Wrestling with Demons

November 2013

An Apparition

Recently, the mother of a family came to me asking for help, saying that her 6-year-old daughter had been seeing an apparition in the house. He was tall, faceless, dressed in black and wearing a hat. He had been following her daughter during the day and night, whenever she was alone playing in her room. Every time she saw the man, she would run to her mother in fear.

Her 14-year-old cousin happen to be staying with the family (since it was school holidays), and he too, saw the tall man in the early hours of the morning when he woke up to go to the toilet. The cousin was also overcome with immense fear at the sight of the man. The man would show himself, and then disappear. He was taller than the height of a door.


My husband and I came to the house to pray for the family, and to "clean" the house of evil spirits. Upon our arrival, we found the cousin's family was also present; they, too, wanted prayer. The mother of the cousin had been suffering from depression and nightmares; her ex-partner practiced witchcraft. So, we began to pray for the family members one by one, starting with the 6-year-old, then her cousin, and then the cousin's mother.

After getting the cousin's mother to repent and make a stand for Jesus, I turned to address the demons that may be inside her. In the Name of Jesus, I commanded the demons to tell me their names. "Tell me your names!", I asked repeatedly. She looked at me, then started to close her eyes. She looked uncomfortable, and before long, she was screaming in her language. I asked her to speak in English, so that I could understand what she was saying. She told me electricity was going through her body, the same feeling when she has nightmares. I knew then that the spirit of nightmare was in her. She fell on her knees crying, moaning, and groaning as if she was in pain. So, I commanded the spirit of nightmare to leave her in the name of Jesus.

She continued to cry, moan, and groan as my husband spoke to the other demons to come out of her, reminding them that the victory had already been won by Jesus on the cross. I prayed in tongues all the while, asking the Holy Spirit for help. Then the moan and groan became less, and after some time, her crying came to a stop, and peace washed over her. She told us that she felt much better. So, I closed the session by anointing oil on her forehead, praying for the Holy Spirit to fill her, live in her, and to protect her from evil.

Later on, she told me that when I commanded the evil spirits to say their names, they felt compelled to tell me, but they fought hard against the command and did not want to say their names. She also said that she felt something like an animal (a demon) punching the inside of her stomach which was so painful. When she cried out to Jesus for the forgiveness of her abortion, she felt the demon burst out of her stomach, and left her.

House Cleaning

After praying for the family, we proceeded to clean the house by anointing oil on each door post (just like the ritual performed by the Israelites at Passover using the blood of sacrificial lamb), praying that no evil spirit shall ever enter. Since this time, the tall man in black was never seen again, and the cousin's mother enjoyed her new life of freedom; having been delivered from demons by Jesus Christ. Her nightmares have stopped, and her sleep is now sweet. Praise be to God, Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit!

Psalm 5:11

But let all who take refuge in you be glad;

let them ever sing for joy.

Spread your protection over them,

that those who love your name may rejoice in you.

© Elma Larsen. All rights reserved.