An Easter


April 2008

Questioning Hearts

One Good Friday evening my husband, Rob, and I watched a TV program called "The Passion". The film was all about Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection. It was not the best version of a film about Jesus, but nevertheless it was something on TV for Easter to remind us about Jesus and what He did for us.

After watching the program, we were both moved emotionally. We cuddled on the sofa talking about Jesus's death and sacrifice for us. Rob was deeply moved by such a sacrifice that he wanted to make sure he believes in Jesus (even though he does already), for two very good reasons:

  1. So that Jesus did not sacrifice His life in vain (where Rob is concerned).

  2. To make sure that Rob takes advantage of the gift of eternal life that Jesus offered to those who believe in Him.

Rob wondered if we would really go to Heaven when Jesus comes (for the second time to Earth). He wondered if we were really saved. Of course, the Bible says that those who faithfully follow Jesus and believe in Him would be saved (we know this already), but being humans that we are, we do often wonder if we do genuinely believe; we needed some kind of re-assurance.

Being a technical person, Rob also wondered how the whole world would be able to witness Jesus' coming (as we know that half the world sleeps in shadow when the other half is awake in daylight). This question has been asked numerous times by various people with differing answers. It is an interesting question, and I personally believe the real answer is beyond our understanding (that we cannot yet fathom).

As for me, I questioned if Jesus would really come again like He said He would? So many people over the centuries have said that He would come again very soon (as all the signs point to His coming), yet a hundred, two hundred years had passed by, and He still hasn't come. So, my problem was that I was beginning to doubt (something that humans often do when they have not been re-assured regularly or recently).

We felt the urge to pray, so we began to pray together to tell Jesus all our thoughts - our appreciation of His death, our questions, and our doubts.

God's Assurance

It was bedtime. Rob went upstairs to go on his computer which I knew could take a while, so I made the time waiting for him useful. I was inspired to pick a promise out of God's box of promises (it's available from most Christian book shops). As I unrolled one, in my amazement was the following promise:

John 14:3

"I will come back to take you to be with me"

This hit my heart so strongly, I was speechless. I looked up the Bible passage where this was taken from. I have read this years ago, but somehow this time it was more meaningful, it was special. Jesus was confirming, re-assuring His promise to me - that He IS coming back again! I felt my doubts melted away, I felt so happy.

This promise also answered Rob's question: whether he would really be saved? He really is saved, or else Jesus would not be taking him back to be with Him! I was so excited that I called Rob down from his computer to read this promise. After Rob read it, he was inspired to pick a promise himself, and lo and behold he got the following:

Isaiah 40:5

"And the glory of the LORD will be revealed, and all mankind together will see it. "

And that answered Rob's question on whether or not the whole world would be able to see Jesus's coming. God answered that they will be able to, no doubt about it!

When I looked at the two scriptures which contained the two promises above, they have the following subtitles:

Isaiah 40:5 Comfort for God's people

John 14:3 Jesus Comforts His Disciples

How amazing is that?! They both have the word "Comfort" which was just what Rob and I needed. It was an amazing moment for us. We both felt really blessed and most definitely re-assured. Praise be to God who takes away our doubts with His comfort.

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