An Escape from Death

March 2014

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

A Suicidal Teenager

On Friday 21st March 2014, I was alerted to a 16-year-old girl who had attempted suicide 5 times in the last month! After having failed to die through cutting her wrist, overdose, and hanging herself, her last attempt was to throw herself under a fast-moving train; such was her desperation to die. Indeed, she would have thoroughly succeeded, if it were not for the grace of God who gave a man on the platform the quickness of thinking and action to grab her back as the train ran past.

The girl had just arrived from another country. Fortunately, she was able to speak and understand enough English, so I didn't have the need for a translator. Due to her numerous suicide attempts, she was admitted to hospital to be under suicide watch 24x7.

A Case for Deliverance

As I sat facing her on the hospital bed, I asked what made her do it? She replied saying that she was sad. She explained how she missed her grandmother who died 4 years ago, and how her grandmother had since many times whispered to her to kill herself, so that she could join her, and they could be together. Immediately something did not sit right with me. Her sadness issue was demonic! The voice that she had been hearing was that of an evil spirit, and it was certainly not her grandmother's! I told her this, but she seemed to have trouble believing me. She insisted it was her grandmother!

Nevertheless, I asked her to give me a chance to help her, to cast the evil spirits out of her - because if indeed I was right, there would be no medication, no doctors (however brilliant) that could ever make her feel better, and she would continue to try and kill herself again and again. And if she succeeded and discovered it wasn't grandma after all, it would all have been too late. No one could help her then. So, she agreed to let me help. I promised to return the next day to perform the deliverance session. In the meantime, I asked her to make a list of her sins that she would need to confess and repent from, for the deliverance session.

Deliverance in the Hospital

I returned the next day with my friend Estelle with whom I often do deliverance work. Once we arrived, we asked the nurse on duty if we could have a private room to pray for the girl. The nurse was kind enough to oblige. However, the nurse was under strict doctor's orders not let the girl out of her sight, and so she asked for the door of the room to be left slightly open with the girl being in full view of the nurse as the nurse stood outside the room. Although this was not the best environment for deliverance work, we thanked the nurse, and asked God to work with what we had been given.

We probed the past of the girl in order to understand, and identify the evil spirits. It turned out that shortly following her grandmother's death, besides hearing the voice of her grandmother, she also heard the voice of a man who told her to kill herself so that she could be with her grandmother. The Holy Spirit immediately gave us the gift of discernment of these evil spirits, their names were Familiar spirit (who imitated the voice of the grandmother) and the spirit of Death (who encouraged suicide). We probed further into her past, and there was a whole host of other evil spirits too that were involved, but are too many to mention here.

Deliverance work began with the confession and repentance of her sins, followed by the forgiving and blessing of her enemies, all of which she did in Spanish. Thereafter, she took a stand for Jesus, accepting Him as her Lord and Saviour, pleading for His blood to protect her.

Then we instructed her to assist us by joining us in commanding the evil spirits to get out of her body in Jesus' name. She agreed to do this, but again she did so in Spanish.

With the time constraint, and not much privacy (nurse standing outside the door), we did the following as well as we could, with as low a tone of voice as we could:

    • We commanded the Familiar spirit to leave in the Name of Jesus, and upon exit we commanded it to say, "Jesus is Lord". This was to be the sign for us to know when it has left. The girl began to shiver as she repeated "Get out of me in the name of Jesus" (in Spanish). Before long, she was doubled up, in a fit of coughing, so much so that the nurse came in to interrupt with a box of tissues to check if everything was OK. Estelle assured the nurse with a smile that everything was OK.

    • During this brief interruption (after the nurse left the room), we asked the girl how she was - to which she replied that she felt something rising out of her mouth that made her feel like vomiting. She also said her mind had gone black, and that she could feel pain on her back. Her shoulders still felt heavy. We were getting a reaction, a manifestation of the Familiar spirit.

  • We continued to pray over her – this time commanding the spirit of Death to leave her in Jesus Name, and again upon exit, it was to say, “Jesus is Lord”. The girl went into another fit of shivering and coughing, attracting yet again the attention of the nurse outside. The nurse came in, this time uneasy about what was going on with us, but quickly & cleverly Estelle suggested to the nurse to fetch the girl a glass of water. The nurse responded to this, and went to get some.

  • In that little moment of time without the nurse being around, we asked the girl how she was feeling. She couldn't open her eyes or speak. She was frozen. After a few moments, she began to open her eyes, but she still could not speak. Just then the nurse came with some water which Estelle then gave to the girl. As she drank some of it, the nurse instructed us that we had just 5 minutes more, and the girl would have to go back to her bed. Oh, if only the nurse knew what important work we were doing! But we couldn't have explained that without freaking her out, as not everyone believes or understands the spiritual realm.

  • As the nurse went back to stand outside the door, we turned our focus back on the girl. She was now able to speak. She looked better, and said that she wanted to speak before but couldn't, but now she was OK. Her mind had now gone from black to white, which I took as a good sign.

  • In the 5 minutes we had left (which was not much at all), I suggested to Estelle that we work double the speed - for Estelle to anoint the girl with oil (which Estelle did - on the forehead, heart/chest, hands, and feet), whilst I continued to command the many other (less major) evil spirits to go out. After this, we both prayed for the protection of the Holy Spirit upon the girl.

  • Suddenly, time was up, the nurse entered and helped the girl back to her bed. The nurse kindly said that we could continue our visit at the bed side - which we took up without hesitation. It gave us a chance to check, and probe further on her deliverance progress.

A Change in Mindset

Once at her bed, we asked the girl how she was feeling, whether she was still feeling sad. She replied with a surprised tone in her voice,

"Why, no, I don’t feel sad anymore...”.

She continued to say,

"... and when I think of my grandmother, I don’t feel anything, I don't feel like I want to be with her.... or need to be with her. I feel like I am floating on air”.

Her face looked so surprised, it was as if something incredible had just happened to her, almost as if her world had just been transformed. And it had! - a light had just dawned on her and her darkness had passed away! Now she believed me; that her problems were demonic.

Both Estelle and I praised God profusely. Only God could have done such a wonderful deliverance to such a hopeless girl in such a dark world, with the time constraint and the restrictive environment that we had. God was good, so so good!

Before we left for home, I remembered our instruction to the evil spirits to say "Jesus is Lord" upon exit, but with all the hassle of the nurse, time, privacy, and the girl speaking in Spanish, we overlooked this. So, I asked the girl if she ever said "Jesus is Lord" in Spanish whilst we were praying over her. She nodded saying,

"Yes, many, many times."

I could hardly believe my ears. Wow, Praise God! I believe each and every evil spirit that left her body said that statement. And so, if she said it many times, then many of them must have left.

We will perform a follow up visit to see her progress, but for now, we were just so thrilled with what God had done. Praise The Lord, Praise the Lord! He was the Best! He had rescued the girl from the claws of the spirit of Death, and He had given her life back. Amen!

Isaiah 58:8-11

8Then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear;

then your righteousness will go before you, and the glory of the Lord will be your rear guard.

9 Then you will call, and the Lord will answer;

you will cry for help, and he will say: Here am I.

10 then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday.

11 The Lord will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land

and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.

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