Ministry Calling Dream

May 2009

Ministry Calling Dream

I was with Jesus travelling from village to village. Every time we entered a village, we would be surrounded by many people who were sick and wanted healing. I would line them up in a queue, then take one person at a time to Jesus. When Jesus had healed one, I would then get the next person for Him, and so on. This continued until the end of the queue was reached, and everyone was healed.

When we had finished in a village, Jesus and I would then rest together. He would read the Bible next to me, whilst I knitted. Then, we would get up again, and travel to the next village to heal more people. After we had done a few villages, I remembered travelling with Him again to the next village, but we had to climb up a mountain.

When we got to the top of the mountain, we stopped under a tree. Jesus then showed me the valley below which stretched before us; it was the most beautiful valley I had ever seen! It had a river running through it, with meadows of beautiful flowers, and every fruit tree and berries you could ever dream of, all ripe and ready to be picked. The sun was shining on the valley and the lighting was just magical - it was dappled light, my most favourite type of light.

I remembered thinking, "Oh I just want to be there, with my basket picking fruit and flowers, eating and smelling them by the river". I felt that I would be very happy there, the happiest I could ever be.

Just then I heard voices behind us, and there I saw a huge crowd coming our way. I thought,

"Oh no, I better say something to Jesus before they get to us"

because I wanted to say something to Him in private before all the busy-ness of healing starts again. I looked at Jesus and said,

"Lord Jesus, if there were many messiahs in the world, YOU are the only one that I would follow".

At this Jesus looked at me - He didn't say anything to me, just a silent smile with loving eyes, and then I woke up.

As soon as I woke up, I opened the Bible and it fell on:

Isaiah 33:17 - Your eyes will see the king in his beauty and view a land that stretches afar.

This was really apt to the valley that I saw, and the beauty of Jesus's smiling and loving face, just before I woke up.


This is the interpretation that the Lord gave me:

  • He is calling me to a ministry of leading people to Him for healing and deliverance.

  • The ministry is private in nature; that is one on one, rather than in a group setting. However, there will be a number of people needing ministry, in every place / village.

  • There will be rests in between the healings, so it's not full-on or full-time.

  • My "knitting" means my knitting friendships. So in times of rest, when I am not ministering, I will be knitting friendships with people.

  • Hill / mountain is very significant, it is a place of worship (usually pagan). The Bible even says this used to take place "under every spreading tree" (Deuteronomy 12; 1 Kings 14; 2 Kings 16,17; 2 Chronicles 28; Isaiah 57; Jeremiah 2,3,17; Ezekiel 6). So, being with Jesus on top of a mountain under a tree means that I will be worshipping Him, the true God, and not a pagan god.

  • In that time of worship, Jesus then showed me the valley with a river running through it - that valley is heaven (or new heaven and new earth), and the river is running through it is the River of Life (Revelation 22:1-2).

  • Here on earth, I have always been fascinated with flowers and fruits, especially in the way God had made them so beautiful, fragrant, and delicious. And I love for picking flowers and fruit because they bring joy to my heart. I also love dappled light; I find it magical. The dream is showing me that Jesus will bring me to this place at the end of my time (because I saw it towards the end, just before my dream ended).

  • The huge crowd that I saw coming our way - as Jesus and I were at the top of the mountain - means that there will be people that will come to us for healing, rather than us going to them (to their villages). So, the village-to-village travel will stop, and they will be seeking us instead.

  • Now, out of all the things I could have said to Jesus (when alone with Him), I wondered why I had said, ""Lord Jesus, if there were many messiahs in the world, YOU are the only one that I would follow". The Lord revealed to me the meaning of this. He said that, in the end times (which is where we are at right now), there will be false messiahs (as well as prophets) - see Matt 24:24. He told me to be careful to make sure that I always base my ministry upon Him, the "right Jesus".

  • This ministry will be a life-time ministry, right to the end of my days - because people were still coming, even as Jesus was showing me heaven (the valley).

Dream coming to pass - in reality

This dream is coming to pass, even as I am writing this.

    • Indeed, the Lord has tasked me for the healing and deliverance ministry. And baptised me in His Holy Spirit in 2013 for such a ministry.

    • The village-to-village travel has also been coming true. I have had a group of Columbians, then a group of Filipinos, then a group of Pacifikas and Pakehas, and now with Covid lockdowns, people from other parts of the world are asking for ministry online (as depicted by the crowd coming towards us at the end of the dream).

    • The ministry is private one on one, as was shown to me. This is due to the need for thorough ministry in the life of each individual. For this reason, I do not advertise the ministry or conduct meetings. The Lord is the one who sends people. I take the view that I will help people as and when the Lord sends them; and as and when there is a need. It is not something I operate in official capacity, but rather in a friendship capacity (as was shown to me in the "knitting" part of the dream).

  • I have witnessed some amazing display of God's power in healing and deliverance from demonic bondages. I feel humbled by it all, and I give all the glory to God. I have written some of their stories/ testimonies in the Miracles and Testimonies section under "Healing and Deliverance".

  • There have been times when the ministry got tough and moral got low, but the Lord would remind me of this dream to encourage me, and to help me soldier on. The dream, in all its details, would be just as clear as it was when I dreamt in over a decade ago. Praise be to God!

  • I have also been mindful to conduct the ministry based on the "right Jesus", and to do so out of love for Him and for my fellow man.

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