The Roaring Motorbike

October 2010

A Prayer of Help

This morning at 6:30 am, my husband and I were woken up by the roaring sound of a motorbike. It was very loud. It sounded like someone was trying to get it going, and each time it started, it would stall not long after. This kept repeating again and again for at least 7-8 times, waking everyone in the quiet and sleepy neighbourhood.

At first I was rather annoyed, and I could imagine that other people in the neighbourhood would be feeling the same. A thought, however, came into my mind saying,

"how selfish can we be at times when we are inconvenienced. The guy was probably trying to get to work, and was feeling frustrated that his motorbike kept stalling. So why not pray for him to help him?"

So I started to pray, just simply,

"Lord Jesus, please help that guy to start his motorbike, so that it can run without stalling. In your precious name, Amen!"

No sooner had I said "Amen", the motorbike started, and continued to run without stalling! The guy went past our window, and the sound of his bike faded away into the distance. The neighbourhood was once again quiet and peaceful. But if you were in my bedroom, you would have heard me screaming, "Hallelujah, Thank you Lord! You are so good!!".

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Moral of the Story

The guy wouldn't have known that someone prayed for him, and that God had helped him on his merry way. He would have just thought his motorbike decided to finally work for him. How often does God do things for us that we take for granted, or that we thought was "luck"? Things in which we fail to see / recognise His intervention?

We should also be inspired to pray for strangers whom we may never come to know, but whom we can see / hear, even if it's just to say a blessing over them. You never know, not only it may be just the thing they needed, but also just the thing you needed.

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