Healing Hearts from Hurts

April 2016

A Mother's Request

You may remember the woman who was delivered from many evil spirits (see A Supernatural Weekend). In living a new life of relationship with Jesus Christ, she asked for her 15-year-old daughter to be helped in the same way, too. Their relationship had been mostly problematic. The constant snaps of her daughter's anger, and curses had become too much of a challenge for the mother. In moments of relief and calmness, her daughter had herself expressed how she hated her own temper, and wanted to change. This was the sign that she was ready for ministry. And so, we proceeded to conduct one, with the prayers of our Life group behind us.

I shall now describe fully what happened, including what the daughter and mother described to me during and after the session of healing and deliverance.

A Spiritual Battle

The night before the healing and deliverance session, the daughter had been hearing voices telling her not to go through with it. Then the next day, one hour before the session, both the daughter and the mother's fiancé (who was also coming to the session) suggested to cancel the appointment with us. Fortunately, the mother insisted not to cancel. So, by the time we arrived, there was no turning back, we all had to go through with it.

Upon arrival at the venue where we were to conduct the healing and deliverance session, the daughter heard yet another voice, this time telling her to run and escape from all of us. She considered doing so, but unbeknownst to us, she was somehow hemmed in by all of us, and so couldn't make her escape. She also heard another voice telling her to obey her mother, and to stay. The spiritual battle inside her was fierce, but God was stronger and so she stayed with us, even while the evil spirits inside were making her feel afraid of what was about to happen.

Turning Hearts from Hurts

And so, we began a healing and deliverance session for the daughter. After some questioning into her life history, we saw much evidence of hurt, rejection, and unforgiveness which had led to so much anger, and rebellion. Guiding her gently through the process, we were able to help her confess her sins to God, and to ask Him for forgiveness. We also guided her through forgiving those who had hurt her, such as her friends, grandparents, aunties, cousins, as well as her father (who had left her and her mother when she was younger).

But then it was time to forgive her mother -- who was sitting right there with us! I beckoned the mother to apologise to her daughter for the specific things that she mentioned had hurt her. As she did this, bucketful of tears was flowing from both their eyes. Both felt the pain and sorrow of the other. Then the crucial moment...

the mother asked her daughter, "Please would you forgive me?"

the daughter nodded in response, "Of course, I forgive you!"

Then they embraced one other saying how much they love each another, both crying their eyes out. The daughter also asked for forgiveness from her mother and her fiancé. They both forgave her, and embraced her. It was the most beautiful thing Rob and I have ever seen. Rob had a huge lump in his throat, and I couldn't hold back my own tears.

Oh the love, the forgiveness, the reunion, the acceptance, the healing, the restoration of all that was broken... these things were happening right before our eyes! How privileged we were to see God at work in this family. It was heart wrenching to witness, but so very beautiful!


After the tears were mopped up, we proceeded to the deliverance part of the session. We asked the fiancé to support us in prayers of praise and worship to God, and her mother to also support us by praying in tongues. The Life group had also agreed to pray for us (they were in their homes at that time).

And so, the session began with the breaking of curses and of generational curses, the cutting of soul ties, and pleading for the blood of Jesus to forgive all the sins of the ancestors. Then after binding the strong men, we proceeded to cast out the evil spirits that were present, such as the spirit of Rejection, Unforgiveness, Control and Anger, to name but a few. The manifestations were not as dramatic as those experienced by the mother in her deliverance session, but there were nevertheless some manifestations.

When we called out the spirit of Rejection, the mother saw (in the spirit) what looked like a ball of shadow coming out of her daughter's stomach which rolled to the floor. She was not expecting to see this, but she knew this was the evidence that that spirit left her daughter. Then when we called out the spirit of Control, the daughter felt dizzy, at which point she vomited several times on the floor.

After she had gathered herself from the vomiting, the daughter looked at the empty space in front of her, seemingly calm. And then she said,

"Mum, I can see Jesus. He is smiling at me!"

She described how she couldn't see His eyes, but that she could see Him standing there; His lips smiling at her. And when He smiled at her, all her hurt, anger and pain went away. We were all ecstatic to hear this, and we praised the Lord Jesus for being present with us to help us with this work. Then the daughter said,

"I can see the colour white resting on my head".

Her mother responded that it may have been her placing her hand on her head as she was praying for her, but the daughter insisted that it was the colour white rather than a hand that was on her head. We know from previous deliverance sessions that the colour white signifies the presence of God, so this was yet another confirmation that God was with us during this work.

As we moved on, we called out the spirit Anger, and commanding it to leave in the Name of Jesus. The daughter then said to her mother that she can feel something inside her trying to control her. Rob then moved in and told the daughter to say, "Jesus is Lord" repeatedly. The daughter said later that she did not want to say this. The thing that was inside her was trying to control her to not say it. But as Rob kept asking her to do so, the daughter tried to obey Rob, and go against the spirit of Anger inside her. And then, suddenly she let out two loud screams,

"Jesus is Lord, Jesus is Lord!!!".

Her mother was holding her hand, and could feel her daughter shaking. Then the daughter turned to look at me in the eye, with eyes full of hatred, as I commanded to spirit of Anger to come out. After some time, I asked Rob to continue the attack, and not long after he did so, the shaking stopped, and the spirit left her.

We went through our list of evil spirits again, and as there were no manifestations we ended the session. We anointed her with oil, prayed for the Holy Spirit to fill her, and for her protection. We also gave praise and glory to God the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ, and thanking the Holy Spirit who had been working through us.

A New Beautiful Beginning

As we were leaving the venue, the daughter said,

"Mummy, can we pray together later?"

Her mother was surprised as she had never requested this before. And even more surprised when the daughter continued,

"Mummy, God said that I should join the Youth Group at church because He is going to use me to encourage the young people and my friends, like Nigel".

We were all ecstatic to hear this, not only to hear of God's plans for her, but that she was able to hear from God and want to obey what He said. We saw a new person in her. Her face was so much brighter, and she smiled more than she ever did before. Glory be to God!

We left the venue to dine with the Life group that had been faithfully praying for us throughout the session. Everyone received us with anticipation, and shortly after dinner, mother and daughter shared their story with the group. There was much rejoicing among them, just as there was in heaven over one sinner who repents (Luke 15:7, 10).

When they got home, mother and daughter prayed together before they slept for the night. The mother was so happy to hear her daughter participating in their prayers together (which had seldom happened before).

Oh, what joy to hear of such transformation! They have both been granted a new life together, with new hearts for each other and for the Lord. God had taken away their life of conflict and given them one of love for one another. Just as God stated He will do in the last days...

Malachi 4:6

He (God) will turn the hearts of their fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers...

So has He turned the heart of this mother to her daughter, and turned the heart of the daughter to her mother. Beautiful, just beautiful!

They have both decided to be baptised in water. The mother will baptise the daughter -- yet another glimpse of how God heals all the hurts from mother to daughter with an act of love that will forever be special between them.

All the glory and honour to our Triune God! He is so good, much more than we can ever realise or understand!

© Elma Larsen. All rights reserved.