A Logo from God

September 2009

In Search of a Logo

I learnt that my husband and several others from the church were in the process of setting up a Christian charity organisation called Youth Connect. There have been a few attempts at designing the logo for it, but none were used. I decided that I would have a go.

I started to scribble the words "Youth Connect". Looking at these two words, I saw that the letter "t" was a common letter between them. So, I joined the two words using the "t". Seeing also that the "t" can be expressed as a "cross" (representing the Christian aspect of the charity), I came up with the following:

© Image by Elma Larsen

A Godly Idea

Not quite satisfied with this, I continued to scribble for a further two hours, asking God to inspire me with the one logo that He has in mind for Youth Connect (rather than what I may have in my own mind). Suddenly, an idea descended upon me. It was amazing, it felt like a light bulb had just been turned on. Indeed, God continued the logo design by merging the Y and C together; it even had the effect of a youth dancing as if he was happy to be helped by the organisation.

How clever I thought! God is truly full of clever ideas!

I thanked God for the Logo. I presented it to the Youth Connect Team who accepted it. The logo has since been digitally enhanced.

See also the story of my Baptism Stone - Just Trust where God showed the same clever lettering design trait. Praise God!

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© Image by Elma Larsen