A Word for a Waitress

December 2015

A Prophetic Word

Last Sunday afternoon, my husband Rob and I went to have lunch at a café. Rob ordered my tea and our food, as I went to occupy a table for us.

After some time, a waitress came to deliver my tea. Rob had his back to her, but I was in full view of her. I was enchanted by her face. She had an angelic glow about her with the most beautiful smile. And then I suddenly heard the word "Actress", as if it was spoken right into my ear. I didn't know what was happening. It was most bizarre.

In just a few seconds, the waitress had placed my tea on the table, turned, and walked away. And before I could mutter a word, Rob then said, "She reminds me of an actress". As soon as he said that, the spirit within me leapt! That was the same word I heard, "Actress"! I knew straight away that it was a word from the Lord for that waitress, and the Lord had used Rob to confirm that word to me.

I had not been expecting anything like this to happen at all, but then I remembered the prophesy that was spoken over me by someone called "Jenny" in a prophetic meeting, just month ago. The prophesy was recorded, and part of that said "You're going to be having a coffee in a café, and the Lord is going to give you a word for the waitress..."

Could this be it? Could this be now?

And then I also remembered Jenny's prayer saying, "Lord, let her be bold, be strong in the Lord, and not be afraid of men's faces. For when you tell her to bring a word, she will be true, she will stand up, and she will deliver that word...."

I started to think... man, I have to deliver this word to that waitress, I have to be bold. Of course, I was nervous like crazy, but I kept urging myself to be bold.

Delivering The Word

There was another waitress and a waiter serving that day, so they were 3 people that could potentially be bringing our food to our table. And so, I started to talk to God in my heart, saying, "Lord if you want me to deliver this word to her, then let her come with our plates of food". I kept looking over when, suddenly, I saw her with a couple of plates in her hands, walking towards us. I was so excited, and just as I was getting ready to stand up to talk to her, she swerved to the couple sitting next to us, to our right. Oh, my heart sank; this was nerve wracking!

Then a moment later, I saw her yet again with a couple of plates in her hands walking towards us. Again, I got excited and was just about to stand up, when she swerved yet again to the couple next to us, this time to our left. I was going crazy inside. It felt as if God was teasing me somewhat :) I kept my eye on the other waitress and waiter as they were serving food. I was frantically praying that they would not be the ones to deliver our food.

Finally my moment came, our waitress walked directly to us with our food. I was relieved, glad, and excited. After she placed the food down, I stood up and said,

"Excuse me, I hope you don't mind, but God has just spoken to me about you. He said that you will become an actress one day."

She looked bewildered (not surprising really, it's not the kind of thing that happens when you're serving food). She asked me to repeat myself, unsure of what she had just heard. So I did just that, to which she replied,

"Oh really, wow!"

I then asked if I could pray for her. She agreed, and I sealed my prayer in Jesus name.

God's Confirmation

She got on with her waitressing duties, whilst Rob and I got on with eating our food. As I ate, I thought to myself,

"I may never see her again, how would I ever know if the word that I had just delivered is correct and true? I suppose, one way would be to see her on TV, acting in a movie or something like that - but that could be years yet from now. Well, perhaps I will never know, and I will just have to leave it in the Lord's hands."

As usual, God was reading my thoughts, and He responded...

Indeed, as soon as we finished our food, to my surprise the waitress came over to take our plates away. It was almost as if she was waiting for another chance to speak to us. I smiled at her and said,

"Hey, all the best to you!", to which she replied,

"It's funny what you said to me about being an actress. I had recently been thinking of registering for acting classes."

My heart was thrilled to hear such words! Wow, it really was a word from the Lord. In reading my thoughts earlier, God was graceful enough to let me receive confirmation of His word directly from the waitress herself!

I smiled big and wide at God. With my eyes fixed on the waitress, I encouraged her to go for it. I said,

"God will make your dream come true, and He will use you to help many people through acting."

I don't know why I said that, but those words just blurted out of my mouth. Rob and I left the café, feeling ecstatic. It was an awesome experience. It was my first public prophesy over a complete stranger. I know there is more to come, but the first experience, however small, is always humbling and very special.

Glory be to God whose word is always true!

© Elma Larsen. All rights reserved.