into the room. Neither my team nor I saw the ray of light, but she was a witness to it. I took it not only as a sign of God's glory coming into the room to help us to fight this spiritual battle, but that it was also to let her know that she was (and is) never a disappointment to God, nor will He ever be a disappointment to her either.

    • We continued to cast out other evil spirits, during which time other manifestations occurred. One such manifestation was that both of her ears became blocked. As we cast out the spirit of Oppression, it left through her right ear, causing it to become unblocked. Hallelujah! Her left ear, however, remained blocked right to the end of that day, despite us casting out more evil spirits.

As the day came to a close, there were still 27 evil spirits to be dealt with, so we decided to continue with this another day, when we could also address the issue with the blocked left ear. We returned three days later.

Deliverance Day #3

We began the third deliverance day with renouncing the false religion of Rastafarianism, and renouncing Mormonism again just for good measure. Then we proceeded with another round of deliverance, taking into account the issue of the blocked left ear from the last deliverance session. These were the significant events that occurred:

    • The spirit of Moroni (from Mormonism), the spirit of Rasta (from Rastafarianism) and the spirit of Tangaroa all manifested in a big way. Surprisingly they only took 4-5 mins each to cast out which was hardly any time at all. Her heart, in renouncing these false religions through the renunciation prayers, must have been genuine, and the Lord was able to set her free immediately. Thank you Lord!

    • Part of following the Rastafarian religion was to smoke marijuana to help with religious meditation, and so we called out the spirit of Drug Addiction. It manifested in a look of pure hatred. After some minutes, the woman vomited a small amount of foam, and exclaimed suddenly that her left ear become unblocked as it left. We were all so relieved and happy to hear this, and praised God once again for working wonders in her life.

    • But there was more! When the spirit of Disapproval left, the left ear became totally (even more) unblocked (if that were possible). The spirit of Disapproval had been strong in her life. It was the one that made her fear speaking and praying with people. Thank you Lord for her freedom!

    • We continue to cast out many other evil spirits, including those that were tied to false religions, such as the spirit of Error, Fear of Church Authorities, Antichrist, Deception, False Religion, Religious spirit, to name but a few. All manifested, and left with no problems.

    • Having also learnt of a hereditary illness (breast cancer) running through the women in her family bloodline, we decided to check and to call out the spirit of Cancer. It manifested and left, leaving us all in awe of the fact that had we not bother to check and cast it out, it would have stayed in her body waiting for an opportune time to manifest the disease in her. Once again we were very thankful to God. How good is our God that He has set her free from so many things that the enemy had tried to inflict on her!

We ended the session with a heartfelt thanksgiving to Father God, the Lord Jesus who bought everything for us by His blood, and to the Holy Spirit for relentlessly working with us for days. After anointing the woman with oil, we prayed for her protection and gave her instructions on how to keep her deliverance.

A New Transformation

A few weeks passed. Friends and the husband of the woman reported the changes in her. She now talks more openly, more confidently. She has even been leading prayers in her life group, and teaching them the Word of God. Praise God! And more than this, I received the following email from her just recently:

Hi Elma,

How are you? I'm doing well, God has moved so much in my life since the deliverance, I'm in awe of his presence!

God is so rapidly moving in my life, it is amazing! I have been not only just 'reading the bible' but, digging deep into God's word and studying to get great knowledge, understanding and his divine revelation, where I have at one point just 'overflowed' -- and had to scribble on any piece of paper I could find (all of this was happening whilst I was in the midst of getting my word ready to share for life group). At the time, I was really overwhelmed and could not help but burst out in laughter lol -- because I have never had this happen to me before -- Praise God.

I have learnt and still am learning to be obedient to the Holy Spirit. I can also hear God a lot more clearer than ever before!! "I'm so excited right now" :) I am now Speaking in Tongues (which I wasn't doing before either). It happened Tuesday night -- 22nd November as I said my prayer before going to bed. I just let the Holy Spirit take control and then out of my mouth it started with quiet babbling -- almost like whispering -- then louder and much clearer. All the glory to God.

I now know what my spiritual gift/calling is too :) -- Teaching -- a teacher of God's word. From the day I had my son, I had a passion for becoming an Educator/Teacher (yes, in Early Childhood and/or Primary). This passion became stronger and stronger and I had no idea why -- until 2 nights ago! So I'm just like 'WOW' Thank You Jesus and soaking it all in. I am now praying out loud in confidence 'in front' of other people and 'for' other people. I am a whole new person!

It is indeed amazing how God is moving in her life. Now that she has no hindrances from any evil spirits, she is able to receive what God had for her all along, namely:

    • To receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

    • To be used in ministry, specifically as a Teacher of the Word (for children as well as adults in her life group).

    • To be a Prayer Warrior for people.

It is easy to see that the Baptism of the Holy Spirit was necessary to prepare her for ministry (Acts 1:4-5, 8), but also that the ability to speak in tongues will enable her to pray in tongues (a powerful Holy Spirit language) that will make her prayers even more effective and deadly to the enemy. This was God's way of equipping her for His Kingdom works. Hallelujah!

The shy, timid, and unconfident woman is long gone - she is now a new and strong warrior woman of God - a woman who was once bound and chained, but is now unleashed to do damage to the kingdom of darkness, and everything amazing for the Kingdom of God!

Praise be to God for all His goodness!

James 5:16

... The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.

Ephesians 6:18

And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.

Zechariah 10:5

Together they will be like warriors in battle trampling their enemy into the mud of the streets. They will fight because the Lord is with them, and they will put the enemy horsemen to shame.

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